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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Announcement: Rare Art Sale
538808375_Inactive (Applicant) 7/4/2007 7:08 AM EST : Announcement: Rare Art Collection For Sale

Posts: 138

Don't miss the chance of a lifetime! 

Largest public sale of largest, private warforged art collection!
Don't be left behind in this fast growing genre of rare warforged created art!
Collectors of warforged art will tell you the market is HOT HOT HOT! 
Your investment now will reap a bounty in the future!

Over thirty years of artistic work on sale now!

Examples of rare warforged artwork:

Detailedcarvings depicting units of the last war!  Perfect for placing in analtar as remembrence to those loved ones you have lost.  All fivenations represented including several intricate depictions of eliteunits!  Feel the need to replay old battles?  Now you can, from thecomfort of your own home!

Figurines and statuettes of everyrace, including rare species!   Always wanted a displacer beast withoutall the worry?  Now you can!  Miss that little waif of an elf thatbroke your heart.. just set her right on your bedside table and dreamaway! 

Minature fountains!  Masterwork handicraft that rivalsthat of creations of Zilargo!  Rarest of all warforged art, as itcombines both art and function!  The working gears will astound you andthe gentle sounds of water will send you into deep relaxation.

Don'tlike statues and fountains?  NO PROBLEM!  Some of the rarest pieces weoffer to date are warforged created aritistic sketches, diagrams andeven notebooks!  Realistic drawings of warforged and argonths justwaiting to decorate you home and bring you a significant investment forthe future!  Treasure hunter?  Rare maps and diagrams outliningpassages and traps! We have it all!


Location:  Cerulean Hills
Admittance through registery only! 
Interested parties and institutions contact:
Sprue of Redstone Imports via House Sivis or Orien post

538808375_Inactive (Applicant) 7/4/2007 7:22 AM EST : RE: Announcement: Territorial Estate For Sale!

Posts: 138


Don't miss your chance to carve out your own piece of paradise in the Cerulean Hills!  Fresh on the market, this small estate will bring you and your family enjoyment in years to come!

Cozy yet spacious cabin, 1300 sq.ft with territorial views of the Cerulean vinyards and Stormreach Harbor.   Three bedrooms, art studio, lounge, built in bar, sunken basement and root and wine cellar offer amenities that many find dificult to purchase inside the City.  Far enough from the hustle and bustle of the port to provide beauty and relaxation, yet close enough to keep you active in the budding metropolis close by!  Within walking distance to waterfalls, woods and ancient shrines!

Situated on 50 acres, this cabin is a one of a kind.  Talenta style furnishings add that exotic flavor to your bland city diet.  Full windows provide ample lighting even during the darkest days.  Hum yourself to sleep or relaxation, as local bards pass by in the night... gentle lutes strumming softly.  Idyllic paradise! 

This dazzling retreat can be yours!

Contact:  Sprue of Redstone Imports via House Sivis or Orien post
This estate will move fast! 


Guargouille (Associate) 7/4/2007 11:57 PM EST : RE: Announcement: Rare Art Collection For Sale

Dalharil (DDO Anonymous)

Posts: 371

Mutter, grumble,
"Daggum persnickety... I find outs who dun done puts meh out on dat Fellowship doorstep"..
grumble... complain...
"They'uns bettah jes waitins I's a goin find meh sumbuddy wotcher goins makin them'uns changin they mind.. lessee how them'uns likes... er huh?"
(reads Sprue's ad, recalls Juryrig's fondness for water statuary in particular, and thinks it would be fine as kobold hairs to gift it to Juryfrog when he feels better.. scrawls a quick note to Sprue)
I wants dat art, yep. How much?
Thinking about art has her thinking again about Jury which progresses to plans of reinfiltrating the forge, which in turn takes her back around to sussing out who, among all the people she's met since coming to Stormreach, would be best suited to helping her get back in. After discarding several unlikely candidates, her mind turns to a biggun cleric that had been helping her learn new ways to use soup mix (Mushroom powder and Saffron), and the talent that there lady had with persuading people around to her way of thinking... Surely Big Mama Oomama could find a way to talk them past the guards. (diplomacy 39 unbuffed)
(runs off to find Uamhas and get back in to Juryrig, cuz she was getting more than a little worried)
Just call me Uma.
Uamhas, Dalharil, Solonora, Avuna, Tyrynyn, Oloth, and more...
View My Dragons


the truthseeker (Applicant) 7/5/2007 1:25 AM EST : RE: Announcement: Rare Art Collection For Sale

the truthseeker
Posts: 107

Cerulean still felt low for the "choice" Jaggie had made.

He couldn't even think about it now. That unfolding  and its next chapter would have to wait.

He needed a new home. While the Twelve approved Cerulean's staying in the Portable Hole after the proprietor mistakenly promised he could stay if he came back under his own power, things hadn't gotten better, and this was not a good thing to keep burning. Anyway, the space he had was running out of room, and he could use a better lab area.
Cerulean got the Xen'Drik Events morning paper, then started reading the advertisement about art...

Something familiar about the description...but remember, a home first.

He stopped reading the ad halfway and turned to the property section where he reads the home for sale Cerulean Hills no less!

Perfect, let's see what we...why do I recognize this description...Ohhh Sprue, what have you done now?

He flips back to the art sale...and recognizes its description as to who exactly this "artist" is. He hopes what makes art appreciate doesn't happen to the artist; enough has been done already as it is.

For a moment, he pondered talking to Sprue...again. Trying to see if this could be settled: her drinking, her pain, her accusations with no descriptions....
But he decided...
She wants to run or hide or be told to move, it's her decision. I was left for broken because I tried to save her last time from that...clone and she nearly killed herself. Still treated me like a common criminal. If she wants to run, let her. Short of her ending her life, nothing she can do now to her is worse than what she already did. I nearly...did what she did in the Phoenix Tavern, but willingly...but better she run than stop altogether and stop living as well.

Cerulean Wrote a reply to the offer sent by Orien post.

Dear Sprue:

Hopefully you are doing well. I want to purchase your estate. Whatever  cost not beyond reason I will be glad and happy to settle. As I will need to move soon, the quicker the better. 

Cerulean Blue Shadow

PS, you may want to update any future descriptions with a disclaimer  talking to the bugbear bards is potentially fatal.  

ShiningEagle (Member) 7/5/2007 3:13 AM EST : RE: Announcement: Rare Art Collection For Sale

Shiningeagle (Thelanis)

Posts: 159

"Flaming Halfling!  When I get a hold of her, I will..."

Furious thoughts clouded Eagle's mind.  Trying to find decent estates is a difficult enough process, but finding one and having the owner hand it over to another buyer right there, without so much as a negotiation, was just plain insulting.

In his anger, his thoughts drifted, and he at once forgot about the house.

"Damn, I almost forgot, I have to go see to Juryrig."

With a few reptilian words, he faded from the Creulean hills, on his way to the Archmage of Phiarlian, before making his trip to the forge.

Characters: ShiningEagle StrongBrow

538808375_Inactive (Applicant) 7/5/2007 5:02 AM EST : RE: Announcement: Territorial Estate SOLD!!!

Posts: 138


Congratulations to the new owner of what is certainly the most prized estate in the Cerulean Hills, Ms. J. Jutebox.  Being the first respondent, Ms. Jutebox sucessfully negotiated her way into the lap of luxury!  Have a property you are thinking of buying or selling?  Let Redstone imports do the work, and after a small commision, you reap the benefits!

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