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Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > The means and the end (back story)
538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 6/27/2007 10:26 AM EST : The means and the end

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(WARNING: This account of the story contains some material that might not be appropriate for sensitive readers. If you are someone who has an aversion to stories of torture, or that contain graphic depicitions of violence, please do not read any further.)

Part 1

<Help her.>
*No answer came.*
<I will give you my soul, I will give up being Augur, anything you ask I will do it... just please help her.>
*As hard as he could, Varro could not fight past the pain and distress of the situation to contact the Avatar. He knew this. He couldn't even access his Augur visions now. The fact that it was so only served to deepen the sense of suffering for him. He was servant to a diety, an Ambassador to the city, and yet he could do nothing to help Uxor.

The phantom feeling of where his fingers had been conflicted with the consuming pain of his shattered jaw. He could see the movement of the spiders around him, but this was little  distress compaired to now watching the mithril defenders laying into Uxor's legs with fire and teeth. He cringed at hearing Uxor's voice, as she pleaded vainly to their warforged captor to spare him. Whatever the Warforged had done to her earlier, she had been reduced to gasping breaths, which she set to calling out the bard's name, and short pleads for mercy, or to take her instead. This pained Varro more greatly than any of the physical attacks that Juryrig had set upon him with.*

*Varro heard the command given, and he knew the metal dogs would be upon Uxor's mangled leg to finish the job. He fought off the blinding pain to force out* STOP *between his teeth.*

*The warforged approached him again* If you do not cooperate, I will terminate Creature Uxor. Do you understand, Minstrel Varro Velox? Names, Locations, Associations, Descriptions, Whereabouts.

*Varro could hardly focus on Juryrig, but the sound of Uxor throwing herself against her metal binds in the chair pushed him to work words with the paper under his hand that Juryrig had placed for him to write upon, since he was not capable of talking now.* 'She is no Sword of Liberty. I have told you the truth, she is a lone Kalashtar. A vagabond.'

Juryrig: You have harbored a known murderer... who has brought suffering to innocent families. Innocent children. Innocent forged *he growled*

*The fist to Varro's gut, as he sat chained in the chair,  stilled his writing on the blood soaked paper. Juryrig proceeded to lay into him in the same manner he had for Uxor... with each blow came a name. The name of someone who had perished upon the train that had been attacked by the people Juryrig spoke of. Uxor's voice continued to carry to the warforged, who paid it no mind. Varro was running out of ideas. No matter what he said, this forged was convinced that Tyr was with the Swords of Liberty. He doubted sincerely that that was the true reason he wanted so much information about her. He knew he couldn't continue to take the hits though, he was losing rationality now. His Avatar could not help him, Uxor was helpless, he was helpless... and if he didn't stop this, there would be little left of either of them to help. He tried once again to get to a calmer place, in the meditations that Uxor had been teaching Tyr. He could see the woods... the fern filled wooded area, with greenery covering...

another blow to the face rocked his concentration. He tried more, renewed by the notion that the pain now was blurring together in a way that it was difficult to remember what life without such agony had been like. The woods. The ferns. The obscured path. It was enough. Enough for him to will forth the shield. The female counterpart to the Avatar had said the shield was a part of him, so it was time to test this in full. His right wrist was loose enough to lift, and there was a loud clang as Juryrig's fist met a large and ancient looking shield, obscuring Varro's body. Juryrig paid it no heed and beat upon the shield as well. Varro felt the shield forcing down upon him. From behind it his voice railed against the blows, over top of all of his injury, in a shriek of defiance, as clear as he could form the words with his mostly disfunctional mouth*

Varro: SHE KILLED NO ONE! *he knew he'd regret that as he felt parts of his jaw splinter further from the forced effort.*

Juryrig: Sever! *the call came to the dogs and Varro released his will to have the shield between he and Juryrig, in order to have view of Uxor. If they were going to hurt her, he was not going to turn from it. This was his fault.*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 6/27/2007 1:58 PM EST : RE: The means and the end

Posts: 632

Part 2

*Obedient to its master's call, the metal dog went for Uxor's maimed leg. Varro had all but ignored Juryrig now as Juryrig continued to beat into his abdomen with the vengeful punches. Irritated at his disregard for the attacks, Juryrig's arm became a blade, which went through Varro's shoulder into the chair behind. Varro's focus was for her alone however, wishing that on some level, he could reach her mind as he had in the past, and speak with her. That only worked if the one he wished to contact was happy or experiencing pleasure, and he knew there would be none of that for her, no matter how good at meditation she was.*

Oh that's quite enough of that. *a female voice called from behind Juryrig*

*The blur of a bright force struck the metal dog and cast it aside. For a moment, Varro thought that it was his vision going out from the physical abuse. He recognized this voice though. With effort, he looked up and saw the form of a drow woman, standing on the ceiling. Juryrig too saw this, turning toward her. Juryrig suddenly went still, and the full weight of his body came crashing into his seated victim. Varro choked, and his head arched back not of his own accord, as the blade of Juryrig's arm was forced into him from the large warforged falling fully into him. He felt it passing between his ribes, and could feel the tip of the end scratching his neck, where it had erupted.*

*He was dying. Many thoughts raced within him as he felt his attachment to the world slipping. One of which was that he had spent his time playing off his relationship with Uxor as a casual one... and when she died, that is what she would remember - that he just 'liked to be around her.' That they had 'fun.' That was what he had left her to take with her to the afterlife, which apparently he too was about to have a most immediate encounter with. He thought about enraged at him she would be, if she was there in the beyond, to learn he had - for the second time in his life - not expressed the gravity of what a woman meant to him. A woman who had given everything for him... even the last breaths she would probably take in this existence were being shaped into his name, as he heard her crying out across the room. This was the end. He felt energy upon him, and a fizzing and bubbling sensation inside his body where the blade was.*

*Uxor threw all she had against the chains at the sight of Varro being run through. It was not enough, and the bonds still held her fast to the chair. The hand that had been loose enough to write with she could not cause to function enough attempt freedom there - that hand and wrist had been crushed. The sight of Mekari hopping lightly down before her was immaterial at this point. Any other time she would have perhaps felt fear, or even hate, for the woman. Now there was only the notion that Varro was in immediate mortal peril.*

*She watched Mekari roll the warforged off of Varro, heard the sound of the blade sliding back out from wence it had come into his form, and Uxor could see that Varro very much seemed lingering between this world and the next. He did have enough consciousness to make as much of a scowl as he could towards Mekari however, as Mekari reached out and stroked at his forehead and cheek with a hand, making a soothing cooing noise to him.* My poor darling. 

*Meanwhile, Juryrig had started to climb up, and Uxor didn't know what to say or do of it. Mekari turned to Juryrig, and the two were obviously talking, but only Juryrig could be heard.*

*Uxor didn't understand, as Juryrig seemed to be in a discussion with Mekari, calling Mekari by a warforged number of some kind. He also kept disagreeing as Mekari shifted to touch upon Varro and feel at his wounds. Jurgrig seemed to insist that she and Varro were 'his targets' and Mekari spoke to him moving her mouth, but no sound was coming out. The next thing she knew, Juryrig was coming towards her. She didn't care. If this was her fate, then so be it. To watch Varro dying, and out of reach of her, was more torment than all she had been through; whatever Juryrig had in store for her now was nothing. The blade came down at her, and she didn't flinch, as it cut through her bonds. She was freed. Her most immediate action was to force herself up upon her one good leg, and try to hop for Varro. Adernaline at the need to be at his side set her unyielding over, and her mind moved the parts of her that would still respond, all bent on getting to him. She didn't even realize what was stopping her for a moment, as she came into something solid. Mekari was standing in front of her with her arm outstretched, and had placed the outstretched hand firmly into her chest, holding her back. She had no time to process the act, when she felt positive energy pump into her. Mekari was healing her.*

Mekari: ... And YOU'RE lucky I don't care what you think, and came to see him against your wishes.

*Mekari looked to Juryrig, and moved her mouth silently to him, and he came to Varro's chair and cut him loose as well. Mekari then went to Juryrig, and their confused&nbsp;one-way conversation continued, as Uxor hopped the rest of the way to her bard. She took his face in her hands, looking in his eyes to see if there were signs of life still, holding herself up by will alone. Recognition. He knew who she was, she could see that, and her joy in that awareness was only off set by the sorrow at seeing him suffering. She heard Juryrig speak again* Deactivate *and the metal dogs, who had been staring absently without command, went dim and still. Juryrig nodded and set off down the hall. Mekari strolled round, not approaching Uxor or Varro. She didn't realize it at first, but Uxor was aware suddenly that she was putting herself between Mekari and Varro defensively, ready to fight the woman with but her one good off-hand fist, and standing upon one good leg. Mekari shook her head*

Mekari: I will not hurt him, pale faced one. I can't. Seeing this rattles my heart... but I told you, didn't I? *she looked to Varro, who managed to glare back at her* I told you that if they wanted you, I cannot stop them. Even now I put myself at great risk, having interfered. But I am far more capable of dealing with what will come than you, obviously, so what you said of 'being capable has proven to not be so. As for you *she looked to Uxor* I have interviened now, but you are not safe. I am going to deter what is coming for you next... and I may, or may not, prove successful in that. So you had better get him out of here. I've given you all the healing I can. Go.

Uxor: Who are they and what do they want *she labored to ask*

Mekari: So you can talk? Those I work for would not appreciate my divulging such information, but as it may be one of the last things you hear in this world, I will oblige. I am an agent, and those I serve demand resources for their hunt *she looked to Varro* but he is not a resource. He is mine... and I will remind them of this. Now get out. *and the form of Mekari dematerialized in a few strides*

*Uxor tried to pull Varro up out of the chair, careful to avoid touching the ooze that Juryrig had coated them in. She did not know what it did, and after all she had been injected with or covered in, she did not wish to know. Varro slumped against her, standing partly on his own, but barely so. He rolled his head into her shoulder as the two tried to find the energy to leave. It was the chains that brought Uxor round to an alarming realization. She breathed out slowly* Trap. There's a trap at the door. I don't know what, but something. *She felt her weight giving out, and Varro came with her.*

*Varro didn't know where to go now. He couldn't teleport them. He couldn't access his Augur abilities. With his mouth ruined, he couldn't cast his magic or read from a sroll, and he knew Uxor had no capabilities with such either. With the door rigged, and both of them with only one good hand, neither was capable of even trying to disactivate a trap. The two were dragging themselves across the room, but with no purpose. He put an arm out to stop their movements. She rolled towards him and seemed to be trying to find that meditative point of hers. How she was able to reach such resolve in such dire times was beyond him. The things she'd been teaching Tyr were nice, but how could anyone do them at a time like this? She was so badly wounded... more so than he. She had endurance to it, but it did not change the fact that she was done for if he didn't get her something. He realized he still had his pack with him... Juryrig had not bothered to remove his affects in the heat of his capture. He couldn't force his jaw to work now.* aaaak. aaaak. *it was futile. He sat up and dragged himself over to retrieve the charcole and a few pages of the paper that were upon the floor. Once back he wrote 'pack' and 'potion' and she nodded in understanding. The two of them worked together lying on the floor to open his bag and find the potion he refered to. A healing potion. He pushed it towards her.*

Uxor: No. Take it. *she tried to push it back, but he shook his head. Between her injuries and his stubbornness, the potion hung in space between them as the two wrestled with trying to force it towards one another*

Uxor: Varro no! You take it. If I am to die, it is my karma. I accept this, and am prepaired *She pushed the potion the rest of the way as his hand went for the charcole to write more. He did not drink the potion, and she watched him writing.*

'I don't care about karma, I care about you.' *after a moment, he dragged the charcole to cross out 'care about' and wrote beneath it 'love'.*

Uxor: Then please drink it for me.

*He shook his head, but he had little say in the matter as she put it to his lips and tried to help him with it. He turned from it, writing* 'cant open mouth, you take it.'

Uxor: Always scheming.*If it didn't hurt so much,&nbsp;he would smile, but instead he closed his eyes and wrote*
Varro: 'semantics. Ironic to have you speak and I write, no?'*

*She shook her head a little with a smile of her own that hurt her broken nose to make. This was short lived as she heard sounds echoing down the passageway. The sound of metal and movement... many feet. Varro heard them too, and went quiet for a moment before writing as fast as he could force himself to.*

Varro: 'This is it. I thought I was dead a moment ago, but now it's coming for real. I have been foolish, and I want you to know I love you. I want you to know who I am. Uxor *he crossed it out and wrote*...Coralbina... my nam
*she took his hand, and held it in her own. Her skin was so cold, and it felt good to him. *

Uxor: Who we were does not matter. You are Varro. I am Uxor. We are who we are now, and we knew love together, that is all I will need to die happy.

*he nodded with a sigh, and held her hand, the two of them skinking down awaiting their fate. It had gotten quiet in the passage in the meantime, but neither of them suspected the threat to be gone. A glimer of the images of the world's pleasure flashed to Varro, as he was comforted to hear her words and pleased to know he'd told her how he felt...and he latched onto it for a moment, holding it and moving with it as he could, but it was not enough to get them out. Resigned that their last hope for escape was lost, he breathed out heavily again. Another notion came to him... if he could show her what he was seeing. At least she could block the end with it, those images and sensations. As if his thought had prompted response, he heard answer to his idea.*
<Yes Augur, you can.>
*Varro didn't waste any time asking why he had not gotten answer before, or seeking to get the Avatar to take them out. He knew, almost on a subconscious level, what the reason was that he and the Avatar had not been able to speak before now.*
Varro:<Help her. I want nothing, just help her.>
<I am sorry Augur but I can do nothing. You can do something for her however. You know how. You just have to do it.>
Varro:  <Tell me.>
<You take from the world, but you have not learned to give.>
*For once, Varro understood the Avatar with astounding clarity. This was promptly interrupted by the feeling of another mind coming to meet with his... he heard another voice in his head.*

'Varro?' *it was Tyr. Varro felt a wave of panic wash through him that if she was the one coming down the hall, the trap was still armed. He reflexively cried outloud* aaaaack geee aaaaack eerraaaaa errraaaa *but it came out as garble. Uxor clenched his hand, thinking that who ever was coming was already laying into him with psionic power. After a moment's stupidity, he reached for Tyr with <TRAP> but he could not hold back the rest of what came with that... the feelings of his tormented body.*

*A click and moments later a hiss errupted in the room, with the sound of shouts and magic spells coming forth, as a form came tumbling in, and set to fighting the disabled mechanical dogs. Varro didn't think he'd ever been happier to see an elf in his life as he saw Points was the one in the room with them. He heard a commotion outside as well, but recognized many of the voices. Points came to the two of them, and Uxor looked to Points, who tried to comfort them.*

Points: We're going to get you out of here.

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 7/3/2007 9:44 AM EST : RE: The means and the end (back story)

Posts: 632

*Uxor looked at the floor. Varro had beset, as she knew, to berating her for putting herself in such immediate danger so quickly.*

Uxor: What if this captor of Nero is the same one who set Juryrig upon us?

Varro: THAT is immaterial at this point Ux... I'm not having you galavanting around trying to 'save' everyone. If Nero is captured, if the others are aware and working to do something for it, that is enough.

Uxor: I didn't ask it... they came to me Varro. We're ambassadors, and that is what happens when...

Varro: I don't think you understand what it means to BE an ambassador Ux. There is a difference between an ambassador and a general. You are not a general. It's bad enough that Sho is on trial, but you are not him. Hell, we don't even have that issue resolved, let alone you throwing yourself into this.

Uxor: I cannot stop them coming to me Varro. If I have the resources, I am going to help them.  *seeing him scawf at her reply, she moved to him to touch his face* What happened was horrid. I don't dispute that. But you can't keep me in a bag of holding Varro.

Varro: Is it so wrong to want you to be safe if it is within my power to see it is so?

Uxor: No. But you know that we love one another, and that I will not simply surrender. If you are afraid that I am not coming back... like Endaria... I swear to you that I will fight to return to you always, even if it is from the beyond. I accept much of my fate in the world, but that is one thing I would not accept.

*He seemed somewhat comforted by her words* Varro: You said that you felt I put the Avatar before you once. Now I feel you put the lives of others before yourself even. I know you try to 'balance your karma' or whatever you call it but, there does come a time when you have to watch for yourself Ux. I don't feel like you're doing that right now. What of us? What of our time? We've both done much for the guild... for the city... when is there time for us to have our own rest or peace?

Uxor: Varro, I put nothing before us. To that much so... that it is the reason I must tell you now of Juyrig.

*His expression immediately went more stern, and she breathed, knowing that if she was not careful in her wording that he would immediately dash off to confront Jury once he had awareness to where Jury was being kept.*

Uxor: Juryrig has been captured. He surrendered himself willingly. *she took his hands in hers* and I have seen him.

Varro: WHAT? *she felt his hands tighten on hers* Where? How?

Uxor: Please Varro... just hear my words. Juryrig is awaiting justice. That justice comes from those he offended. Those he offended are you and I. They brought me to him because they felt you would simply kill him...

Varro: *he interjected* 'they brought you'...they who?

*she closed her eyes, knowing that she could keep nothing from him... not because he would force it, but because she could not bare to keep things from him.* Uxor: Deriaz and Jaggie. Don't be angry with them. They just want to get to the bottom of this, and killing off the one person who knows who did this to us is not going to help anything

Varro: *he snarled somewhat* I already KNOW who set this on us...not specifically but...

Uxor: You think you know. I don't trust Mekari. You told me once she is a liar, and to never believe her words. Therefor, I don't believe what she said even now, though I don't entirely understand what she said. If we are going to have answers, we are going to do this the right way Varro.

Varro: Fine. So they took you to him and what did you learn?

Uxor: That he is a pawn, and he knows this. That he is aware that we are not his targets... and his orders were false. And what's more... he is insistant that you and I are the only ones permitted to dispatch justice upon him. He says that it is our right. I respect that wish. I have a feeling however that the others won't be so accepting of that.

Varro: Let them think what they will. If my 'justice' is what that forged wants, then he will receive it!

Uxor: I won't stop you Varro, but please *she held his face in her hands to bring his focus off whatever he was contemplating, and back to her* there is justice, and there is spite. Balance. Karma. Neither you or I have died, and it would be no balance for Juryrig to die either.

Varro: And what if I requested to hurt him? To torment him? To sick Zoltando on him for a few hours? *he raised his brow at her*

Uxor: No. Not Zoltando. If you are going to do this, you will do it yourself. Juryrig is correct when he says that justice should come from you and I. If your decision is to marr him, so be it. He is prepaired, and I cannot and will not stand in the way of your decision.

Varro: Fine! *he gnarled his nose* even better anyway, if I had a mind for such, I would want him to be in my own hands for his punishment. When may I dipatch my sentence on him then?

Uxor: Within moments. But you must allow something first... there is a man who wishes to inspect Juryrig for damage. If he can find no reason to believe Juryrig acted outside his capasity... such as compulsion... we may proceed.

Varro: Oh we will proceed whether he likes it or not. This is not his business. This is between the three of us... you, I, and the warforged. But I will humor your request and allow him to perform the inspection. Just don't expect me to stand down, no matter what he finds.

Uxor: I know Varro. He knows this too. But please permit him the chance. I will feel much better about this if I am positive that Juryrig's actions were his own.

*Varro scawfed once again, but nodded in agreement. He awaited word that they were to set out, and paced around the room, rooting through his things. Uxor did not question him on it... if anything, she was just content that he hadn't demanded that she take him to Juryrig. After some time, she received word that the others had been mostly cleared from the room. Now she had to have faith in Varro... the one she was 'mate' to, as Juryrig had so named her... she had to trust that he would bring justice, and not merely vengence.*

Uxor: They are ready. I will show you where they are, but please do not be upset. Deriaz and Jaggie only want to see things done properly, not by mob rule.

Varro: Fine *he quipped* better this way anyway. I don't want anyone saying I was not justified in what I want, and that I did not go through the proper motions to see this done in a civil manner. Take me there.

*Uxor nodded once he was ready. He wore the shimmering purple robe, and she did raise her brow at it*

Varro: *he noted her eyeing his attire* So they know I'm willing to go through this 'civil.' I don't want them to see me in armor and leap to defense. But I want them to know that they are standing in the way of an ambassador if they decide to try and interfer.

Uxor: I understand. And I will not permit them to interfer, but please don't do anything rash. I don't want to fight them off of you Varro, I really just want this to come to resolution. Everyone has been through enough over it... everyone.

*He nodded and offered his arm to her.* Varro: Best we come as a unified front, but non-threateningly.

Uxor: Agreed. I will take us. *she stroked his arm and allowed her thoughts to drift to happy thoughts of Jaggie's home, of the care that Jaggie and Deriaz had for their forged brother and his well being. She couldn't suppress from Varro her words from the memory...*

Uxor: Deriaz, what is more important, love or friendship?
Deriaz: Well...since I've not had the first, I would definately say the second.
Uxor: Jaggie?
Jaggie: Friendship. You can't have love without friendship...
Uxor: Then you will understand when I say that I cannot prevent what Varro desires, for of him, I have both.
Jaggie: Hai *she nodded in understanding*
Uxor: But pray to your gods or whatever you hold dear that Varro feels the same of me, and will see reason in my words. If you try and stop him however, I will come between you, and you will see where love and friendship fall.

*As she considered these things, Varro had already set to willing them to the location of Jaggie's home, and the two materialized before Deriaz, Juryrig upon the floor, and Dalharil coiled around Juryrig's neck and chest. Uxor pressed her lips ever so slightly, and offered for the first time a thought of prayer. She was not certain if the Avatar could even hear her or cared to, but she thought it anyway.* <Please, if it is within your power to do so, help him make the right choice.>
*No reply came.*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 7/3/2007 10:05 AM EST : RE: The means and the end (back story)

Posts: 632

*Varro glared at Shiningeagle, the dwarf who now stood in his way of delivering that which the warforged deserved.*

Varro: There's no sense repairing something only to have it broken again afterwards *and he moved to the form of Juryrig* Agent Juryrig! *he hoped the words bit into the forged as much as he was biting them out. He hoped that the mere sound of his voice to the forged would be like a blade upon him to begin with. He made his demands of Juryrig.

The first thing he was going to correct was this insistance that Juryrig had in refering to the woman he loved as 'creature.' Creature. A warforged was a 'creature.' He knew that Juryrig would have no concept of that, but he did have concept of position and duty, and he would see to it that Juryrig would always refer to her with the respect she deserved.* ...You will refer to her as Ambassador Uxor....

*Voices in his head further irritated him. Cer calling for help. Zoltando calling for instruction. Varro this, Varro that, help with this, help with that. He was tired of it, and yelled to the voices - whether they could hear him or not - that he was through. Nothing was going to stand between him and his right. This was his right. He had the right to see satisfaction in the matter.

He was a man of words, of diplomacy, of social merit, but battle and doom, the destruction of the world or others...these were not his charge, and he was rather tired of others forcing things upon him as if he could set right the whole of the world. He was Augur. The Augur acted for the Avatar. The Ambassador spoke for fellowship. Neither of these things required that he was to be responsible for the well being of anyone in the first place. 'If they die it is on you' indeed, he would not put up with it.*

<I am not the whipping boy to the city. This WILL wait...> *but he felt that Cer had already shut him out. So be it. That meant he could be left to his right. He'd done enough, and he cared not at this point if blood were upon his hands. Cer's mention to him in his mind that the last time he had 'put off' a matter, Uxor had suffered, only served to infuriate him further. It was because everyone pulled his attention six ways from one point that it had come to that. It was because of his standing now that it had happened to her. It was his fault, and he was putting a stop to it. He was going to stop offering his service as Augur so freely. If people didn't hold him so importantly, Uxor would not be a target. If they could gain nothing by him, then she would be safer of it.*

*He stormed towards Juryrig and continued to lay down his requests. If Uxor was going to let the rest of them drag her down a path of danger, he was at least going to find extra ways to keep her safe.* ... you will protect Ambassador Uxor....

*Juryrig weakly confirmed all that was asked of the forged thus far. Now Varro came to his final satisfaction. He reached into his belongings and pulled out the morning star. It was a bane to constructs, and he knew that it would only take one blow from this weapon to quickly deliver that which he sought* ... and I am going to break your jaw. Then we will be even...

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 7/3/2007 12:04 PM EST : RE: The means and the end (back story)

Posts: 632

*Shiningeagle's request was falling upon deaf ears. So too were the calls of Dalharil, who shrieked with insistance not to harm Juryrig. They were in Varro's way... holding him back... keeping him from doing what he had the right to do. A right granted to him no less by the very being that had wronged him. How much more just could the situation be? 

Shiningeagle emplored Varro for mercy for Juryrig. Mercy... that word inspired terrible wrath in Varro. Mercy...*

Varro: WHERE WAS MY MERCY WHEN MY FINGERS WERE BEING CUT OFF AS I WATCHED HIM CUTTING AWAY HUNKS OF UXOR'S LEG!! *he was on the verge of turning his words into a true weapon. This was his right. This was his justice. He would not be turned aside from it by do-good outsiders sticking their nose where it did not belong, in a matter that was sheerly in agreement by both the victim and offender. He had the mace poised above his head for the strike upon Juryrig* MOVE!

*Dalharil scrambled to put herself in the path of the hit, while Shiningeagle insisted upon being permitted to take the hit in Juryrig's place*

Varro: This is not your affair! This is between me, and the forged! What's say next time I'm watching the woman I love being tormented, that someone stand in to replace then, hm? *he saw Uxor coming inbetween the mess of this, and he awaited what she would say. Agreeing with him. She emplored for Shiningeagle to stand down, and he felt somewhat empowered by her words that this WAS within his right to ask. He hadn't asked to kill the forged. He hadn't asked to mutilate it so far as he and Uxor had both endured. Even his request, painful though it would be to the forge, could be repaired. He'd half a mind to request that Juryrig be set to a vow of silence to make up for being the cause of Uxor having broken her vow. All this he could have asked, but he was not, and yet they looked upon him as if he were the incarnation of evil on earth.... looked at him as if it were not within reason for him to ask this. He heard more noise behind all of them, and saw Juryrig pulsing with energy. Uxor saw it too, explaining to Shining that Juryrig would prevent them all from stopping this. Juryrig would kill himself to try and allow Varro his 'justice.' Nothing short of a command from Varro or Uxor themselves would stop this*

Shiningeagle: Then Varro had better change his request!

*Varro's eyes narrowed at that. Others were to be the one to decide how this would be ended? His whole being shivered with utter ire at this dwarf, and his words came out with unrelenting malice and intent*

Varro: I will watch that warforged die before I will see my request denied. I will not be denied my justice. Now move!

*Shiningeagle threw up his arms and howled with curses at Varro, and all manner of ill wish, and Varro spat at the notion. Who was he to have any say in this matter beyond what He and Juryrig agreed to. He could very well have just killed Juryrig and have been rid of the trouble in the first place. But Uxor was correct... neither of them had died in the ordeal. This request was not out of the realm of reason, it was simply karma! That was Uxor's word for all creation, karma! THIS was karma! To be put to the justice of one you had wronged. Juryrig had shattered his jaw, and removed Varro's capasity to speak, and to endure the same was not beyond reason!*

*Uxor slid aside from Varro's path. There remained only Dalharil, clinging to the forged. Varro held the weapon aloft over them, starting down at her* MOVE!

*Dalharil clinged to Juryrig all the more furverently. He heard the forged trying to coax her off, telling her that this was right, that 'Minstrel Varro Velox' needed to give 'justice.' Varro stared down at the pair of them and his fist clenched on that morningstar so hard he was losing sensation in that hand. His good hand. The one good hand that this 'creature' had left for him. Images of the torment he had endured came to him readily, almost muting the flow of his Augur images. The joy of the world was being masked by the memory of Uxor's voice crying out his name, begging Juryrig for mercy on Varro's behalf. He stood over Juryrig with the weapon, and he watched Dalharil staring at him.*

*He stared back at her. She looked at him with determination not to move. Fine. He would strike them both. It was not as if she hadn't been warned, asked nicely, asked LESS nicely, and still if she was to be stubborn about this, it was her own doing.*
*The weapon hung in the air, awaiting him to dispatch justice. This was his right. Nothing stood between him and resolution. He stared at Dalharil with an expression meant to show her... he was not going to relent. She could not stop this. He was right, and he would NOT back down. He was not afraid to take her out in the process if she would not move. She still sat there, staring at him. The scene of Uxor's torture kept playing to him again and again - his eyes involuntarily shifted to Uxor as he loomed over the forge and tiny cleric at his feet -  and the more he stared at Dalharil, the more one moment kept coming to him again....

<I will give you my soul, I will give up being Augur, I will do anything you ask, just please help her.>

and Uxor, begging for Juryrig to take her instead of him. Watching. Watching her and wanting nothing more than to stop it for her. Knowing that to watch him being subjected to his pain was more distress than all the fire, acid, blade, and all other things being done to her body... she was still calling his name over all of it. Her was Dalharil... watching him. Watching what he was going to do to her friend. Watching and being unable to change what was going to happen, but wanting more than anything for it to stop.

This was his right
This was justice
This was karma
This was balance
This was fair and agreed upon

Varro's arm came down, his white fist clenching the weapon, and the construct bane morning star passing through the air, to dangle at his side.*

Varro: *he practically muttered it as he stared at Dalharil* Why won't you move...

*Dalharil finally spoke* You know that it's wrong.

Varro: No. I just know how it feels.

*He let go of the weapon. It fell to his feet with a clatter, and he stared at the little cleric with her forged friend. There were still things he could ask of Juryrig that would give him a sense of contentment.* Agent Juryrig, you will protect Cleric Dalharil. And you will find out who hired you, why, and report this to me.
*He looked to Uxor, who had closed her eyes and breathed a long exhail of relief. She went to Juryrig and Dal's side, as the forged was in need of help now. Her eyes came to Varro just for a moment, but it was enough for him to know that she was pleased by his choice. Tenatively he reached out to his Augur images to look for happiness from her. He found it, and held to it a moment before speaking to her through these means.*

Varro: <You're trying to make a good person out of me yet, aren't you?>
Uxor: <I am trying nothing, this is your doing my love. I can't say I'm not happy though. Thank you.>
Varro: <I did it for you. I wanted for you what Dal now has for Juryrig. For it to stop.>
Uxor: <Then you gave me what I wanted for you too. Will you help him?>
Varro: <...yes. Dalharil saved you. I have what I want, and I will help her.>

*Uxor tended Juryrig, but very frequently her eyes came to Varro during their ordeal. She knew her love for him was re-enforced by his decision, and she knew such overwhelming happiness that he had put aside his revenge for her. She felt completely and utterly safe with him at last.*

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