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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Monday night (april 2nd) chat
Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/6/2007 10:23 AM EST : Monday night (april 2nd) chat

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

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((((Starting off with a  bit of OOC 'cause Uxor told me to print screen something and I'm not sure what.... That and I wasn't sure where I should begin typing. -_-'

<Clan> ((ok, so Sho does his best to drag Ragyr to his apartment in House D. The he uses a magic wand on Ragyr to repair him, but since he is injured, Sho loses so much blood that after he fixes Ragyr he passes out. Door is locked. Only House D members know Sho has this apartment.))
<Deriaz> ((Unless the wand is Resurrect, I dunno if it'd do much. *Holds up a knife in response to all the SPOONs and SPORKS, and shrugs.*))
<Liyra> ((hehe, my fpoon is safe.))
<Jaggie>> ((you call that a knife? *pulls out a claymore* Now this is a knife))
<Clan> ((ok, it rez then, but it take long time))
<Uxor> ((and yeah, what I feared happening has happened:  Ragyr dead w/ Sho passing out trying to fix him, and NOBODY KNOWING WHERE THEY ARE   Frikkin Fellowship Polo I swear))
<Liyra> ((lol))
<Deriaz> ((Which is great for Deriaz. XD))
<Jaggie> ((Yeah Jaggie gets to fall down the man hole...Missing Fellowship and one BoS))
<Clan> ((lol, just ask around. Ask every hose master, and the House D will know))
<Deriaz> ((*trows the knife--It turns out to be rubber--at Sho and runs*))
<Uxor> ((Then there's this issue alright. Sho rez Ragyr, then passes out: um.... so defenseless Sho laying there X_X with a lively Ragyr who's a bit of a murderous type??))
<Clan> ((yeah))
<Liyra> ((Shnap))
<Jaggie> ((Told ya Der. I an't healing Ragyr. He's crazy...))
<Clan> ((Yeah, but I trust him, and I still need to recruit Mekari))
<Uxor> ((Welcome to another addition of Famous Last Words. Today's feature: Clan - "Yeah but I trust him..."))
<Clan> ((Yes! I get my words written down!!))
<Deriaz> ((Well, if he doesn't get healed soon... >>;;Lol.))
<Deriaz> ((I mean, unless you guys like seeing Deriaz die, slowly mind you, over and over.))
<Jaggie> ((*Shoves Deriaz in a vat of repair serious* Ok, he's good))
<Deriaz> ((Lol.))
<Uxor> ((Hah screen cap the aboves. ))
<Uxor> ((and boourns to Der die slow over & over That'd be crushing to poor Uxor to say the least. Speacially w/Varro. She's right back to that time she was afraid she lost them both at once. Now dejayu .
<Clan> ((Ok, start RP. Ready Set GO!!))

((((Throughout this interaction Liyra was giving out liyra points.
Jaggie kept changing hers into cookies.
Deriaz whored his away.

Now, everyone is kinda split up. Several people are in one place and everyone else is in another so this may be confussing. I'm gonna try and split it up so everything relates properly.

And now for some rp! SPOON! )))


<Uxor/Brother Augustus> *Brother Ausustus looked over Deriaz* How do you feel my son? *Uxor came to help Deriaz stand up*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz waved the question away with his hand.* I'm fine, don't worry about it. *He let Uxor help him up, but it appeared his left foot was dead weight.*
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor looked him over with worry and looked to Brother Augustus questioningly*
<Uxor/BroGus> Brother Augustus: I don't understand. I have given all that I can to bring you into the light with us once more. You should not be suffering anything still. *His thick accent was difficult to get around*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shrugged.* I don't know. You've got me.
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor tried to see if Deriaz could stand of his own accord.*
 <Deriaz>*he stood upright for a few seconds, but then his left leg gave way and he fell to one knee again.*
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor went immediately to his side to tr and steady him. Brother Augustus did likewise* Brother Augustus: Here, here let us sit him down....
<Uxor/BroGus>* Uxor fumbled for something to write with amid trying to help stabalize Deriaz's balance. She managed a sloppy 'Der?'*
<Deriaz> *He looked at her, waiting for the rest of what she wanted to say or ask.*
<Uxor/BroGus> Uxor: 'what is happening? What did she do to you?'
<Deriaz> *He shrugged.* Hell if I know. I was fine. Nothing she did affected me. It was once Ragyr knocked out that I started feeling this way.
<Uxor/BroGus> *she wrote* Deriaz. You died. I had to have the brother ressurrect you!' *She furrowed her brows deeply*
<Deriaz>  I did? *He rubbed the back of his head, and laughed. *Well, I don't remember doing that! I thought I just fell asleep. Heh.
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor's face was awash with worry as she shook her head 'no' to the idea of mere 'sleeping'*
<Uxor/BroGus> *The Brother was reading her notes as well* She speaks true friend 'forged. When she brought you to me, my healing was useless.
<Deriaz> *He shrugged.* Well, as long as I'm up and walk--well, moving again, right? *He grinned.*
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor sighed with a huff through her nose, writing* 'yes and no. There's still the matter of Ragy, wherever Sho has whisked him off to.'
<Deriaz> Well, Sho's got an. . . Agreement of sorts with him. I don't think we have much to worry about. . . Though I would like to know where he is.
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor wriggled her mouth* 'Your guess is as good as mine. I am not privy to all of Sho's private dwellings and haunts, unfortunately.'
<Deriaz> *He laughed once.* I'd tell you, but I don't--*He stopped, and rubbed his leg once.* --I don't know if he'd like me telling anyone.
<Uxor/BroGus> *She looked at the leg* 'Does it hurt?'
<Deriaz> The leg? No, no, it's, uh, fine. Don't worry about it. *He grinned*


<Jaggie> *Jaggie was running around the dark alleyways around the Guildhall looking for Sho's tracks. It didn't take long for her to spot a little splatter trail of oil mixed with elven blood. She dashed through one alley and then the next. She stoped once she hit a set of steps. Near by where the large great walls of two of Stormreaches Houses. The ground here was more traveld and the tracks intermingeled. She looked around the alleys and streets leading away from the two great doors but found no possiable sign. Did he go into Phiarlan...or House Dennieth?*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked up at the gate of Phiarlan... 'Sho did have that strange mark of shadow. Wasn't that the dragon mark of Phiarlan?' she thought. But she never saw him there. Jaggie spent much of her free time, simply lying under one of the great trees, playing simple tunes for the children of d'Phiarlan.*
<Jaggie> *She walked over to the other great door. She normaly would avoid being here. After the Dennieth guards had nearly caught her while in Sharn she had made a note not to go near* 'Frig it... this is Stormreach not Sharn...' Jaggie thought pushing the door open and begain her search. First she would see the taverns. The drunk generaly see all kinds of things and thier lips more easy to part.*
<Jaggie>*Jaggie came across a drunk who was leaving the near by taverm, Hammersmith.* Excuse me...Do you know of any elves that live here? This tail *She gestured with her hand* grayish skin.
<Jaggie> *The drunk stagered and ploped onto a large broken block of white granite.* Elves? An't got manie elfhas around heres. *The man clearly had to much to drink.*
<Liyra>  *A young halfling bard comes walking out from the bar.*
<Jaggie> *The man stagered over towards Jaggie* An't got manie forged e'ther... *His breath reaked of dirty kobold drink.* Are you a boy warforgd or a girl warforgd?
<Jaggie> umm... *Jaggie backed away and bowed lightly* Sorry to bother you sir. I'll look elsewhere. *Jaggie  backed away from the drunk and looked down towards the leaving halfling.* Excuse me, miss?
<Liyra> *Liyra glanced up at the warforged and backed away, as if worried of being mugged.* Um.. Yes si-... ma- Yes?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie stoped and kept her distance* I don't mean to bother you. I'm looking for an elf. This tall, gray skin, may be with another 'forged with black plating.
<Liyra> Not that I've seen. I've spent the whole day playing a bit of song in the bar and haven't seen any elves.
<Jaggie> Have you perhaps seen anyone go into the tavern in the last hour or so? There was an...accident at a guild hall in the market place just now. The elf may be heavily involved and I need to ask him some questions...
<Liyra> I see. If it's that elf named Sho you're looking for, I've seen him by the apartment area. I suppose I could take you there, if you needed, um... *She took a wild guess* man....?
<Jaggie> ...Sorry..sorry. My name is Jaggie. I am a bard like yourself.

((((And Now everything goes smushie 'cause we all went OOC crazy))))

<Hope> *Hope sends a mental whisper to Sho, Uxor, and Jaggie--* <"Where are you, and what are you doing?">
<Jaggie> *Jumps and looks around*  "Who side that?"
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor sat up with alarm immediately at hearing a voice in her head. Her first thoughts were for Mekari. But she felt it to be Hope and was relieved*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked at her, confused.* What's up? *He rubbed his left hand with his left.*
<Hope> *Hope uses their thoughts focused on her whisper as a beacon allowing them to respond breidly*
<Uxor/BroGus> *She thought back* <With Deriaz in the catacombs. We've had incident with Mekari. And there is something still the matter with Deriaz I can't figure out what is wrong or how to fix it...yet.>
<Hope> *Hope activates her "House Phiarlan favor thingy" and sprints like the wind to the catacombs. *To Uxor * <I'm coming>

(Sorry.. that would be the first 100 print screens... I'll begin the next 100 after the Varro Polo event.))

Liyra points counter

10 for ryhming ember  with chamber.
10 for making Liyra say Shnap
10 For thinking Jaggie should get points for being right about a previous rp chat  that was edited out from the posted chat on the forums
10 For Liyra being so quiet

Total 40

10 for pointing out that Liyra side Shnap again.
10 For thinking Jaggie should get points for being right about a previous rp chat  that was edited out from the posted chat on the forums
10 For Liyra being so quiet
10 For finding a loophole that would prevent Hope from knowing Varro's wereabouts

Total 40

10 for being able to affor a vat of repair serious,in which she had dumped Deriaz into.(traded for cookies)
10 cookies For being right about a previous rp chat but having edited it out from the posted chat on the forums
10 For Liyra being so quiet
10 cookies  For getting to screen shot 65... and stile going
10 cookies for getting the wf gender refurrence in Liyra's ic response

Total 50 cookies

10 for being way behind (1 was spent to catch up. 4 traded for cookies. 4 traded for 2 Chocolate chocolate chip cookies)

Total  4 cookies 2 ccCookies

10 For thinking Jaggie should get points for being right about a previous rp chat  that was edited out from the posted chat on the forums
10 For Liyra being so quiet

Total 20

10  Given by Uxor for her ic reaction refurring to WF genders.

Total 10

*Pages in a book*
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Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/10/2007 9:21 AM EST : half way point.

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

Posts: 1728

House D

<Jaggie> me the way. *Jaggoe bowed after shaking her head clear of the strange message*
<Liyra> Uh, sure...Jaggie. I think its this way. *Starts walkig down the street*
<Jaggie> <Jaggie followed the halfling, reaching into the pouch she carried at her side, she pulled out several golden coins* Here... For your troubles miss? May I ask your name?
<Liyra> My name is Liyra K- Liyra Cal. And there's no need for payment, anything to help out a fellow bard.
<Jaggie> Umm.. thank you. *She stared at the coins for a moment then dropped them back in her pouch. She looked at the buildings. She'd never been in this secter before.*
<Liyra> *She points to an apartment around the corner* Not sure if its his, but I've seen him leaving from it a couple times. Is there anything else you need.... uh, mam?
<Jaggie> Thank you Liyra... and... yes.. I think myself has female. Though 'forged is just fine. *She bowed to Liyra then made her way to the door.*
<Liyra> *Liyra calls back before walking away.* I'm sorry if that was a touchy subject among... forged. To be honest I never saw any till I came to Stormreach.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie turned back* Don't be sorry. It is stile a strange subject.. but we well learn in time. *She smiled warmly* Thank you.


<Hope> *Hope enters the catacombs, becomes frustrated as she no longer runs speedily do to her House Phiarlan Favor Thingy ending, caste haste on herself, and runs to where Uxor is.
<Uxor> *Uxor saw a very speedy shape of Hope. She eyed Hope suspiciously however, rather than offering her usual salute. She then wrote.* 'Hope can I know that it is really you?'
<Deriaz> *Deriaz's right shoulder jerked, and he frowned at his right arm. With his left, he gave an awkward salute.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz pushed himself away from the wall, letting his back lie down on the ground. He put a hand to cover his eyes.* Not feeling so great. . .
<Uxor> *Uxor looked down and stepped inbetween Hope and Deriaz defensively. Until she got some way of confirmation, she was not going to make the same mistake twice.*
<Hope> *Hope smiles, winks at Uxor, and sings a ryme of her favorite song.*
<Hope> What's wrong with Deriaz?
<Uxor> *Uxor seemed placated for a moment.* 'I am sorry to be this way Hope. But circumstances require it. I know that Mekari has in the past faked being a bard. How can I know that she hasn't overheard your song in the same way I have in the past dealings?'
<Hope> and where's Mekari!?
<Uxor> *Then Uxor stoppedm, and started to walk towards Hope.* 'I have an idea. Hold still.'
<Hope> Let me touch you. *Hope offers her hand**Hope is prepare for any surprices*
<Uxor> *Uxor reached out a very cold hand towards Hope's face. If Hope permitted...She took hold of Hope's chin, as if she had expected to get a grip on something. But feeling only Hope's jaw bone, and her skin, she seems satisfied, and her eyes softened and she wrote.* 'Sorry. Where is Mekari... unknown. She removed herself from our conflict... worse for wear of it. But gone none the less. Hence my hesitation.
<Hope> *just then 3 undead walk around the corner, one is in a black hood and radiates a magical aura. Hope imediately steps back and casts Glittering dust.* *The other 2 skeletons fail their save and become blinded as the hooded one casts lightning bolt at Hope.* * Then Brother Augustus strikes down the arcane skeleton.*
<Uxor> *Uxor's eyes followed Hope's glance, and the bolt shooting between them told her all she needed to know.* *She was prepairing to bring out a thick mace, but she saw that Hope and Brother Augustus had the situation under control. Never the less, she was ready. At this ratem every new form that appeared in her eyes was Mekari. No matter what the appearence.*
<Hope> *The blinded skeletons came close to Deriaz, and Uxor swinging their weapons.*
<Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz turned his head to the sound, and tried to get up, but only got upright. His legs didn't seem to want to move. He laid back down, hoping the situation could be handled by the three.*
<Uxor> *Seeing that the skeletons were not yet dealt with, she whirled round with the mace, smashing into them soundly.*
<Uxor> *Brother Augustus in the meantime cast forth his hands.* Back darkness! Receed before the light of the flame!
<Hope> Thank you brother, let us retreat to more safe place.
<Uxor> Brothe Augustus: Daughter fear no evil whilst in the company of a servant of the Silver Flame! I shall let no darkness come upon you. *But the brother did seem to be ushering them to a new location*

House D

<Jaggie> *Jaggie knocked on the door*
<Liyra> Your welcome. *She smiles* May the roads be kind, Jaggie. I hope to see you again sometime.
<Jaggie> The roads be kind to you and your mug always full. *Jaggie peared through the apartments window.*
<Deriaz/Ragyr> *There was no reply, but there was the sound of whispering something inside.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie knocked again* Sho...Ra..Ragyr?
<Deriaz/Ragyr> *The whispering continued. Whoever was inside didn't seem to hear it, or recognize it.*
<Liyra< *Liyra walks back around the corner, but curiosity gets the better of her, and she ducks into a alley to watch Jaggie*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie placed her head to the door, trying to hear inside*
<Ragyr> *She heard* . . . Up, you. . . badly. . . scratch, anyway. . .
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked about and spied no one. She grabed the handel of the door and cracked it clean off*
<Ragyr> *  The whispering in the house stopped for a second, but then started again.*
<Liyra> *Her eyes widened at the sight of Jaggie starting to break in*
<Jaggie> *What felt like a tap for jaggie destroied the intracate lock inside the door. If this was the wrong place, she'd have a long time trying to explain it.*
<Ragyr> *The whispering was a little more clear now that the door was broken.* Come on. . . You can't. . . You're. . . Out. . .
<Jaggie> Hello? *Jaggie plied the door open a little* I ... Sorta'..broke your door.. Sho? If this is the wrong place I'll pay for the repairs...


<Hope> Deriaz? Can you function, I mean walk?
<Deriaz> *He shook his head, with a hand still over his eyes.* Drag me or something. Legs aren't listening to me right now.
<Hope> *Hope casts Bull's Strength on herself, and motions for Uxor to help her.*
<Uxor> *Uxor heaved Deriaz up without the need of assistance from Hope. She motioned for Hope to watch out behind them.* *It was awkward going, but she managed. She could not, however, handlle both fighting and Deriaz, and should the need arise to run faster, the strongest among them should bear the weight of Deriaz in her reasoning.*
<Hope> *Hope then realises that she wasted those spell points becuase her House Phiarlan buffs are far from exhausted.*
<Hope>  *Hope's eyes had a flash of yellow, then green slowly holding fast to a brilliant blue.*
<Uxor> *Brother Augustus guided them through the catacombs.* Here my friends, this way, this is a safe haven.
<Hope> *Hope and Uxor set Deriaz to rest.* Uxor, tell me what happened with Mekari?
<Uxor> *Very painstakingly, Uxor recounted the incident.. or as much of it as she knew...* *Uxor penned out a lengthly note*
<Uxor> ' I came to the guild hall and there were flyers everywhere on the ground. So I knew something was wrong. Then I heard commotion outside. I followed it and went invis. just incase. I saw Deriaz, and Ragyr.. but Ragyr in a body of his own somehow? And I saw Jaggie on the ground hurt. I had to try and listen in, and that's when I saw myself standing in the window. Only I knew who it would be to try and look like me. Fortunately, she didn't notice me. I had some oils on me. Lucky for Jaggie, I've been keeping them with me for Der's sake. Then I snuck round inside the building from a different way and crept up on Mekari. It was the only person it could be really. Especially in conjunction with with Ragyr and Deriaz.
I was going to try and get information out of her, but she wouldn't hear of it. I had her by the throat with my blade. She didn't seem threatened by it. in fact, in retrospect, it was as if she KNEW I was going to act that way. And she proceeded to try and work up my anger to strike her. I wasn't going to bend to her wishes. No wishes of hers could be good. She kept recounting that she'd killed Varro. Still she holds to that. I put that aside, and in my scuffling with her, I found out that somehow she had some odd link with Ragyr. Whenever she's harmed, he is harmed as well. But somehow it is affecting both Ragyr and Deriaz. That is something for Deriaz to explain. I rightly don't understand all of it.
Unfortunately, between mine, Deriaz, and a freshly healed Jaggie's efforts... it was as if all the harm we did upon Mekari only served to take out Ragyr and Deriaz in the end. Sho intercepted Ragyr and fled in shadows to I don't know where. When that happened, Mekari took off. Teleport I think. She was beat up pretty good though. Deriaz got a very sound wound to her I think. I couldn't tell.  She had me stunned on the ground with that.... that screaming she does.
Mekari had some other tricks to employ on us before her parting. Not only were our wounds affecting Der and Ragyr... but whenever you struck her, it was like a bust of some kind hit you!
<Hope> *Hope looks a frustrated eye toward Deriaz.*
<Uxor> The Deriaz blacked out. We tried to heal him and nothing happened. So we took him here to see the brother. He had to use a resurrection to get him back awake Hope. *and her note drew to a close.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz didn't notice Hope's eye. His hand was still covering his eyes.*

House D

<Raygr> *In Sho's house, Jaggie heard someone in a back room.* We're in here! *It wasn't Sho. The voice was deeper.*
<Jaggie> Ragyr? *Jaggie opened the door and sliped in*
<Ragyr> *Jaggie came across the scene of Ragyr shaking Sho, who was passed out on the ground.* Wake up, damnit! I've still got that job with you, and I' not about to lose out on the reward! *He turned as Jaggie entered.* The elf knocked out. I don't know if he's dead or not.
<Jaggie> Move! *Jaggie grabed Sho away from Ragyr.*
<Ragyr> *He looked at her, confussed.* What? You act like I'm the one that did that to him!
<Liyra> *Liyra watches Jaggie go inside and hears a slightly raised voice coming from inside.*
<Ragyr> Well, ok, maybe I had a small part in it, but. . .
<Jaggie> I don't want you hurting me again. *Jaggie kept her distance from him*
<Liyra> *growing concerned, she edged closer to the apartment.*
<Ragyr> **ragyr shrugged* Whatever, it was one incident.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie studdied the gash across Sho's rib and checked for breathing.*
<Sho> *Sho breaths slower and slower.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr shrugged* He's been like that for a bit. Knocked out once he got me up and moving again.
<Jaggie> Ah gezz....ah gezz.... *Jaggie put her hands over the wound and started pumping healing mana*


<Hope> We must find Varro!
<Uxor> *Uxor blinked in astonishment at Hope's sudden demand.* 'I... have every intention of doing so. Believe me when I say that. But the threat of Mekari complicates matters.' ' she is more agressive now it seems.'
<Hope> yes, it does seem that way, as she keeps looking at Deriaz, we must become more aggressive in our efforts to find Varro.
<Uxor> *Uxor took her attention to Deriaz.* 'What did she say to you Der? Mekari?
<Hope> *Hope listens intently*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz turned his attention, uncovering one eye with his hand. The eye had dimmed.* What did she say? I don't remember. . . Like, about Varro? Or what? Memory's a little fuzzy. . .

Catacombs and House D

<Hope> *In her intent listening state, Hope sences Sho slipping away* <Sho! Hold on, I'm coming!>
<Jaggie> Right pouch, healing potions, poor into his mouth, now! *Jaggie shifted over so Ragyr could reach the pouch**She could feel every bit of her magic going into healing Sho*
<Hope> *Hope bolts out of the catacombs* Uxor, it's Sho, I must go to him! * Hope has caste haste on herself affecting the other three before she bolted out*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr blinked once, but shrugged.* uh, sure, right. *He reached in, and pulled out a random potion. He took off the cork, and poured the contents into Sho's mouth.*
<Liyra> *Liyra, now almost right outside the door, tries to make sence of what she is hearing. At the same time debating whether or not she should enter.*
<Jaggie> Keep pouring! *Jaggie bent down again and checked his breathing once more.*
<Hope> <Sho! You better not leave me too!>
<Ragyr> *he poured the rest in, and returned to the pouch. He grabbed another potion, and poured the contents into Sho's mouth.* This doesn't look like it's doing much. Not that I'm an expert, Just saying...
<Hope> *Hope seems to run faster than she's ever before*


<Uxor> *Uxor watched her go and nearly sighed. Was Mekari EVERTWHERE now? First Varro... then Deriaz.. now Sho...* *But she looked to Der* 'She was talking in your head. you all were quiet for a long time, and I know how she is.'
<Deriaz> *He shrugged.* I don't remember exactly. Like I said, memory is fuzzy. Said something about how she couldn't let Ragyr live.
<Uxor> *Uxor frowned* 'Please try to think Der. Did she say why?' 'Did Ragyr do something to her to bring her down on him?'
<Deriaz> *he shook his head. His hand fell away from his face-- limp* Uh. . . Something about him being a free spirit. I don't remember.
<Uxor/BroGus> *Uxor watched Der, then motioned for the brother, who knelt down* Yes my child?
<Uxor> *Uxor motioned again more adamently towards Deriaz, so the brother inspected Deriaz's well being once more.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked up at the brother, his eyes fairly darkened. The orange tint was beginning to fade.* What? I feel fine.
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus frowned after looking Deriaz over* This is not well my son. I am afraid to say it but... you appear to be dying. * He held out a hand and tried to force more life giving magic into Deriaz*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz laughed* You're crazy. I feel fine, I said.
<Bro Gus> I wish my assessment of your stability were so, Ambassador. But I can only say that which my skills have determined by observation of you.
<Deria> *Deriaz laughed again.* You're still crazy. How can I be dying if I feel fine? *His eyes seemed to light up, though slightly, from the healing*
<Bro Gus> *The Brother watched him a moment longer* I am not of knowing this my son. have you come under the force of an great evil?
<Deriaz> Besides the accident back at the guild hall? *Deriaz shook his head.* Nothing else, but I didn't start losing control of my limbs until, well, Ragyr knocked out.
<Bro Gus> *The brother continued to observe Deriaz to see if he continued to show signs of dying despite the healing.*

House D

<Jaggie> *Jaggie freed one arm and reached for another pouch at her side. She pulled out a wand and started going back and forth between mana and stick.*
<Sho> *Sho's mind: The mark, it burns, it's angry, the job isn't done, not yet 'ol elf, not yet.*
<Liyra> *That settled it. She went in through the doorway* Jaggie! I have some ability to heal, I might be able to help.
<Sho>*Sho coughs hard, and start to breath normally*
<Jaggie> Please! *Jaggie looked up, pleading*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr jumped back.* Alright, how many people did you bring with you?
<Liyra> *Kneels next to the injured eld and starts healing alongside Jaggie* At least he's breathing normally again...
<Sho> is the forged?
<Jaggie> *she looked to Ragyr*
<Sho> *coughs blood*
<Hope> *Suddenly Hope appears before Sho and the others* Stand aside!
<Ragyr> *ragyr looked at Sho in confusion. He opened his mouth to say something, but jumped back further to the wall at the entrance of Hope. Too many fleshies for him to feel comfortable.*
<Jaggie> Who-? *Jaggie was pushed aside*
<Hope> *Hope quickly turns him over revealing his back.*
<Sho> Ragyr, are you here? Ragyr!
<Ragyr> *Ragyr nodded.* Yeah, over here. Near the wall.
<Hope> *Hope then casts burning hands on Sho's back.
<Liyra> What are you doing? Are you trying to kill him?!
<Ragyr> She better not be. I need him! *He shut his mouth after saying that.*
<Jaggie> What are you doing!? *Jaggie grasped Hope by the sholder*
<Hope> Yes! Here take this. *as she tosses out a rez cake* *Hope casts burning hands one more time for goodness sake*
<Lirya> What.....? *She catches  the rez cake in her left hand.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr began to slowly make his way for the door. He wasn't looking at all comfortable in the situation.*
<Jaggie> Ragyr!! Stop!!
<Sho> Ragyr, stay out of Danger! I only can take so much, GO!
<Hope> *Hope's fire resist cloak becomes exhausted as she falls to the floor incap*
<Sho> *Winces at the burning hands*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr froze.* What? You think I was leaving? I was, just, uh. . .
<Jaggie> Here now! More pots! His mouth!
<Hope> *Hope obviously stabalises*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie shoved the crazy caster away* What the hell was she trying to do? *Her wand became depleted and she searched for another*
<Liyra) I've got some health pots in my pack, take them! *Hands Jaggie a handfull of small vials.*
<Jaggie> Ragyr, get me water, cold..
<Ragyr> *He seemed to want to say no, but then looked as if he remembers something, and leaves the room.*
<Sho> *Sho get up and picks up his staff*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie poped open a vial, the cork stile between her lips when Sho picked himself up.*
<Liyra> *Liyra looks up at Sho.* Are you alrigh?
<Ragyr> *Ragyr came back a moment later with a bucket of water, but saw Sho standing now.* Can I still pour it on him?
<Sho> *Coughs more blood* Never better, thank you.  Ragyr, lead me out, and to my armor.
<Jaggie> No, Hand it here Ragyr...
<Ragyr> *Ragyr looked between Sho and Jaggie, but handed the bucket to Jaggie, seeming to trust a Forged over and Elf, even if they did have some type of agreement.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie grabbed Sho by the arm*
<Sho> *He pulled his arm away*
<Liyra> *Liyra stood back against the wall, looking from ragyr, to the woman  unconsiouc on the floor, to Sho and Jaggie.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie stod looking down at Sho* Set.
<Sho> You aren't Ragyr. Ragyr, I said come help me, we need to talk on the way over.
<Ragyr> *Ragyr frowned.* I'm the only Ragyr there is. And as long as these three still say you're not ok, then. . .Well. . . After what Deriaz told me to do? Sorry, I'm not budging.
<Sho> *spits* Fine.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked at Ragyr* Your brother is in trouble.. When I brought him to the catacombs he was..... The Flame said dead.......
<Sho> *Sho walks over to Hope, adn lifts her up.* You guys could show respect to the Guild leader at least.
<Jaggie> Elf! *Jaggie glared then paused* Leader?
<Ragyr> *Ragyr's eyes widened* But, when I passed out. . . He was still. . . And Mekari. . . Stabbed her. . . I. . . What? *he blinked in confusion.*
<Hope> *Hope- of-the-Lady, Archon of the Fellowship of the Golden Night*
<Jaggie> I don't know.... And I stile don't trust you Ragyr, but I did what Deriaz asked of me.
<Sho> All would have been fine if you listened and left Jaggie, this was not your business.
<Jaggie> Listened? There's been to many people today telling me what to do. Frigg 'them...
<Sho> Ragyrm if Deriaz is in trouble go, but we WILL talk later.
<Ragyr> *Ragyr shook his head, and he looked even more confused.* Deriaz asked you to do something? For me? Did he say why?
<Ragyr> *Ragyr glanced at Sho.* Not until I understand what's going on here, I'm not leaving.

Liyra Points Counter


10 for  a conversation started by Hope, about magical chain mail of urine absorbtion. "Does it come in Docents?"

10 for the "+3 diapers of rightenous"
10 for being bad and pretending she was afk while Uxor wrote out a summary of the 'Post of Death'


1CCcookie from Hope, for writing a summary of the 'Post of Death.'

((Some funny ooc))

<Uxor> (Brother Augustus: The silver flame fears no armor soiling!!)
 <Liyra> (That's cuz the Silver Flame wears diapers.)
<Hope> (Actually they're +3 diapers of rightenous)

<Uxor> (Jaggie: The Little Pillsbury dough boy's got NOTHIN on me))
<Jaggie> (*makes the "hehe!" Sound that Pillsbury makes when his belly is poked*)

<Liyra> ( Sometimes I get back from an afk and its like everything went crazy without my presence)

<Uxor> (Jaggie: *brings out the paddles on Sho* CLEAR! *bzzzt*

<Uxor> (Hope: *Beats on Sho's back with a rolled up newspaper* BAD dragon mark, BAD!....    Dragonmark: Yipe yipe yipe!))

in comment to the brother asking if Deriaz had come under the force of any great evil - <Uxor> (Deriaz: Well, there was that mummy, but the devs told me since I was forged I'd be ok, they... they promised they fixed that bug. oO
*Pages in a book*
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Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/11/2007 10:26 AM EST : RE: half way point.

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<Deriaz> *Deriaz's eyes seemed to remain at the same hue, though the rest of his body seemed to be unresponsive. It was as if all he was stalling whatever was going on.*
<Bro Gus> *The brother looked to Uxor gravely* This is beyond my powers I am afraid my child. 8He bowed his head to Uxor, as if appologetically.*
<Uxor> *Uxor's face twisted with that reaction, and she breathed deeply, looking to Deriaz and writing* 'Der. What is happening..Be straight with me now. I beg you.'
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head.* You've got me, but the way I figure it is, Ragyr was dead when this started happening, And for all I know, he's still dead. When he was alive, I was fine. I would guess the two of us are linked but. . . That just sounds absurd.
<Uxor> 'Not so absurd. You passed out not that long after Ragyr went out and Sho took him.'
<Deriaz> *Deriaz laughed, and his eyes began to die again.* You don't really think that because I believe he's dead, it's affecting me, do you?
<Uxor> *She put an oil in his hand, nodding for him to drink.* Stay with me. For as long as you can. I can't lose you both. Not to her. Are you CERTAIN there is nothing else that can help us fix this Der? ANYTHING' *Her eyes were glassy with pleading*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz laughed to himself.* I, uh . . . Can't move my arms. . . And I don't know. Maybe if I knew he was alive, it would stop this. But for all I know, he's dead, and Sho's got him.
<Uxor> *Uxor lifted up the potion to help Deriaz drink it since he couldn't drink it of his own power.*

House D

<Sho> I brought you here, I rezed you, I pass out, they come, they heal, now we here.
<Liyra> *Liyra turns to Sho* Is she alright? *Then motions to Hope*
<Sho> I think so, she needs rest, I will take her to the guild hall.
<Liyra> Do you need help? *She says, clearly wanting to get away from Ragyr*
<Sho> Yes, if you may stay infront of me, for I am blind, and don't want to go teh wrong way.
<Jaggie> I don't understand the half of it Ragyr. But I think you are linked to Deriaz's health right now.
<Ragyr> *He blinked at jaggie.* Linked to Deriaz's health? You're crazy. We're not that linked. . .  I mean, sure, we felt the same spell effects, but. . .
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked at Hope, took the uncorked potion and shoved it in Sho's face.* Give it to her.
<Liyra> I'll give it to her.
<Hope> *Hope is still unconcious*
<Liyra> Sho, do you want me to lead you to your guild hall?

<Jaggie> Ragyr... are you injured in any way or form?
<Ragyr> *Ragyr shook his head.* Sho fixed me up. . . Why?
<Jaggie> How damaged where you?
<Ragyr> *Ragyr shrugged.* How damaged was I? Enough to be considered dead, I suppose. Sho has to resurrect me.
<Jaggie> Uxor was about to have Deriaz rez'd not long ago...

<Sho> *Mind link to Sorgo: Damn it Sorgo, where are you, better not be with Mekari still.*  
<Sho> *No answer*
<Sho> Yes please, Liyra, lets leave. *Show follows Liyra*
<Liyra> *Glances once more to Jaggie and Ragyr.* Jaggie, be careful..

<Ragyr> *Ragyr shook his head.* Then is Deriaz is being resurrected, everything's fine, right? Rught?
<Jaggie> *She watched the 3 go and shook her head* Please come to the catacombs... I don't know... just come back with me....
<Ragyr> *Ragyr nodded.* Sure, sure, just lead the way.
<Sho> Ragyr, go Damn it, if you wont be there, he dies, and if he dies You die, and I don't need a dead Forged. *Sho said and left.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr blinked once at Sho's comment.* I seriously don't think we're linked THAT much. . .
<Jaggie> *Jaggie grabed his arm and a orange flash circled around them (haste)* Come
<Ragyr> *Ragyr nodded, allowing Jaggie to lead him.*
<Jaggie> *with the haste Jaggie and Ragyr where at the catacombs in moments.*


<Deriaz> *Deriaz's eyes seemed to stabilize for a moment, but then continued to dim. They then stopped, and the orange became a dot that very slowly shrank. He grinned.* Don't worry, I'm fine. Really
<Uxor> *Uxor hissed through her teeth and looked to the Brother for help.*
<Bro Gus> I am afraid we are only delaying the inevitable my CHILD? *Uxor snatched the Brother down by the wrist and placed his hand on Deriaz. Apparently she wasn't going to take no for an answer.*
<Bro Gus> *The brother quickly surged yet another strong current of healing into Deriaz, after which he explained.* I am sorry. I cannot keep doing this indefinately.
<Deriaz>*Deriaz smiled halfheartedly.* It's alright, really. *His eyes went black.* Don't worry about it.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie shover Ragyr through the catacomb doors and dropped to the ground.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr came through the door of the Catacombs, but his eyes seemed to shine half as bright as Deriaz's eyes died out. A second later he was on his knees, growling in pain.* Alright, alright! I believe it now! We're linked! Just WAKE HIM UP!
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus didn't slide back, but spoke* I am sorry Uxor.
<Uxor> *Uxor shook him. Hard. Helpless. She was completely helpless to do anything for Deriaz. Helpless to do anything for Varro. Her mouth worked 'Der' repeatedly with no sound.*

<Jaggie> *Jaggie sat on the ground before the swinging doors of the catacombs. She could hear Ragyr.* *She stared mindlessly at the door*

<Ragyr> *Ragyr made his way over to Deriaz, with one eye shut in pain. He brought a fist down on Deriaz, though it wasn't intended to hurt him.* I should have listened and left sooner. . . .
<Uxor> *Brother Augustus tried to pull her away from Deriaz, but his efforts were futile. She was as cold and immovable as a true ice statue in that moment, holding to Deriaz.* *Uxor's eyes whipped up to Ragyr immediately. She did let go of Deraz now, and as she rose, a sound firm cold fist came flying up into Ragyr's face.*
<Uxor> *She held nothing back in this blow. She didn't care it there was a link... especially seeing what damage had already been done to poor Der, who was dead on the ground.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr hit the ground, and he glared up at her.* I didn't deserve that!
<Uxor> *Uxor towered over him* *When he spoke again, she again lashed out and punched him squarely in the mouth.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr got up slowly, using the wall as support. It didn't look like he wanted to put any pressure on his right foot.* I. . . Don't deserve either of those. . . The hell. . . is wrong with you!?
<Uxor> *When he spoke again he could see her fist flying at him once more.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr stepped back, but as his foot hit the ground, it was as if it gave out from under him. The fist connected, sending him to the ground again.*
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus sprang in trying to hold her back* No no no daughter, you grieve...but be at peace!
<Liyra> *Liyra runs into the catacombs and heads immediately towards what sounds like a suit of armor being knocked over.*
<Uxor> SHUT UP! *came a voice from Uxor's lips*

Guild hall

<Sho> *Liyra leads Sho to the Guild Hall. Sho went to one of Hope's room and ley her in bed, went to his room to put on a shirt, and gave a nod of thanks to Liyra.*
<Liyra> Is there anything else I can do to help, Sho?
<Sho> Thank you Liyra, and no, I think Jaggie would like your company though.
<Liyra> *Nods* May the roads be kind, Sho.
<Sho> *Sho bows*
<Liyra> *Liyra leaves the room and the guildhall, heading for the catacombs as fast she can.*
<Sho> *After Liyra left, SHo pulled a flask out of a drawer. He opened it, and poured it down Hope's Mouth* *The flask held a very strong form of whisky.*
<Hope> *Hope stirred and became asleep.*
<Sho> *Sho sighed, and dropped to the ground, coughed up more blood, and put his staff infront of him, leaning his head on it, and sighed*
<Sho>*He got up* *Shrug the pain off, stop being weak, use the mark.*


<Ragyr> *Ragyr got up slowly. His right leg was twisted oddly.* What is WRONG with you? *Ragyr froze.* Aren't. . . You supposed to be the mute?
<Uxor> *And despite Brother Augustus's best efforts, the fist came sailing in again.*
<Raygr> *Ragyr fell to the ground again, but this time, he didn't make and effort to get up.* You've snapped. . . All I did. . . Was show my face. . . And this is how I'm greeted?
<Uxor> I SAID SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! *and she came down upon him with Brother Augustus in tow, punching at him with each word that tried to come out of his mouth.*
<Liyra> *Liyra stop at the sight of both an ambassader of the Golden Night fighting Ragyr, and the dead warforged on the ground. Hearing a voice yell she looks around, and realizes that the noise came from the women all thought mute.*
<Bro Gus> HELP!
<Ragyr> *He didn't try to move out of the way. It was probably pointless to, anyway. He took the blows, and only laughed slightly.* You're a mystery. . . Aren't you? You're just lucky I'm respecting his wishes. . . * His right eye flickered.*
<Sho> *Sho used the Dragon mark power, and teleports to the Catacombs, where the fight is happening between Ragyr and Uxor.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie hugged her knees. The door stoped swinging. She could stile hear someone shouting*
<Bro Gus> Get her off of him! I don't have anything prepaired for her!
<Sho> *Many of Uxor's blows hit Sho. He shrugs the pain off*
<Uxor> *Uxor's eyes came on Sho with icy indifference and vengence. She had her target, and she would continue to scream at Ragyr and pount him until they forcefully removed her, and even then, she would still not relent from trying to get at him.*
<Sho> *Sho swings his staff to trip Uxor.* That hurt you know. * She jumped over it*
<Ragr> *Ragyr only laughed, and ignored her request to "shut up".* I still don't see what I did. . . To deserve this. . .
<Uxor> *Trying to hold to Uxor was like standing in the way of a raging barbarian at the moment, though a lot more calculated that that. She was not random in her movements nor actions. She had purpose, and was set to it.*
<Uxor> *She struck at his every syllabic utterance*
<Uxor> DONT..YOU...EVER..QUIT? MAYBE..MEKARI...WAS..RIGHT! *She said with each blow*
<Sho> *Sho stands infron to Ragyr, arms spread, facing Uxor.* STOP! STOP, DAMN IT, STOP!!
<Ragyr> *Ragyr took the opportunity of Sho stepping between them to make his way over to Deriaz. He propped himself up on the wall next to the body. It was slightly eerie how much the two looked the same, though they showed different colors and plating.*
<Sho> *Sho takes all blows for Ragyr. He got very many brusies.*
<Uxor>  *Between the combined efforts of Sho and the Brother, they succeeded in allowing Ragyr a path of escape if he so chose it, but the going was difficult. She didn't directly lash out at the brother or at Sho.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie finally entered, her golden eye dark, head low.*
<Uxor>  *All her focus was for Ragyr. Sho had to purposefully dodge INTO her attacks.*
<Sho> UXOR!!
<Ragyr> * For the first time in his life, Ragyr didn't know what to do. He was torn between fighting back, or respecting Deria's wishes to not harm her at all. He looked down at the body.* You've put me in quite a predicament, haven't you? *He chuckled*
<Jaggie> Liyra...could I please have the cake..... *Jaggie's voice was shallow*
<Liyra> *Liyra clenches her fist, having been paralyzed with indecision, she ws finally ready to intervene.* Uxor! Please, you've got to stop this!
<Ragyr> *He didn't move his eyes from the body.* Sho! If she wants at me. . . Let her. It's pointless to try and stop her.
<Sho> Ragyr, shut up!
<Jaggie> *Jaggie stod a few feet from the halfling, her hand out.*
<Liyra> *Liyra turns, and suddenly remembers the warforge lying dead on the floor.* I- Of course, Jaggie, here...
<Sho> Just do what ever to keep yourself alive!
<Raygr> *He shrugged* Seems everyone want me to so that today, doesn't it? *Ragyr laughed.* If what Jaggie said is true, or what you did, why bother? I'm just going to end up like Deriaz, here. The mute-- I mean, Uxor, is just heling the process.
<Uxor> *It was uncanny to hear her speaking. And so clearly.* Don't you get it? It doesn't matter what he says...what he does...he only cares for himself! He'll drag this whole city to the bottom of the sea if he knew he would come out on top!
<Ragyr> *His eye glanced away from the body.* I thought you were his friend.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie took the cake and steps over to Deriaz's inert form*
<Ragyr> And yet you haven't listened to a word he said. . .
<Liyra> *Glancing back worriedly at Sho, Ragyr, and Uxor. Liyra turns to Jaggie and the dead warforged*
<Sho> *Sho had to get used to Uxor's voice.*
<Ragyr> He was always saying he could change me. . . And yet. . . He's got a way with words. *Ragyr grinned.* I have to say, he's good at convincing people.
<Jaggie> Why... haven't you people tried to bring him back?
<Ragyr> I've never been at the recieving end of it. . .
<Uxor> Shut up! That word should never pass from your mouth! Friend.... you're lucky to even have an awareness to what the term is 'supposed' to mean!
<Sho> *Sho grabbed Uxor's arms trying to hold her.*  Stop it please!
<Ragyr> *Ragyr turned to Jaggie.* You going to give it a shot? I'd appreciate it if you did. *He grinned at her.* As would he, I'm sure.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie broked the cake and set out to do what it was made to do.* Please come back...
<Bro Gus> *Amid his battle with Sho to keep Uxor at bay, Brother Augustus barked over her shoulder.* It's no good my friends. I have ressurrected you forged friend before to no avail.
<Sho> Maybe you are the selfish one Uxor. Just stop, and....stop
<Jaggie> If it fails so be it... at least I've tried.
<Ragyr> *The flickering eye on Ragyr died out finally, and the other dimmed in response. Deriaz, on the other hand, didn't move. Ragyr sighed.*
<Uxor> *Then that gaze of stoic judgement came to SHo.* Selfish.... who are YOU to speak to me of selfishness!?
<Sho> Hey, priest freak, shut up, you failed becuase there is NO silver flame.
<Liyra> Did it fail...?
<Raygr> * The slow dimming of Ragyr's eye stopped, and he blinked once.* Well, the pain is gone.
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus groaned fearing that now he'd have to try and break apart a first at hand wrestling match with Uxor's attention shifted.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr nudged Deriaz.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie got up and begain to walk out the door.*
<Sho> You are thinking of YOUR self with YOUR emotions.
<Deriaz> * A blue hand moved up, moving Ragyr's hand aways. Deriaz sighed.* Can't a guy get a few minutes of rest?
<Ragr> *Ragyr laughed.* Glad to see you're enjoying the whole moment.
<Jaggie> Thank you for teh cake...Liyra... *The door swung behind her.*

<Uxor> *The sound of Deriaz's voice vut into Uxor's attention like a flaming sword. her eyes lept from Sho to Deriaz's body.*
<Sho> *Sho lets go of Uxor, kneels over and coughs blood*
<Liyra> Sho! *Liyra runs to his side.*
<Sho> See Ux, thinking of your self.
<Uxor> *Her demenour shifted, and the Brother was clinging to her frantically without need now, as she stood rigidly.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr looked back at Uxor.* I told you. He's got a way with words. Did I come out on top this one? No.
<Sho> He was here to only help.
<Ragyr> *Ragyr got up slowly.* But, it looks like I'm not wanted here. Sho, Uxor, Brother, Liyra. . . *He nodded, and headed for the doors.*
<Sho> Ragyr.
<Ragyr> 8He stopped, but didn't look back.* What? Want to beat me up as well? Take your swings while you can.
<Sho> *He throws a set of keys.* Those go to your new apartment. No one except myself knows where it is.
<Ragyr> *He looked at the keys, but kicked them back.* Sorry, already have a room. Blue there already said I could use it.
<Sho> Do you want Uxor to come at night and kill you?
<Deriaz> *Deriaz sat up slowly, rubbing his neck. He looked around at the group.* Did I miss something. . .?
<Ragyr>  *Ragyr laughed.* If she does, oh well. A risk I'm willing to take.
<Uxor> *Uxor didn't watch Ragyr pass by. Her gaze was fixed on Deriaz, unblinkingly so. Her mouth was pressed to but a line of appearance, and she was steadying her breathing.*
<Sho> *Sho shrugged*
<Liyra> The rez cake worked....?
<Sho> Meet me in my tomorrow.
<Ragyr> That it did. *Ragyr laughed.* I owe you one for that.
<Sho> We need to talk about the future, and about your target.
<Ragyr> *Ragyr nodded.* Sure, tomorrow. *He waved without looking back, and left the Catacombs.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked around.* I did miss something, didn't I. . .
<Sho> *Sho coughed up blood over and over a few times.*
<Liyra> *Liyra runs towards the door to go find Jaggi, but stops and looks at Sho.* Will you be all right, Sho?
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus was loathe to release his hold on her, but he relaxed his grip, feeling that her muscles were no longer flexed to pounce someone. He didn't move away from her though.*
<Sho> *Sho nodded* Thanks, but like I said, I'm better than before.
<Liyra> I'll return... be safe. All of you. I'm going to find Jaggie. *Liyra slowly backs out the door.*

((Liyra point Counter))

10 for Sorgo's phone call from Sho *read the ooc*

1 CCcookie for having taken way to many print screens in 1 hour. Cookie was shared with Ragyr

1/2 of a CCcookie given by Jaggie


<Uxor> (Mekari: Yatzee!  Sorgo: Damn it, again?... hold on I've got a call coming in. <Hello? What? Me, Mekari? no no no>)

<Uxor> (Ragyr: I...ow...still...ow...don'
*Pages in a book*
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Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/15/2007 12:01 PM EST : Monday night (april 2nd) chat Almost done.

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<Jaggie> *Jaggies hadn't gone very far. A block or two before she simply sat on the ground besides a wall.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr stopped in front of Jaggie, but didn't look down at her.* I owe you one as well.
<Jaggie>'re welcome.. *Jaggie huged her knees. her eye dark.*
<Ragyr> *Ragyr turned to face Jaggie this time.* Look, about earlier. . . *He rubbed the back of his head nervously*
<Jaggie> *She waved her hand.* Just don't do it again....Please...
<Ragyr> *Ragyr sighed.* Look, I'm s- s--- *He stuttered, not used to having to use the word.* I'm. . . Well, I'm sorry. . . I don't know what else to say. *He continued on, not waiting for an answer.*
<Jaggie> *She looked up, most sad* I've faced two nightmares today...*She looked down again.* in a way 3...

<Liyra> *Seeing Jaggie and Ragyr talking just a block from the church, she stops, wondering whether she should intrude on the conversation.*

<Ragyr> *Ragyr stopped again.* Well, this one's trying to apologize, I suppose. If there's something I can do to change your minf about me, even in the slightest. . . .
<Jaggie> Your not killing me....forcing me into the Flame's home or hurting anyone right now...My view as changed. And I'll not call you a monster any more...I see you are warforged.
<Ragyr> *Ragyr grinned.* Well, I can't say I'm not flattered by that. *He chuckled.* Give a call if you need me. *He continued on, and waved.*


<Bro Gus> I...welcome you back to the light my son... though I must confess I am a bit confussed as to how it is so?
<Sho> It's called life father, and things the damn church knows not of.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shrugged.* That's a question I'd like answered. . . Along with: What did I miss while I was alseep this time?
<Uxor> *Dreiaz too now heard the peculiar sound of Uxor forming speech with her voice.* Deriaz. . . . I have failed you. *She dropped down onto the floor on both knees, hands at er side, as if she sxpected someone to behead her.
<Sho> *Sho lifts Uxor up, and hands her his staff.* You did not fail him, for you do not serve him.
<Sho> You did not fail Varoo, for you did not server him.
<Uxor> *Uxor's eyes then roamed to Sho.*
<Sho> You did not fail yourself, for you are doing a hell of a job.
<Uxor> Sho...*She started, but relented to permit him to continue*
<Sho> *Sho's thoughts: But I failed....I failes Stormreach, Clan Scorpion, My parents, my friends...but I must undo my failing.*
<Sho> You can't fail, unless you give up.
<Sho> *Sho coughs blood*
<Uxor> *Listens to Sho's words*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz stoop up slowly.* I'm guessing it's not in my right to ask what exactly it is that Ragyr and I caused. . . Not that I'm saying it was us. Just a guess. . .
<Uxor> *Uxor looked down at the staff that Sho had put in her hand.*
<Sho> Use this to help hold you up. Or in my case to keep you from going off a cliff. * Sho added with a chuckle*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz motioned to the door.* Maybe I should leave. I've done enough damage today. . .
<Uxor>Sho....I've broken my vow. In emotion no less.
<Sho>Vow? Oh..
<Uxor> The damage it my own Deriaz. *She looked at him sorrowfully.*
<Sho> Vows are made to be broken. There is No damage, damit. See he stands...kinda.
<Deriaz> *He shook his head, and mumbled something. The only audible words were. ". . . .tickets. .  . " and ". . . chance. . ."*
<Sho> He is well, and has one mind.


<Liyra> *Seeing Ragyr walk off, Liyra runs toward Jaggie.* So he told you the rez cake worked?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked up at the new comer* Thank you again, Liyra. None of this would have happened without you.
<Liyra> I'm just glad I could help. That forged, was he a friend of yours?
<Jaggie> No...Never met him until today...though...maybe in time our paths shale cross again. Just hope he isn't carrying a longsword this time.
<Jaggie> Are the others stil fighting?
<Liyra> I don't know.... Sho had everythiing under control, it seemed... I'm going back to check up on them. Will you come, friend?
<Jaggie> Fine... but I don't wish to go in there again. *Jaggie dusted herself off and followed.*
<Liyra> Thank you, Jaggie
<Jaggie> Thank you, Liyra....


<Uxor> No action happens without reaction. Without consequence.
<Sho> I was ready to sacrifice Deriaz's life for my own needs, does that measure up to your choice? No
<Sho> You made choices, maybe not the best, but better than mine or his.
<Uxor> And what is to come of my choices then?
<Sho> There is no come, you made it, it happended, nothing bad will happend
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head as he listened to the two talk. He began to make his way towards the door slowly, trying not to draw attention to himself.*

<Bro Gus> Child, it is not my place to tell you but if you believe as you sound to, does not it simply mean you must give good acts then to right those you have done done in wrong?
<Bro Gus> It that is how you chose to see things. We of the flame have a similar belief...
<Bro Gus> Those who purfiy their souls in this life join the silver flame in death.
<Sho> Father, excuse me, Shut Up.
<Sho>Let me explain you belief father. Your best healer knights joins evil forces because he is wund up in religion so much that he has no right of mind to tell him what is wrong.
<Bro Gus> *Brother Augustus flushed a little in the face at being told to be quiet.* Very well. If my services are no longer required... May the blessings of the light find you all. *A steriotypical reaction could not be found any sooner than seein the Brother stalk off without bothering to hear Sho's words, and he retreated elsewhere into the catacombs with a staunch bow*

<Liyra> *Liyra enters the catacombs, her friend Jaggie waiting outside.*

<Sho> Damn Silver Flame.

<Deriaz> *Deriaz nearly bumps into Liyra as she enters. he nods to her in apology, and then walks around her, leaving silently.*
<Liyra> *Liyra looks back at the wf, and walks over to Sho and Uxor.*


<Jaggie> I'm glad you're okay, Deriaz... *Jaggie stod beside the door*
<Deriaz> *He stopped and turned to face her. He smiled halfheartedly.* Thank-- Oh! *He dug into his small pouch, pulling out the spearhead.* This yours? Was in my hand when I was 'resurrected' the first time. I still think I was only sleeping...
<Jaggie> Warforged don't sleep..*Jaggie took the spearhead and stared at it.*
<Deriaz> *He laughed quietly.* I like to think I do. A way for me to kind of retrace my memories, you know? Heh. . . Sounds stupid. . .
<Jaggie> No..Not stupid...
<Deriaz> *He grinned.* I gotta get out of here. . . *he turned, ready to leave, but stopped. He thought out loud.* You know, all of this is my fault. If I wouldn't have listened to Ragyr and broken into the Vault of Night for a body for him, this would have never happened. Would have been a normal day, just out searching for Varro.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked up at Deriaz and smiled.* But then you wouldn't be free, and you wouldn't be able to change your brother.
<Deriaz> Well, I guess that's a way to think about it. Still, though, I can't help but wonder how things may have turned out if none of this had happened.
<Jaggie> Well... *Jaggie stopped* Someone stile died--... those.. those.. those guards...
<Deriaz> *Deriaz sighed again.* That's one of the events I wish hadn't happened. This is all just a mess. *He started to move away from the Catacombs slowlu.* I still can't help but wonder, though. . .
<Jaggie> Deriaz? Take off your mask...You may want to know hot to better hid yourself. There where people around the guild hall. They may have entered and foud the halfling... and that bounty...thing...


<Sho> *Coughs up more blood*
<Uxor> *Uxor leaned the staff out towards Sho, apparently returning it to its owner, as she stood on her own accord.*
<Sho>*Nods to Uxor* Glad to hear your voice though. Vows or no vows.
<Liyra> Uxor...*Liyra began, wondering if she would still speak.*
<Uxor> *Uxor blinked slowly at that comment, and the water that had been so glazing her eyes spilled over.* I am lost. *Was all she could manage to say quietly*
<Sho> *Sho sees the Umbrae Maria walk from one side of the room to the other.*
<Uxor> What course it there for me in the wake of my reactions. *She breathed to steady herself*
<Sho> We are all lost *Shakes off that image* Maria *Sho whispers*
<Uxor< *Uxor's brows collected together at his whisper, not understanding him.*
<Sho> *Sho shakes his head as if waking up* Sorry. Many things happened.
<Liyra> *Liyra looked up at Sho and Uxor. Seeing the ambassador crying was almost as startling as hearing her speak.*
<Sho> All I can say is... *Sho paused looking for the right word* Varro is alive. And well.
<Uxor> *She seemed even more confused by this.* I want to beleive that. More than any vow or oath...more than any gratification. Anything.
<Sho>Trust me, if I didn't kill him, he is alive.
<Uxor> You don't believe in Mekari's words...even after having seen her actions this day?
<Sho> No, I know what she is, and the type she is, in words at least, and she is lying. And that is why I need her on my team.
<Uxor> Why? What purpose would she have in making such a claim?
<Liyra> *Seeing that Sho is alright, and that this conversation wasn't meant for her to hear, she slips outside.*


<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head.* Take it off? Easier said than done. This thing is part of me, y'know? As for the bounty. . . I dunno. I guess that's just something I'm going to have to deal with.
<Jaggie> ...Well..for something that's a part of you, it's not the most well stuck docent I've ever seen.
<Deriaz> *His shoulders shook in silent laughter.* Maybe I should get it fused to my face, tehn, him? Would solve a lot of problems. . . .
<Jaggie> Fine... you stile may want to consider it tough... Many 'forged remover thier mark, or carve fake ones.
<Deriaz> *He sighed.* Removing my mark? I don't know. . . Would be kind of weird for me.
<Jaggie> It hurts, but it works well if you're hiding. Just be carefully when it comes to heals and repairs after. Your mark well repair itself...
<Jaggi>You could always cover it in clay...Just....I don't want to see another 'forged caught in a bounty.
<Deriaz> *He stared off silently, but spoke up after a moment.* My bounty is like a mark of fame. . . Or infamy. . . You know? Something I. . . I don't want to run away from. What comes from it, comes from it. . .


<Sho> She does not want us to be around Varro
<Uxor> I don't want to believe her Sho. Not in the least. But after today...seeing what she did..I don't know what to think now. I don't know if I can think now. Look what I've been reduced to,
<Sho> I-I-I can't explan. I just have a feeling that he is alive, and when he is found, my hands are going to be the first around his neck.
<Sho> Here, do you need help getting back to the Hall, Uxor?
<Uxor> *She straightened...stiffene really.* No. Back to the hall is not where I need to go now.
<Sho> *Sho grabs the staff with both hands and chuckles* Right. How about you go rest.
<Uxor> Whatever punishment is to come for me, may it befall after we have found Varro...
<Sho> I may not see you, but I can hear your heart, and if you wont get rest, you will colapse, and who knows what will happen. You are human, you need sleep, unlike us elves and warforged.
<Uxor> Rest...Sho, before I can rest, I must attend to my actions. I will have no comfort in rest otherwise.
<Sho> And like humans you are also ignorant.
<Uxor> *she sighed* Mostly. Yes. Sleep will find me. Or Merkair. Or whatever else karma has.
<Sho> No, there is no karma. And Mekari is mine. I do not want you to harm Mekari in any way, NO MATTER WHAT.
<Uxor> I want no part of her. But I fear she has some part of me. I just don't understand what that is other than to play with me like a cat toying with a mouse before it is eaten.
<Sho> *Gives Uxor a ring with a black gem*
<Uxor> *Uxor looks at the ring, and backs up.* What is this?
<Sho> If you meet with Mekari, let me know. This ring will contact me. All you do is strike the gem on something hard and I will know.
<Uxor> I will try. I fear I would not know her until she was already upon me unfortunately Sho. But I will try. *Uxor started to take the rings off from her ears.*
<Sho> No, don't try, just do. *Sho coughs and coughs blood*
<Uxor> Sho, it is well outside of my rights at the moment, but should you not also be seeking rest?
<Sho> Rest is for those aren't dieing or are about to get the death of the city blamed on himself.
<Uxor>  *she stopped* Dying? Wha do you mean dying?
<Sho> I was just making a statement, my reason is closer to the second part.
<Uxor> Sho...I will ask. Answer as you see fit. Why do you need Mekari? I would offer myself if it amended the wrong to you today.
<Sho> Because her life is vain, adn yours is not.
<Uxor> *That brought her to silence again...which harkened so much to the Uxor of old.*
<Sho> I need her, and Ragyr to stop someone.
<Sho> And they will die in the process. *Sho added quietly*
<Uxor> Again, I am in no right to say it but... You stopped me not because of care for Ragyr, but so that you could use him yourself.
<Sho> *Sho gives a fake smile of pain* Yes, see we are all selfish.
<Uxor> Then perhaps our lives are as vain as Mekari and Ragyr's
<Sho> My life? Yes it is vain. Your life? No.
<Sho>Deriaz's life? No.The cities life, rather theif or killer? No,
<Uxor> Why. WHy is my life not...
<Sho> 'Cause I side so. When I had my... eyes, they showed me souls...and their worthness.
<Uxor> *She considered this.* What of Varro?
<Sho> Varro, has a really... *coughs*...Sorry, has an interesting soul.
<Uxor> 'interesting?'
<Sho> Not vain defently
<Uxor> *Is still listening to Sho with vast confusion on her features.*
<Sho> *Coughs up blood*


<Liyra> *Liyra walks past Jaggie and the other forged, not really heading anywhere in particular.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie stopped, noticing Liyra* Sorry I could not enter with you. Thank you.
<Deriaz> *He nodded to Liyra as she walked by, not really sure how to describe how thankfull he was in words.*
<Liyra> No reason to be sorry, Jaggie. Thank you for coming this far. *she turned to the other forged.* May I ask yor name...*She took yet another wild guess* ...sir?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie smiled* This one has an interesting sence of personalities.
<Deriaz> *He saluted.* Deriaz Ironfist, though whatever name you can come up with, I'll go by.
<Liyra> Just glad I could help, Deriaz.
<Deriaz> *He nodded.* I owe you more than I think I can pay back. *He grinned.*

<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked at the oil and blood that stile covered half of her.*  ..I look like the most rattiest bard ever.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz turned to face Jaggie.* Mmm, I wouldn't say that. I've seen worse. *He grinned.*
<Jaggie> Yeah....I'm standing next to the worse. *She poked at Deriaz's side. Her hand came back black.*
<Deriaz> *He laughed.* Oh, come on. I like to think of this as a trophy, of sorts. Makes me look like I've seen a good amount of action.
<Liyra> *Liyra lookep up at both of them and smiled.* Looks like I didn't come off to bad.. Not a drop of oil.
<Jaggie> *Poked the halfling on the nose.*
<Liyra> *She laughs thinking of how she looks with oil all over her nose, then winces as she realized Jaggie poked her nose just a little to hard.*
<Jaggie>  I think Deriaz believes himself to be a minotaur...Is everything a trophy to you?
<Jaggie> *noticing Liyra wince* Oh...I'm sorry...
<Deriaz> *He grinned.* Pretty much. . . You should see the bag I've got back in the guest room. Beed hoarding gems from any chest I've seen.
<Liyra> Oh, don't worry. I've had worse. *chuckles*

<Jaggie> *Jaggie scratched her head.* So....why are those two stile in there? *She was referring to Sho and Uxor.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz glanced back at the Catacombs.* No clue. . .  They were talking, when I snuck out. . . I don't think they've even noticed they're alone yet.
<Liyra> Neither noticed me slip out. They must've been really wrapped up their conversation.
<Jaggie> I never knew Uxor to speak... *She shruged*
<Deriaz> Same here, Jaggie. So used to her writing all the time. . . Guessing all the parchment I saved up to give her is pointless, now. Heh.
<Jaggie> *She shruged again.* Your guild friends are rather strange...
<Liyra> I never knew she even could speak. Granted, I haven't been in Stormreach that long, but still...
<Deriaz> It wasn't always this way. I'm partly to blame, I suppose.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie looked to Liyra* I've only been here for a few months as well.
<Liyra> The you've been here ages longer than I have.
<Jaggie> I think you've had more years, age wise,  then me though.

<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked back at the Catacomb doors* What do you think they're talking about in there?
<Jaggie> *She shrugged* I'm not about to go in and find out...
<Deriaz> *He sighed/* Y'know, honestly?  I don't know if I'd like to find out myself. . . Showing my face again would probably cause more problems.

((Liyra point Counter))

10 for being the first person back IC after an OOC moment. *Do not read this rp while watching the Varro video*
10 given by Deriaz for calling Uxor a Drama queen.


<Liyra> *Liyra and Jaggie enter the catacombs*
<Jaggie> (No I don't!)

<Uxor> (Sho: Aw damn it, why you gotta cry. Why all you damn women gotta do the crying thing. Stop it, it's not fair!!    Uxor: *Trows in the lip quiver.*  Sho: Oh hell...

<Uxor> (Jaggie: *pokes halfling* oops sorry don't know my own strength. *Translation of warforged 'poke' = Jaggie cruches Liyra's skull*
<Jaggie> ((*thinks about the time she got a kitty for x-mas.* Sniff)
<Uxor> (Jaggie: Oh boy oh boy George! A halfling of my very own! I will pet it and love it and feed it and squeeeeeeze it)
*Pages in a book*
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Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/16/2007 9:12 AM EST : RE: Monday night (april 2nd) chat DONE!

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<Sho> I do not know how it works, but you have a lifeful soul
<Uxor> but his is something otherwise? And yet you say not vain all the same? *She was trying to understand what he meant*
<Sho> *She heras in head: "SHO!"* *Sho jerks back at the voice in his head*
<Sho> Yes, his life is not vain. *He frowns, and sadness comes to his face.* *Coughs blood* You're right Uxor, I need rest.
<Uxor> Sho. tend to yourself. If you do, then I will tend to myself. A fair arrangement, yes?
<Sho> Yes. Please excuse me. *Bows*
<Uxor> *She bowed and saluted him remorsefully*
<Sho> *Sho starts leaving and heads to teh very top of the catacombs area. Dar from the group.*
<Uxor> *Uxor lingered a moment until Sho had passed, but she took the same route from teh dungeuon as the others. There she was met by all of them standing not far outside.*


<Liyra> And I'm not about to go back in there either. *Sigh* Really wish I knew what they were saying, though.
<Jaggie> umm... *Jaggie looked down at the spearhead in her hand* The priest was meant to take this...but he didn't bring you back...
<Deriaz> Well, it's yours, isn't it? Don't you want it back?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie handed it to Deriaz* You like
<Liyra> *Liyra looks at the object in Deriaz's hand* A Silver spearhead? Where'd you get that Jaggie?
<Jaggie> *Jaggies eye fadded a little, lost in thought.* Flamekeep...
<Deriaz> *He took it but shook his head.* But this is yours. Are you sure you just want to give it away?
<Jaggie>  I think it's time I trew that one away.
<Deriaz> *He curled his fist around the spearhead.* Alright, then, if you're sure. . . Maybe I'll make a necklace out of it, or something. *He shrugged, and put it in his pocket.*

<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked ready to say something, but turned to stare at Uxor when the door opened.* I. . . Should go. *He moved away from teh group, and starts heading away.*
<Uxor> Deriaz
<Jaggie> ...ok...Deria-..
<Deriaz> *He stopped, but didn't say anything*
<Uxor> *She approached him and reached out to take his hand. It was not forcefully, but not gently either. It simply...was. She placed something into his hand, and released her hold*
<Deriaz> *He stared off into the distance for a moment before looking down at whatever she had put in his hand.*
<Uxor> *There were four small little silver rings with tiny symbols on them. The ones she wore in her ears.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head.* I don't derserve these after what I put you through.
<Uxor>  Keep them Deriaz. I cannot wear them now. I would give them to Varro but...
<Deriaz> *He continued to stare into the distance.* The give them to him, when we find him.
<Uxor> *She reached for his hand again, taking only two of the rings of the four.* As you wish.
<Deriaz> *He sighed, and put the other two in his pouch.* I really shoud go though. I've caused enough problems today. *He started to leave again.*


<Sho> * A khopesh appears quickly, and stabs through Sho's stomach, is pulled out, and the assassin leaves. Sho growns, falls to the ground* *His lungs fill with blood. blood pours out in cups at a time. Sho dies.*


<Jaggie> *Jaggie felt akward and tried to distract herself*
<Liyra> *Liyra backed away, suddenly feeling out of place.*
<Jaggie> Umm.. Think I'll go see about getting all this mess off me...
<Liyra> And I- *Liyra quickly tried to think of an excuse.*
<Jaggie> Mind teaching me a few of your tunes Liyra? I'll gladely share mine.
<Liyra> I'd be glad to.Maybe I'd better go check on Sho first tho...
<Jaggie> *Jaggie turned and gave Uxor and Deriaz a half bow* I hope to see you again... I'll bring you more flyers tomorrow to replace the ones lost from today.

<Uxor> *She did not try to stop Deriaz's departure.* One day I will be able to tell you Der.
<Uxor> Thank you. *She faced directly at Jaggie now.* Thank you for your help. I appologize for my actions.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz stopped before going out of sight. He turned around, and saluted the group. He made his way towards the docks of the Harbour.*
<Uxor> If what I have done has tainted your outlook upon us, I ask only that you please lend your aid to us in searching for Varro. Irregardless of what you may think of me.
<Jaggi> Your actions? I'm sorry... I do not understand...
<Uxor> *Her eyes went between both Jaggie and Liyra.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie pointed at the Catacombs.* I hardly rememeber doing in their.
<Uxor> *Uxor bowed low to Jaggie*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie studied Uxor* Everyone has changed today...
<Uxor> For the worse perhaps I am afraid. But I will atone.
<Jaggie> *She turned her head sideways* I do not understand... I wish to stile help you to find your bard though.
<Liyra> As do I... Wouldn't be right if I didn't help a fellow bard.
<Uxor> The help is vastly appriciated. Please believe me when I say this if you believe no other words that come out of me.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie cocked her head back* Should I have no reason to believe you? You've always seemed truthbearing.
<Uxor> I know he *she had to force the word* loves *rather than loved* the people of the city. Perhaps our combined good wills will drive off ill fates, no?
<Uxor> I have broken a vow. That in and of itself is an act that casts doubt upon my good word.
<Jaggie> I know not of your vow.. Perhaps it is like mine.... Though.. I've broken mine three times today.
<Uxor> A vow of silence. I have kept it for four years. Until today.
<Jaggie> The you're better at your vows then anyone I know.
<Liyra> I don't think I've ever made a vow, so I have no idea what it feels like to break one.
<Uxor> I pray you never live to experience that Liyra.
<Uxor> Please be careful. Both of you. If you are to help with the search. I will gather our forces Friday eve. Meet at the Rusty Nail.
<Liyra> I'll be there.
<Jaggie> Very well
<Uxor> *She bowed again to the two of them* My thanks to you both.

<Liyra> Sho's been in there a long time, I should probably go check on him. *she walks back in to the catacombs*


<Deriaz> *Deriaz took his normal seat at the end of the dock. He stared across the water for a bit, before he laughed as footsteps came up behind him.* Quite a day, Ragyr, hm?
<Deriaz> *Ragyr sat down next to him.* Your friends are crazy." *Deriaz laughed again.* "Yeah, well, what can I say. . . Hey, about those tickets. . . You still want me to buy them?. . . "

((OOC  THE DEATH OF SHO!! ((Sho, the dead elf)) (Sho, the Rotting elf body))

<Uxor> (Jaggie: And ya bitch at me for takin too long and you got assassins crawlin on yah... see if I ever hurry to heal YOU again)
<Liyra> (Damn. I worry so much about Sho this whole time...and bam)
<Deriaz> (well, thank god we healed him so much. )
<Jaggie> (Bugger) 
<Jaggie>(Sho: Urk! Blah!)

<Uxor> ( = discombobulated
<Liyra> ((Uxor where do you get these friggin long words?)

<Uxor>(Varro: *Hands Sho some popcorn* Welcome to the afterlife. Soda is on the door in the lounge...

<Deriaz> ((Brother Augustus walks by.* "Serves you right for making fun of my religions!" *Kicks the body, and walks away.*))

<Jaggie> (*wounders if Sho is part of the Sublime*)

<Liyra> (Can imagine Sho stabilized at -9. Bro Augustus: Whats ya favorite religion now, punk?)

<Uxor> ( I can see it now next time one of us is in the catacombs we find one of those 'fake' bodies on the floor like "alas, poor Sho, I knew him well."

And now a question: How much blood was in that little body of SHO's?!    0.o Dang we could have restocked a blood bank with that elf.
*Pages in a book*
I don't make the rules, I just follow them... Because it makes you angry.

"If all the world was painted dark, and all the skies turned grey, then please tell me [if you could] when would it be 'day'?"~ MidnightRyoko

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