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*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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ShiningEagle (Member) 7/16/2007 8:15 PM EST : Agony and Grief without end

Shiningeagle (Thelanis)

Posts: 159

Staggering into his hold, Darius collapsed on the floor.  Swordarm quickly moved, and lifted his master and took him to the back room.

"What is it?  What were you poisoned with, master?"

Weakly came the reply, "Death"

Rushing out to the Lab, Swordarm knew where to look, and found the vials for antidotes.  As fast as he could, he found one that might work, and returned to him.  Opening the vial, he poured it down his throat.

Darius eased a little, and sank into the bed.  Swordarm looked over the body, and satisfied he was safe, looked to his master's face to see him.  He was surprised to see the mark gone.

"Master, your mark, what happened?"

"The Mockery.  Me put it on me.  He placed that thing on me, and used me like a puppet.  Not only that, but I almost killed three of the Felloship tonight, one of them the woman I love.  Why can I not just die and end this?"

Aghast at the words from his master, Swordarm started.  "What are you saying?  Why do you wish to die?  If it truly is as you say, there was nothing that you could have done to stop it.  Why do you want to kill yourself for that?"

"Because death to me is easier to face than her.  Don't you understand, I almost killed her.  I tortured her, and most likely maimed her mind.  Just like what Happened in the hold sixty five years ago, and with the forged almost eighty.  All the same.  That flaming mark took over and used me to destroy and maim all that I came into contact with.  Zoltando says he killed it, but what happens now?  Can't you see, I almost killed them."

Swordarm searched for words.  "Master, you 'almost' killed them?  So they are still alive?"  A tormented nod was the only reply.  "Then you have not lost hope yet.  They are not dead, and you are not a killer.  You have a chance to make this right."

"How would you know?  How long has this happened?  How long have I killed innocents because of this cursed mark?  How do I know it is gone?"

Swordarm smiled.  "Because, the Forge Father came to me.  He told me you would be fine."

"The Mockery impersonated him.  He took the form of the Forge Father and tried to use me.  It took one of the Drow to destroy him.  No, I am alone, and there is nothing left for me here."  Tears flowed down his face, and with all his being he wished to die and make the pain end.  To surrender to Dolurrh and let the cursed touch of his hand be no more.

"Master,"  came the quiet voice, "hear me out.  It is possible what you say.  you might have caused this.  But Think on this, if you really did this at his behest, then you are innocent.  If truly you were controlled, then you could not have saved her even if you were fully able.  No amount of your study or magics could have prevented it, and you are blameless in that respect.  And if you love her as much as you say you do, then don't you think that she loves you just as much?  Don't you think it is possible that she would forgive you?  She may not, she may never wish to speak to you again, but you pass judgement on yourself without even letting the jury speak."

Darius shook a confused head at that statement, and fell back against the bed.  "So what do I do then?  Nothing, simply do nothing until they wish to pass judgement on me for my actions?"

Swordarm looked concerned.  "This is out of your hands, master.  If you are right, then you have no fault.  If not, then you are at fault and they will deal with you accordingly.  Either way, they are the ones that must decide.  Please do me this favor, wait and do not harm yourself.  Hear them out, and then go from there.  This pain and suffering is not natural, and you inflict it willingly.  Simply wait, and hear them, no, hear her out.  Please?"

Darius looked up and nodded slowly.  "Then, my friend, I need you to watch the lighting post.  I assume when they wish to find me, they will write.  When and if they send a message, tell me what they ask."

Swordarm nodded.  "I will, and take heart.  Hope is something that is never lost, until darkness consumes everything."

Darius collapsed and fell asleep.  Hope..., maybe the nightmares won't come, but I am sure that they will, he thought...

Characters: ShiningEagle StrongBrow

ShiningEagle (Member) 7/17/2007 7:20 PM EST : RE: Agony and Grief without end

Shiningeagle (Thelanis)

Posts: 159

Darius rushed down the street.  He focused on hope, Points said there is always hope.  Maybe there was a way he could prove to the others of the Fellowship that he was not that monster.  And maybe he could find some answers.  With the revelation of the avatar of the Mockery, there had been more questions than answers, more hurt, more fear and through it all, isolation.

Before it would not have mattered.  Isolation is where he had preferred.  But to have tasted friendship, known fellowship, experienced love; now the isolation burned inside him, a conflaguration of guilt and self-loathing.  That he was alone, and that he almost killed.  He laughed a bit, thinking about what Zoltando said.  'Just go tell them, tell her, that you were possessed by a God.'  He wondered if Zoltando had actually said that, and if he meant it.  Just tell them?  Would that make the whole problem go away?

A quick shake of the head and he dismissed the thought.  The problem is, he thought, once people see you could be a monster, they never stop thinking your capable of it.  Even if you aren't the monster, if the monster uses you or your body, it was still you they saw.  And how do you convince someone that you were not yourself?

Looking up, he saw that he almost had passed by.  In a small building in the Deneith ward of Stormreach, stood a temple.  Not very grand, it did all of the functions that a temple needed to do.  He just hoped that they could help him.

Taking a few steps inside, Darius took in the sights.  Not that he had never been here before, because he had.  He met her here once.  The flashbacks hit him that time, and unconciously Darius put a hand on the stained sivler dagger at his belt.  If only now the Priests and others could help him.

As he walked up, Darius listened to the sounds.  There was talk of a relic being found.  They needed to retrieve it, but the relic was being held in the Black Anvil mines, a place that could make Darius shudder a little.  Duregar, not something that you want to write home about, especially when your a dwarf.

As he reached the front of the temple, He quickly noted a Paladin that was preforming rites and other such things.  He figured out it was the best place to start.  Anticipation welled up, and fear crept into is mind.  Thoughts began to pour into his mind.  'What if they reject you anyway?  What if she rejects you still?  Would you do it knowing it won't matter?'

Burying the voices that clawed at his resolve, he approced t he Paladin and said:  "Lord Paladin, I am in need of your assistance.  Due to a recent incident, I fear that there is outside influence of an Avatar best not named in a temple of the Host that is trying to control me.  A friend of mine destroyed the incarnation, but I think that there might be aftereffects.  What can you tell me about the undertaking a Ritual Cleansing of my body, mind and spirit?"

Characters: ShiningEagle StrongBrow

ShiningEagle (Member) 7/18/2007 11:15 AM EST : RE: Agony and Grief without end

Shiningeagle (Thelanis)

Posts: 159

Sir Relion had been a Paladin of Dol Dorn for twenty five years.  In that time he had fought many enemies and slain many evil foes.  There had been things he would like to forget, things that would turn a man's stomach and cause them to fall helpless and whimpering for saftey upon the ground.  Then, just today, this dwarf approaches him with this question.

Staring quite in disbelief, Sir Relion gave the dwarf a look over.  About three and a half feet tall, platinum white hair and beard, a magnificent red robe with many embroiderings and designs, and a hovering circlet upon his head.  He stopped to consider what was asked, the sheer blatent apparent truth simply laid out in front of the problem.  "Well, master dwarf, Why is it you seek a Cleansing?"

Then began a tale, spanning back before the war, then threading through it, and to the here and now.  Times of great joy, times of hardship, of life and death.  Then of the last few days.  The greatest joy in his life, one who was so isolated who found a kindred spirit.  Together the spent their time together knowing great joy, happiness, and laughter.

Then of the pain, the acts he spoke of seemed hardly like those of one so happy.  A sad tale of his loss of control, and a blood fury that almost consumed him, and then how he almost claimed the lives of those whom he calls friend and one whom he calls love.

The dwarf was concluding his tale: "The last thing I remember is storming out the door, trying to think.  I was trying to puzzle thorugh everything that had happened.  That is when I lose track of everything.  Next thing I know, I am lying in that prayer room over there.  I am lying on the floor, and a drow friend of mine was standing over me, telling me he killed whatever it was that was there with us.  By his description, he called it Vulkoor, or to the Host he is known as the Mockery."

Relion tensed at that last part.  The Mockery?  It would make sense.  Oppression, subversion, manipulation, destruction.  These are the things that it was the best at.  Rumor had it that the local avatar was trying to reconstitute it's physical form, but he did not believe it at first.  Examining him more closely, there was no doubt of it.  The training and gifts of a paladin showed him a great marking and taint that was upon him mere hours ago.  The spirit and heart looked like they were intact, but the Mockery was a vile trickster in that respect.  It puts up a false front, and then stabs you in the back when you don't expect it.  No wonder those close to him are keeping him at bay.

What to do?  A cleansing would not purge something inside his spirit, not of this magnitude.  But the Relic, Tesyus, had just been found.  A relic of that power would be able to cleanse him, or show the Mockery for what he is, and then it is no loss, for he is already dead.

Relion nodded slowly and considered how to frame his words.

"Master Dwarf, I am inclined to believe your story.  As you might know, The Mockery is the god of betrayal and murder.  That your friends and those close to you cannot trust you is quite understandable.  While we have the required supplies to preform a normal cleansing, what is required for your cleansing we do not have, but we know of where to find it.  You have no doubt heard by now being in the temple that one of the Relics of the Host has been found, in the Black Anvil hills.  The sword Tesyus is a sacred sword to the Host, and to Dol Dorn in particular.  Without a relic of that magnitude, it is impossible to preform the service you request."

Sullenly the dwarf cast his face to the ground.  Relion could only wonder what he was thinking, but he continued.  "There is a way that you could prove your willingness to banish these acts and evil from you, but it will not be easy.  You must go to the mines, recover the sword, and return it here.  Then you will be given instructions as to how the cleansing will take place."  The dwarf looked up, and at once looked determined.  He gathered his things, and then knelt before the alter, sacrificing many items and donating much to the Temple's resources.

Amazed at this, the Paladin simply watched.  Now all the dwarf could hope for was hope and strength that was beyond what he knew he had.  But if he made it through and the Host accepted him, he would make a most interesting priest, that is for sure.

Characters: ShiningEagle StrongBrow

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