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Ericnox (Member) 11/19/2009 8:12 PM EST : Start of a bad day
Posts: 93

(This is the the start of a semi long story. Jhori and I have been working on it a lot over PMs... So please enjoy and do not try to rush things too much.)

Eric stood up slowly, holding his head and opening his eyes. "Son of a..."

A woman stepped out of the shadows, a cruel smile on her face. "Hello there Ericnox. Welcome to Khyber. Shall we get underway? The master wants to see you."

His eyes focus on the woman and he sees her true form, a demoness, a succubi of all things. He staggered a bit and remembered what happened to him. The red light forming behind him, followed by that huge hand wrapping about his body. The look of horror and loss on Jhorikos face as he was taken away.

"Come on now. Don't try anything stupid... We would hate to see a soul like yours get consumed before it was time." She said, walking away slowly.

Eric growled softly and started to walk behind her, his blade on his back as he looked around this nightmareish place. A stone palace seemed to rise out of the red stone in the distance, and a group of guards circled around them as they walked.

"Commander Epapah. A surpise to see you out and about." On the demons said as they walked.

"Why would I trust just you Abxpar to lead this soul to our master? After all... It was my minion who corrupted him."

Eric's mind raced as he looked to each demon, trying to identify each one. Two Babau, one Vrock, and a Succubus.

"Stop that right now Ericnox... You could take us if you had your paladin powers... But it seems that time has passed. Right now, you are pretty much powerless and lacking any real ability." Epapah said.

He grit his teeth and walked slowly with them, looking to the ground and closing his eyes. It didn't take them long at all to end up in the Stone Castle. Sitting in a chair was something Eric didn't expect to see at all.

"Ahh... There he is. Ericnox Shattersoul. We have had our eyes on you for a long time." The figure said, standing up with a grin.

It was a Glabrezu, surrounded by members from the Cult of a Dragon Below. Several of them moved away from the demon as he stood up.

"Welcome to your new home Blackguard. You broke your contract, so you belong to me now. And trust me, I'm going to make every use of the power infused in your body that I can..."

The demon walked past him and laughed softly. "You have done well though. Up to the point of breaking your contract that is. Now then. Go and rest, a room has been set up for you in my palace. Take the rest while you can... I'm going to be sending you on a mission soon... Very soon."

One of the Cult members walked up to Eric and smiled wide. "Follow me Blackguard Shattersoul." He said, motioning behind him as he limped down the hallway.

Eric followed, his eyes on the paintings are hung up. Paintings of battle, most of them showing nothing but pure carnage. A door at the end of the hallway opened up and showed a rather dark natured room. The bed rested upon twisted iron, and the walls had spikes along the floor. The cultist slinked away and closed the door.

Eric pulled out a chair near the desk, brushing away anything that might have been on the seat. He sat down and leaned his head against the desk. "What... Have I done?"

As Eric closed his eyes, making his attempt at some rest, another door opened within Eric's home. Out stepped a succubus, holding a rolled up scroll and a smile on her face as she moved towards the bedroom, knowing Jhori would be there soon.

She dropped down on the bed and smiled wide. "Mmmmm... He has good taste... Very good taste indeed."

The rooms were still mostly empty.  Jhorikos’ boots made a slight echoing sound off the stone walls as she walked through the rented apartment.  She deposited her weapon, a finely made scimitar, and a steel tower shield in the corner.  Her armor was dirty. She began stripping pieces of it off, leaving it in a heap of blood-spattered mithral Her crumpled leather jerkin was dirty… as was her shirt.  It used to be white, Jhori noted.  It was so stained from dust it looked yellow.  She removed her boots as well, intent on not taking blood into her bedroom.
"Gods, I need a bath.”  She breathed and rubbed the back of her sore neck.  The drow walked barefoot across the cool stone floor and opened the bedroom door, “Ericnox?”  She asked, spying the corner of the fine four-poster bed.  It had arrived!  “Are you home?”

The Succubus sat up and made a half hearted attempt to cover herself. "You're not Ericnox!" She called, a grin forming on her face. Her left hand held a scroll tube, and she looked like a dark plan in her eyes. "And here I was expecting another wonderful adventure on this bed with him... Oh well..." She said, standing up and looking over the mostly stripped woman. "And who might you be?" She asked in a dark tone of voice.

Reflexively Jhori’s fist closed hard and the knuckles of two of her fingers cracked audibly.  “Demon!”  She hissed, “Where is Ericnox?  By all the Gods of the Host, I will tear your eyes from their sockets!”  

"Oh! Such a sweet threat coming from the woman he wants as a bride... Now I see why he likes you." She smiled and opened the scroll case slowly, opening the paper with in showing it to her. It was a contract of some kind, with Eric's name at the bottom. A large stamp was at the top and bottom of it. 'Contract Void Due to Breach' was the stamp. "Ericnox is with us..." She said softly, eyeing the woman.

It took great effort for the drow to stop the shaking of her hands.  Her eyes roamed over the contract.  Is this why he had been so evasive when she questioned him about being a blackguard?  For a long time, Jhoi had ignored this fact… as if it might just go away if she did.  Again, she considered killing the succubus outright with her bare hands.  That would likely not get her love back, however.  “Wh… where have you taken him?”  

"Me? Besides on a wild lust filled ride though a bedroom? No where. The Master and the Mistress however... Different story all together. He is in their Castle in the darkest depths of Khyber itself. Mmm... His cries of lust and pain pulled together in sweet echos though the castle... Mmm! You picked a good man... Very good." She said with a wide smile, holding the contract out to her. "This is what you sent him to Khyber for isn't it? Knowledge..."

“You are liar!”  The drow’s hands began shaking again.  “Ericnox would not willingly betray me!”  Jhorikos knew in her the back of her mind that if a succubus took her mate that he might likely already be dead.  Human males were particularly susceptible to the charm spells of the succubi.  In all likelihood it would have been a favorable to death to falling in battle.  The drow shook her head fast to clear the thought from her mind.  

"Oh you poor thing. You seem so set on having his heart. And even if you do have it, to what end? His body and soul are in Khyber. What could a child like you hope to do at this phase of things?" She asks, setting down the contract and smiling wide. "Human minds are so weak... The Mistress will probably have him turned into nothing more then a machine of lust and fighting inside of a month. But... What are you going to do in an attempt to stop this hmmm? Charge into Khyber and save him? We would be presenting your zombie body to him then..." She laughed softly and played with her horn for a moment.

The demon woman’s remark was enough to snap Jhori’s control of her senses.  With a snarl she lunged herself forward, bringing her hands up at a lung for the succubi’s throat.  “Die bitch!”

The woman tries to move back, but it stopped by the bed. Her eyes go wide as Jhori's hands wrap around her throat. She does her best to fight away, a look of fear in her eyes.

 A guttural growl escaped Jhori’s mouth through her barred teeth as she allowed her momentum push the succubus backward onto the bed, her knee came up immediately to rest dead center in the demon’s chest.  “WHERE IS HE!!!!”

She coughed heavily and her nails dug into the bedsheets. "Khyber! I told you! Khyber!" She cried out, her eyes starting to well up with tears as the life was choked out of her slowly. "Please! He is in Khyber!"

“Where!”  Jhori’s face was very close to the demon’s, “Khyber is a big place!  Tell me where to start looking and I will let you live.”

She gasped for air, her hands relaxing some. "Red Stone Fields! In the Castle of Black Blood!" She called out, her eyes closing tightly and her face looking away.

“Where!”  Jhori’s face was very close to the demon’s, “Khyber is a big place!  Tell me where to start looking and I will let you live.”

She gasped for air, her hands relaxing some. "Red Stone Fields! In the Castle of Black Blood!" She called out, her eyes closing tightly and her face looking away.

Slowly, the drow forced herself away from the succubus.  “Leave… or I will kill you.  If you harm him, I will kill you, if I see you again…” She narrowed her eyes at the succubus, “you get the idea.”  

She coughed into her hand and stood up slowly, looking to the contract still on the floor and shivering a bit. She snapped her fingers and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Jhorikos sank to the floor, she began to shake and sob softly.  She prayed, “Oh Sweet Dol Dorn, protect him.  Keep him alive.  Guide my sword, allow me the strength to find him and bring him back into the path of light….. the Nine are One,” she marked the floor in the shape of the Shism, and stood up.  There would be no time or need for creature comforts now.  Jhori dawned her filthy armor and stuffed her bag with as many travel rations as she could find.  She could not do this alone, she knew.  She would need help.  Jhorikos walked out of her apartment and headed in the direction of the Phoenix Tavern.  She would need as much help as she could get, and Ericnox had loyal friends there.  

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Ericnox (Member) 11/26/2009 12:13 AM EST : RE: Start of a bad day, part 2!
Posts: 93

"Knight Shattersoul! The Master wishes to see you! Open up at once!" A voice called, followed by the sounds of a fist upon the heavy wooden door way.

Eric opened the door and looked at the angry female who was on the other side. "I have been at the door for five mi-" She started to talk, her words cut off by a sharp elbow to the chin.

"Did I tell you that you could talk to me?! Did I?!" He screamed at the woman.

Less then a day and Eric was already on edge, but he figured, if he wanted to make it though all this alive, he would need to at least fit his role. He pushed past the woman who was holding her mouth and shaking her head. In the main chamber was the Demon.

"Ahh. There you are. Welcome back. I have a task for you. I would send someone else, but... You seem more amusing for it. So. I need you to take a few of my subjects and enter a small cave near by. While inside, kill everyone. Dismissed."

The Demons turned his head and returned his gaze to the woman dancing. Eric huffed softly and walked off, shaking his head as several members of the Cult gathered around him.

"Sir Shattersoul. Welcome to our little group." One said.

A second voice followed. "I hope you can take order like the trash you are. I'm in charge from here on out. Lets move out. On foot."

This was an orc, or could be, maybe... Eric walked with them, his eyes darting around to the landscape. Taking in every feature he could, looking for some way to escape. The group stopped, the Orc moved to Eric and looked down at him.

"Listen here filthy human. I'm in command of this group. You will follow my orders. If you show even the smallest hint of trying to escape, I will kill you myself."

Eric smiled a bit at the man. "Is that so? Think you have what it takes?"

The Orc started to laugh but was cut short, his black blood leaking onto the floor from the blade that had sunken into his chest.

"Trash can be dangerous... Now can't it?" Eric whispered to the Orc, forcing his blade down and to the left.

The body of the Orc fell to the stone floor, a smile on Eric's face. "Shall we keep going? I wish to sleep in a few hours."

The group looked at him in shock, then shook it off and started on their way once more. It didn't take long to reach the cave, a small gold mine that had been taken care of by kobolds. It was like walking though water for Eric. It took less then an hour to clear out everyone. Eric returned to the keep and then to his room. He locked the door and then braced something against it, to keep it from opening if he didn't want it too.

"Jhori... Stay calm... I will be home as soon as I figure all this out." He said softly, shaking his head and soon falling asleep.

**************************** A Look Inside: Dream of Ericnox ***************************

Darkness... All consuming Darkness. Eric was standing in the center of it. Laughter all around him, as if mocking him and his standing.

The darkness seemed to flee, shattered and melted at the same time. Such radiance. The light was almost scolding. A woman stood before him, sheathed in a holy light that obscured his sight of her.

"Jhori?" He asked in a warped tone, like time itself was fragmented.

The woman shook her head and set her weapon on her shoulder. A Halberd... Full plate... His eyes focused more. Slightly pointed ears, bright full plate.

"Do you know who I am yet Ericnox Shattersoul?" The figure asked, the tone was sweet, her words seemed to peel away the darkness alone.

"Yes... I do..." He said, taking a slow step forward. "You... Are Dol Arrah... Of the Host."

The woman smiled and nodded her head. "Good... Good... I'm not lost to you then. Being able to see me... To hear me... And even approach me is a good sign for you. Rise now Ericnox Shattersoul. Soon I shall help you... Soon."

The darkness seemed to slowly move back in, only a flicker of light remained, encased in a crystal.


"Ericnox! Awaken! You are being summoned to the main chambers once more! Awaken!" A male voice this time.

Eric was already up, finishing off one of his rations, not trusting the food he was given.

"Silence or I shall cut out your tongue and feed it to you!" He shouted, opening his door suddenly.

The man staggered back, his eyes wide with fear.

Eric was in full battle gear, weapon in hand. He spoke in almost a whisper. "Repent..." Was the only word he said.

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Ericnox (Member) 12/1/2009 11:29 PM EST : RE: Start of a bad day, part 2!
Posts: 93

"Repent..." That one word echoed in the man's ears.

Not for long, but for long enough to for him to be surprised by the blade passing though his chest. Eric pushed the body off his blade and started on his path. Each guard looking to him in almost pure terror as Eric moved though the halls.

"Stop him!" A woman called, Eric's face contorting as everything just broke. The dam holding back the ocean of hate shattering.

"Nothing shall stop me!" He called, taking a step forward and then charging the human guard.

His blade tore though them like they had been nothing more the wet cloth. His eyes filled with divine fury. Each step seemed to show how pissed off he was.

The first door, this one would be the easiest, no one would be ready. He leaned back and kicked in the door, it blasting open and his eyes widening. "Son of a.."

They had already mounted a counter assult against him. The Lord of Khyber was already waiting for him.

"Seize him! But don't kill him! I want his torture to be slow and painful!" The demon called, several people already starting to chant.

The world seemed to go black...

(short post is short, more to come soon.)

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Ericnox (Member) 12/4/2009 10:54 PM EST : RE: The plan! Rescue in the Heart of Khyber!
Posts: 93

Valeiru sits in the corner of the tavern seemingly having a silent conversation with his bow, Lilliannah sitting next to him, simply watching as Jhori crusts into the Phoenix Tavern, her eyes darting around in a frantic natue.

“Lilly dove.. tell him that he cant possibly have done that alone....he is a bow for cryin' out loud” Vale says with a chuckle.

Lilliannah giggles quietly “I dunno, love...“

“Gah well...” He allows his palm to once more meet his face. “Here i am having an argument with a bow....”

Lilliannah nods and giggles once more. “I wasn't going to question.”

Valeiru looks up and spots Jhori, a look of worry crossing his features. “Jhorikos! Where have ye been?! I've been lookin fer ye everywhere!”

“I have been looking for YOU brother!!!” She cried out, almost in a panic. ”Ericnox has been,. taken... by demons! DEMONS!”

Valeiru spoke in an even tone. “We know...”

Lilliannah watches on, worried thoughts pressing into her mind.

Valeiru pulled out a seat for Jhori. “Have a seat....and tell us what you know so will be alright I promise.”

“How did you find out?”  She grits her teeth  “A bitch of a demoness came to my house...  I nearly...I should have killed her...”  

“A young cleric told me... I went to the house and it had been trashed... Demoness?... Are ye alright?” He hugs Lilli close out of reflex.

Jhorikos sits down and grits her teeth once. “I am fine... we can talk about my mental condition when we get Ericnox back...”

Valeiru nods and looks to Lilliannah. “Are you alright love?”

:The she demon told me... he was in Red Stone Fields in the Castle of Black Blood...” Jhori said with a frown.

Valeiru holds lilli in closer not wanting to let her go, fear creeping back into his mind. “...Black...blood..castle...”

Jhorikos nods her head slowly. Her face turns serious, a deadly glint in her eyes. “Kyber is far away...”
Valeiru sighs softly and nods. “I know how far it be and even worse... tha castle isn't easy ter get ta if " He" Don want ye there...”

Jhorikos sighs deeply. “It will not be easy...  but.. I wont lie, I can't do this by myself... I had already solicited help from another source.”

Valeiru nods and looks to Lilliannah. :We are already prepared to go at any time. Right love?”

Lilliannah smiles softly and nods. “Yes. Yes of course. We are.”

Valeiru hugs her closer and kisses her on the cheek. “That's my wonderful Am kua.” He then turns back to Jhori. “Another source?”

Lilliannah giggles and blushes, shoving at him with one hand. “Vale...!”

Valeiru chuckles at Lilli and then once more speaks to Jhori. “Jhori....What other source?”

“Oh...” She looks ashamed by this question. “I don't want to tell you.”

“Dinnae worry bout what it is... I just need to know so I know who be helpin is all... I trust yer judgment and all.” He said to her, smiling a bit as he spoke.

Jhorikos sighed deeply and looked to the ground. “I went to Ginafay... I did not think would speak to me...  but she did.”

“Aye?” He asked with a rare raised eyebrow.

“She offered me the use of my old gear... Nice of her.. And a bit of coin for the journey.  You can understand that her husband does not want to talk to or with me or help me.. Ever...”   
Valeiru laughs softly. “Aye I know tha whole story...”

Jhorikos shrugs a bit.

“Ye see....I was the man he hired ter find out what was goin on when it all started... I never told him a damn thing.. Tha was nice of Gina ter help ye out like tha.” He said with a slick smile on his face.

“I know. I'm glad for it.” She said with a sigh.

“So...What are we to do?” Lilliannah asked in her normal soft voice.

Jhorikos grinned ear to ear, murderous intent in her eyes as she spoke. “We go to Khyber and  we kill EVERYTHING!”

Vales' bow chimes in, rather happily at that.  “Everything in Kybher!....I like how this woman thinks!”

“I mean everything Vale.. No one left standing, no one to tell the tale...” She said.  

Valeiru nodded to her. “Aye i know...Tha's what Karas is here for.....He was supposed to be kept locked away until my ascension. But this is an occasion that requires his aid... When we get there... I may have a friend waiting... I can't guarantee he is even alive still but we may have a
way to get close to the gates with minimal alarm... We will want to get Eric out of there before the large fights begin...”

Jhorikos and Lilliannah both nod, knowing full well that it would be bad to be attacked at a stage where Eric was injured.

Valeiru bit his lip a moment and then looked to Lilliannah a moment. “Did Eric talk to you about a strange dream he had before he was taken Jhori?”

Jhorikos shook her head. “No he did not...”

“Hmmm...” He turns to Lilli. “Love do you think its important at this stage?”

Jhorikos looked to Vale, pleading with him. “Please.. I want to know, don't hide something from me.”

Lilliannah nodded her head. “I think she has the right to know either way, but yes. It is important.”

Valeiru nodded in return, taking in a deep breath. “Alright... Well shortly before he was taken...he told me an Lilli about a dream he had.. about a lady warrior bathed in a golden glow weilding a halberd... sheathed in pure light it felt. Simply melting away the shadows around him. We figured this woman to be Dol arrah...”

Jhorikos nods slowly, a smile forming on her lips. “It makes sense...”

“If I'm going in the right path....He is being smiled upon by her. In the paladin sense. Hmm...Well anyway...When should we leave?” He asked, smiling a bit.

Lilliannah sits back, thinking about things that happened recently as Vale started to rub her shoulders.

Jhorikos grinned at them. “Soon... Tomorrow?  I think we can get passage easily off of Xen'drick immediately. Getting farther will be tricky. What do you think?”

Valeiru smiles. “Well....My coffers are at your money is no issue.”

“Good... that is the ONE thing we have enough of...  wait.. do you think we can charter an airship?” She asked, tapping her cheek a second.

“Aye. nay a problem at all.”

Jhorikos looks at him. “It would be expensive... Perhaps 100,000 gold at the very least.”

Valeiru chuckles a bit. “I'll have the Coin Lords pull out a few diamonds from my personal vault. That should cover it.”

She adjusts the blade at her side and nodded.  “It's settled then.” 

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Ericnox (Member) 12/6/2009 11:37 PM EST : RE: The plan! Rescue in the Heart of Khyber!
Posts: 93

The gateway to Khyber, Stonework doors that have seen countless years of wear from the elements. Just beyond the door is the ancient tunnels, the stone here red from blood and the natural pigment. Luckly, this is the area you all have been seeking... Unluckly, this place is massive, and the fortress could be anywhere. This way is bound to be covered in monsters, traps, and other things only Nightmares can tell.

Valeiru stops just short of the gate unconsciously and mutters under his breath. “Into the maw of despair once more...”

Lilliannah stands with her hand on the head of her mace, silent as her eyes look into the depths before her.

Jhorikos smiled and looked to Vale. “Vale, I think you should go first... you know... for safety's sake.  I would normally throw a dwarf down a dark tunnel, but we seem to be out of those.”

Lilliannah smiles but can't quite get a giggle out, all this far too serious.
“Aye...” He says as he takes a deep breathe and knocks an arrow into Karras who hums happily as he steps into Khyber, silent as a panther.

Fires raged across this area, ever burning seige weapons, heavily damaged barricades and few broken towers. Only one stands in the distance, a tower made of wood and leather, set up with a stone looking base. The smell of blood is soaked into the air, the ground almost feels soft from the countless years of battle for control.

Valeiru looked around slowly, his eyes fully ablaze with the power of the Silver Flame, scanning for anything hidden near by. He waves to Jhori and Lilliannah, signaling it was face to enter the cave thus far. Jhori moved in first, followed soon after by Lilliannah, her eyes locked on Vale, making sure everything was ok.

A soft glow grew from Jhori's chaoticly aligned blade. Once, long ago, another warrior tried to teach her how to insult demons.  She had forgotten the strange words since then.  She would have to rely on her insults in common to try and make the enemies attack her.

“Lilli love. Would you bless us before we step any further? I am prepared for healing and restoration this day.” Vale asked in a soft voice.

A cry echoes it way though the cavern, distance and faint, followed by a laugh of some creature, much closer then and cruel sounding. The tower itself shows signs of life, movement up top by one being, maybe two at the most.

Lilliannah nods and thinks for a moment, then says a few words to Dol Dorn, asking for strength and the courage to carry on this mission.

“To Dol Dorn.” Jhori mutters, her arm tightened inside the strap of her tower shield, looking up. Her entire body is tense and she flanks Vale.
Valeiru closes his eyes and receives the blessing, listening as the shrill scream echos the cavern.
Lilliannah takes her mace out of her belt and holds it defensively, ready for whatever may jump out at them.

“That tower will at least give a sense of direction... Lets head to it” Vale said as he slowly shipped into the shadows, seeming to meld with them as he walked.

Jhorikos, however, makes no attempt to hide herself, in fact, she walks rather defiantly. Her armor glinting the flames that are around her.

Lilliannah looks at Jhori. “I'll take up the back?”

Jhorikos nods to Lilli. “Please stay low and try not draw attention to yourself unless you have to.  Vale and I will see blood before you do... just make sure my wounds sew themselves eh?”  

Lilliannah nods, then follows, a little hesitantly, keeping her Elven senses more than alert and seeking out the nearby danger.

As they approach the tower, a pair could be seen under it, chain devils it looks like, seeing as they are covered from head to toe in metal, the chains seeming to move and writhe across the creatures body. They had some form of meat cooking over a fire, bloody armor and rags litter the place.

Jhorikos whispers. “Vale, see if you can draw them back... They may not be alone.”

Vale focuses his mind, suppressing his aura as far as he could, knocking another arrow to join the first and nods to Jhori. Letting the two arrows loose aimed at the more distracted of the two creatures head.

The first arrow sinks in, passing right by the chains on it's head, biting into the target and causing it to simply slump down, falling with a thud. The second arrow bit into wall, missing by inches. The second Devil looked up, letting out a battle cry and charging them.

Jhorikos screams and moves out to meet the devil. “Bow to your better demon!!”

The demon closes the gap quickly, chain in the air, quite seeming to ignore her order to bow down. He took a swing at her with his chain, grinning a dark smile as he did. "Die mortal!"

Jhori's tower shield is braced hard against her and she leads with it instead of her weapon.  She moves forward hard with a growl, her shield connecting with the demon with a rather harsh impact. The demon recoiled from the bow, not expecting the shield to used in that manner at all. He growled and whipped his chain down at Jhori, aiming for her weapon arm.

Jhorikos buckled up beneath her shield, waiting for the blow to pass so she could try to kill the demon. The blow skimmed over her shield, a moment after a warning bell could be heard going off, from inside of the tower. The demon laughed and took a half step back.

Valeiru took notice of the bell and knocked two more arrows readying them and looking to the door of the tower for anymore demons.

Jhorikos' mouth dropped slightly open in reaction to the demon's laugh and the warning bell “Oh Shite...”

She mutters a quick prayer for safety and raises her mace a little higher, standing defensively, waiting for the demons to come to her. The flames flickering around her and her armor shining with a light.

The first demon resumed its attack, swinging once more in an aim to hit Jhori, the other one headed towards Vale, its weapon raised high and ready to strike at the human. Jhori ducked under the blade and as soon as the chain was clear she raised her chaotic longsword, its pinkish hues illuminated her face as she brought it around in an arc, slashing at the demon across the chest. “Rawwwwwwr!!!!!”

Vale lets loose his knocked arrows at the beast directed for his chest and pulls out a shimmering dagger with his now free hand. The chains where frail, both the arrow and the sword cutting into them and dropping them both like dolls. Their battles from before probably weakened them, judging my the blood everywhere, it couldn't be too long ago.

“Go back to hell,” she said as she stomped what she thought might be the slain creature’s face.  

Valeiru sheathed his dagger and rose from his crouched position “Well that was.. interesting.”

Jhorikos added to this. “They fell too quickly... maybe they are meant as a decoy.”

Lilliannah nods as she looks around. “Did they get any hits in?” Her eyes flashed between them. Jhori's shield had a few marks on it, but nothing more.

Valeiru sighed deeply. “Neither of these were captain or general level...where is their leader?”

The warning bell echoed in the caverns, ring after deep ring from the bell. It probably wouldn't be too long before patrols made their way to this area.

Jhorikos nodded, her eyes looking beyond the tower. “I was about to ask the same.  Vale... what do you think about making sure this area is clear, just in case we need to fall back?”

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Ericnox (Member) 2/3/2010 10:57 PM EST : RE: The plan! Rescue in the Heart of Khyber!
Posts: 93

(Been forgetting to do this. Warning, language)

Lilliannah pauses a moment, watching Jhori and the crates as they walk into the tower.

They spy several crates, body parts sitting in them still bloody and ripe. Several runes on the sides, glowing softly, the smell of blood hangs heavy in the air.

Valeiru walks slowly up the ramp. “If I were to guess those runes are preserving the bodies...a food storage center”

"Let's go then." She says allowing her gaze to turn away from the broken and bloody bodies, she makes a face at the words of 'food storage.'

Jeatra, looking bright as sunshine, skipped up to the group as if she was there all along. “Hiya. You guys save Eric yet?”

Lilliannah was also frowning at "food storage" and jumps slightly at Jeatra's voice.

The top level is was a look out, Jeatra skipping up the ramp with ease, her light frame and light armor hardly causing a sound along the wood. In the distance a large gate could be seen, the stone shattered in places and the doors open. A small group of burnt battlements dotted the land.

Jhorikos jumps at the sound of the new voice.

Valeiru flashes his silver eyes looking for anything hiding on the top level before he looks to the Battered gate and what lies beyond it. “Hello Jeatra...”

Jeatra grins, two daggers tucked in her hands. “Hiya Vale. You know there was some things sneaking up on you from behind...but I took care of them.” She winks, flashing her white pointy teeth.

“I know.. There will be more in a few minutes. And thank ye for it...”

Lilliannah nods once, still speaking quietly. “Hey Jeatra. And no, we haven't found Eric yet.” She smiles slightly.

Jhorikos looks back to Jeatra and nods. “Get up there and make yourself useful.”

Jeatra slips a one dagger back in it's sheathe, examining the hallway, looking for signs of danger. “Well, let's get on it!”

Jhorikos growls softly. “We should have killed half the tower by now.”

“The tower is empty Jhori...for now” Vale says as he looks to the ground and sky for the patrols

Jeatra giggles at Jhori, bouncing on her feet. “Right away!”

A few winged creatures can be seen flying into the broken door and into the darkness in the distance, like they are prepping to mount some kind of resistance. A single demon stands in front of the door, what kind he or she is however is unknown.

Valeiru  sighs softly and judges the distance from the tower to the gate. “I cannae hit that from ere...We have to go to them it seems.”

The door is easily a quarter mile away, with tons of broken battlements between it and there.

Jhorikos looks around at the terrain “Shoot them... well stage a defense here, and cut them down.”
“If we are quick and dart between the battlements.. We may be able to get there safely.” Vales says as he starts back down the ramp putting Karas on his back and drawing Dual longswords that come ablaze with silver as he touches them. He then stops at Jhori's words. ”Shoot them? My eyes are good Jhori but that's a distance even for an archon archer.”
Jhorikos sighs. “Fine then... have it your way.”

Valeiru pulls out Karas. “If its fer Eric...”

“I got this.” Jeatra says, a small giggle in her voice. In mere seconds, Jeatra is sprinting forward, practically springing off one of the broken battlements onto one of the winged demons. Her daggers are back in her hands, as she whirls into the air, a swirling dervish of blades.
Jhorikos stammers out. “Holy F*cking Flame!”

Lilliannah frowns slightly at Jhori but stays silent.

Valeiru takes aim at another of the winged demons and whispers to his bow. “Taedar Vaalim cheres...” He lets loose an arrow that becomes a streak of silver holy energies infusing it.

“That crazy halfling!” Jhorikos  shouts, standing ready for battle.

Her jump is shy by inches, but she managed to nick the winged demon and send it falling, the cut to the wing more then enough to send it down. Her feather fall kicks in and saves her the pain of the demon, whom crashed rather harshly into the broken battlements. A cry was heard and the demons pulled back for the gate on the wall.
Jeatra only takes a few moments with the feather fall active, gauging her descent, then removes the ring with a flourish. She spins her daggers, aiming them right at the fallen demons chest, using it's body to break her own fall. Her laughter rings across the walls.

Lilliannah sighs and mutters. “Sometimes I wish I had some range...”

The demon made a short cry as the blades sink in. Vale's Arrow whizzing past her on the way down, impaling one demon and sending the holy fire though it. It screams out and falls to the ground, this time not landing on the ground, but a stone spike, set up to block chargers.

Valeiru knocking another arrow and readying it. “You'll get a shot at fighting soon anough love.. they are treating us like a whole battalion.”

Lilliannah grins a little. “We may as well be, love.”

Jeatra grinning, she twists her blades once, then pulls back out, the blood deeply coating the steel. “One less demon.” She waists no more time, and charges forth again, springing from battlement to battlement.

Valeiru takes aim at the lone demon that was standing in front of the gate and lets loose an arrow for its head.

Lilliannah watches the Halfling closely, hoping she doesn't hurt herself. Jhorikos covers the rear and tries to kill any demons that may have been missed.

The arrow goes flying for the demon, only to be stopped not far from it, a rope wall flying up and holding the arrow fast in place. As Jeatra skips across the battlements something in her bones tells to jump back, now.

Jeatra's motion quickly stops on one of the battlements. Luckily due to the angle, it's easy to kick her feet off, sending her into a back flip towards the rest of the group. Valeiru reaches out with his aura to get a feel for how many demons are there getting ready to fight.

As she pushed off, the battlement, it exploded, a trap of some kind built into it. Vale could only feel the one demon at the door, anything beyond that was too distant to know really. The figure took a step forward, the evil of it almost overwhelming for Vale.

Valeiru shakes his head clear. “That...” He calls down to Jeatra. “GET BACK HERE! THAT DEMON IS TO POWERFUL TO FIGHT ALONE!”

Lilliannah frowns at Vale's reaction, but knows he has more knowledge on demons then she does.

Jeatra took a moment to look at the large thing in the doorway. She moved back a bit further, and then hunkered behind one the structures, using it both as cover, and a convient place to hide. The Halfling gave one look back to Vale, waiting for a cue to attack.

Valeiru draws his swords again setting them ablaze with silver. “Love....Get your mace ready.” He leans in and kisses her on the check and jumps of the tower keeping hold of the side to slow his decent.

The creature pulled back the hood, long black hair fell from it. She could have been mistaken for a human save her feral features and light blue colored skin. She was larger then a human as well, as she moved back and forth, waiting for them to approach a bow could be seen in her hands. She seemed to patient, very patient.

Lilliannah holds her mace and watches Vale go, frowning slightly, wondering if she should just jump out as well.

Valeiru stops abruptly when he lands and yells. “LILLY STAY THERE!”

Lilliannah blinks and mutters to herself. “Well that answers that.” She frowns and calls back. “Love, are you sure?”

Valeiru calls back up to Lilli. “Love if you wish to come down do so slowly and keep that shield at the ready...”

Lilliannah looks down the side of the tower and sighs, not understanding at all why he took such foolish risks.

The small halfling is already slowly working her way towards the devil, carefully staying in the shadows. All traces of her sounds have gone, except for some lingering laughter that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere.

Valeiru sheathes his swords and pulls out Karas. “Erinyes Whore!...You chose the wrong specialty.” He lets loose 3 arrows in quick succession aimed at her head, chest, and groin respectively.

That rope wall went up once more, that was going to be pain, though the acid in the arrows seemed to break a free strands of it. As Jeatra moved up slowly, she could see the area was littered with ropes of all kinds and sizes. This was set up, very much so. The woman let out an echoing laugh followed by a shot of her own. It was aimed over Vale's head and stuck into the wood of the tower, the arrow lighting on the fire.

Lilliannah gasps and steps back, then turns to move quickly, not quite running, down the ramp, still not trusting of it. Vale takes a testing shot to the right of the Erinyes not to far but so that she knows its not at her. The arrow fly past her and sticks into the soft stone just beyond her.

Little did the demon know...Jeatra had a trick up her sleeve. A small golden flash appeared across the battlefield, a blur as it hurriedly hopped from place to place, never lingerly long as it worked closer to the blue skinned woman. The halfling herself moved from the other hand, still silent, her footfalls covered by the growing mews that seem to echo from the gold furred cat darting closer and closer.

'”So thats her trick” He thought to himself. “I see your game you cowardly bitch! If you shall not fight fairly neither Shall I!” He darts forward and springs off a battlement seemingly letting only two arrows loose but there is a third hidden in the shadow of the first meant to penetrate where the first failed.

The woman drew back her bowstring and waited for the cat to dart across the battlefield once more. She fired a shot in front of it, enough for it to be forced to make a last second choice of be tripped or jump over it. The arrows sent by Vale hit the wall, but the second one tore though the opening, sinking into the large cloak of the woman. She didn't even flinch as she notched her next arrow. Lilliannah exited the burning tower and ran a few more feet away from it, straining to see what was going on from her ground position. Jhorikos continued to watch from where she stood.
“Lilli, to me! I have an idea!” Valeiru shouted. Jeatra’s cat moved nimbly, more nimble than should be possible. Instead of jumping over the arrow, it used its paws to leap on it, knocking it the ground. Jeatra was close now, nearly ready to make her final spring, and sink her dagger into the evil creature's heart. Lilliannah ran toward Vale's voice, her shield in front of her and her mace at the ready.

Jhorikos advanced forward with her shield up. “Hello Demon!” She peered over the top of her shield in front of her.

Valeiru pulled out 7 arrows from one of his 3 quivers and handed them to Lilli. “Can you cast a strength spell on these?” Lilliannah took the arrows and nodded, muttering a few words. The arrows glowed for a moment, then the light faded and they returned to looking normal. Jeatra and Jhori, the only ones in range to notice it see that the area around the woman is blighted rather heavily. It looks like her simply standing there is causing the ground to die.

Lilliannah hands the arrows back to Vale. “That should work.” She states hopefully.

“Thank you love.” Valeiru takes three of them and knocks them, taking careful aim for the center of her rope shield. He lets them loose and grabs two more and lets them loose at the same spot.  Upon locking eyes with the woman Jhori felt a tug in her mind, like she was trying to take her over. Jhori managed to take hold of her mind, fighting back the invasion for control of her body once more. The arrows zoomed past Jhori, the first one stopped by the wall but the last three screaming past, one missing the woman by inches, the other two sinking in, making her stagger. A bright light followed them, and the woman was lieing face down on the ground.

Valeiru sighed with relief. “Dont go near her yet..she is down but may not be out.” He knocked the last amplified arrow and let it loose at the fallen creature’s head. The arrow sank into the skull with ease.

Jhorikos waited to hack the demon apart. Paying no attention to Vale’s command, Jeatra bore down on the fallen demon. She grinned with malice, piercing her daggers down on its abdomen. Seeing Jeatra, Jhorikos began to advance carefully.

As Jeatra rushed over to the body, she felt sickened. Very sick. As she sank her blade in, she realized something was wrong. The body wasn't quite right. Jeatra grimaced, working back the sickness as she twisted her blade. A small bit of bile spat from her lips, and she leapt back before she could succumb to the sickness. Once she jumped back, she could see what was wrong. The body wasn't real, at all. The sickness hit her hard.

What ever she ate was really no longer hers any more, it belonged to the ground. Lilliannah took a step forward, concerned for Jeatra but hesitant at the same time. Valeiru flashed his eyes silver, searching. Jeatra quickly knelt down on her hands and knees. Her stomach released the small breakfast she had prior as she cursed with several obscenities.

Lilliannah took another step forward, cast a cautious glance around, then moved quickly to Jeatra's side, kneeling beside her. “Jeatra?”

Jhorikos moved forward with her blade ready. “What did you eat?”

Jeatra coughed several times, her kitty giving comforting purrs. “Blasted Khyber!” Jeatra pounded the ground once as her body convulsed in another fit, but there was nothing more to expel from her body.

“Where did it go?” Jhorikos asked.

Lilli put one hand on Jeatra's back, using the other to support herself as she leaned down slightly to get a look at Jeatra's face. A scream could be heard from deeper inside of the caverns, Jhori could reconize it now. That was Eric, screaming in pain and rage. The gate was broken from countless wars, beyond the door was a small outpost and then the goal they saught, a castle, black stone and a dark moat around it.

Jhorikos jumped. “It's him!!!  ERRRIIIICNOOOOX!!!!!!!!!!” The passage way to the next was narrower. Just beyond the gates, the stone had been worked. They could see a small outpost, worked stone and well made. Just beyond that was the goal they had been seeking. The Castle of Black Blood, blackened stone and cruel tops, pikes and the like along its dark stoneworking. Valeiru made his way around the blight and around the illusion of the creature towards the path. The illusion shimmered out of sight and the stoneworking in this area was rather smooth, which was odd for Khyber. Lilliannah followed Vale slowly, picking her way carefully.

Jhorikos looked at Vale. “What in the nine hells are we supposed to do now? Jeatra is useless now...”  Jhorikos shrugged. “You are back on point, unless a dwarf shows up. And I do not see that happening.”
“Alrigh...” Valeiru headed into the gate, knocking two more arrows. Lilliannah held her shield in front of her and her mace at the ready. The outpost just ahead was dark on the inside. A single iron door, facing the group, was set into the cold stone walls. Valeiru pushed on the iron door to try and open it. The door was unlocked and creaked open slowly, making plenty of noise as it did. Vale could hear things moving inside of the building. He stopped the door from opening completely and peered inside with his silver eyes. Demons were hiding someplace in there, but he wasn't sure exactly where at. Snickering echos could be heard inside as well. Valeiru made a motion to stop and indicated there was a number of demons inside. Lilliannah hung back behind Vale.

“What did I say to you before we left, Vale?” Jhorikos inquired quietly.
“I know. But Shhhhhh....letting you know before I go rushing in.” He spoke in a hushed tone. Jhorikos began to get impatient.

Valeiru replaced his arrows and handed Karas to Jhori, drawing his dual swords and setting them ablaze with silver. “Come in after you count to 5.”

“Love...” Lilliannah was concerned about this plan.

Valeiru burst the doors open and screamed in a blood rage. “DEMON BASTARDS COME MEET THE FLAMES OF YOUR DOOM!” He charged them, flipping through the air, sliceing at the first one he could.

Jhorikos didn’t even bother waiting to shout, “FIVE!” and Lilliannah frowned. Jhorikos drew her weapon and gritted her teeth. “Let’s go... You two are slow like old women.”

Lilliannah sighed. “I am an old woman.” She smiled and stepped into the building.

Valeiru’s blade connected with a small creature, something that looked like a malformed blob. There were dozens of these creatures in here, all of them flooding out of rooms.

Jhorikos whispered, “Fuck Arawai in her ass...”  Valeiru frowns and then continued his slicing onslaught through the tiny beasts, moving like a flashing dart. Jhorikos continued to swear as she trudged forward. “If these things break my sword, I blame you Vale!” She slashes at the creatures.

Dozens of Lemures were all over the place. The blades passed through them like water, it felt. An echoing voice seemed to flow though the halls of this place. "Look... She showed up... She did?! Wow... I had not expected to chase her shell of a man..."

“Come out and fight me you fecking cowards!” Jhorikos screamed, looking all over the place.  “Or are you lacking your balls?”  

"Of course we lack the balls... Unless you wish for us to gather your mates and have them for you?" The female voices called with a giggle. "Poor thing... He was so much fun while he still breathing." Jhorikos kept slashing at the creatures. Valeiru sliced through the last one near him and he whipped the slime off his blades and held them at the ready for the voice.

Before long, the devils were dead around them, simple fodder and nothing more. The voices continued to giggle around them though starting to get distant. "Come and get us! The Mistress will want to see you soon... Before she eats his soul that is..." Lilliannah walked up to stand next to Vale, ready for something to jump out at her. Valeiru flared the silver on his arm to light the room better.

 A sting passed quickly through her chest…Were they trying to say he was already dead? “I will kill every one of you!”

“Jhori! Stay calm!...They want you to go flying into a rage.” Valeiru advised.
Jhorikos fought with herself for several seconds. “What do you mean?”
“You go running after them ahead of us....alone. Think” Valeiru watched her.

“It won't end well...” Lilliannah added.

The giggling passed and the door in the front of that hallway slowly opened. Just beyond that was a stone walkway with a huge stone gate. Unlike the others, this one was closed and the sigil on burned brightly. The hands of hell seemed to be holding it closed.

Jhorikos blinked slowly, then looked down, slashing quickly at the small bit of skin exposed between her glove and her armor sleeve.  Blood ran freely in a line down her hand and dripped onto her shield. She nodded at Vale. “Let's go.”

“Eric will be proud of you when we find him Jhori. Of this I am sure.” Valeiru tries to comfort the Drow.

Jhorikos was still visibly shaking, but less so than before. “Just go...just go.” Lilliannah smiled slightly, standing still, examining things.

Valeiru headed towards the shining sigil slowly, holding his falme-covered sword out in front, watching it in case the flames fade. Jhorikos flanked Vale. As they moved into this area, a feeling of dread started to wash over everyone. Vale felt like he had done this before... Been here before. The feeling was much stronger the closer they got to the doorway. Valeiru continued on, slower than before.

"VALEIRU BAERATAN! It’s nice see the meatbag that is you, still alive!" A voice called, landing right next to him was a massive Fleshrender of some kind. The creature’s tail wrapped around Vale and damn near crushed the air out of him. "And look! You brought me a snack! Does this little Cleric love you as well?!" He laughed out.

Jhorikos whispered, “Meatbag?” Lilliannah stood perfectly still, her eyes wide. Jhorikos looked at Vale. “...You know these people?”

“HAAREESH!” Valeiru could only scream that.

Jhorikos’s mouth dropped open. “What in all the hells just happened?!”

Lilliannah gasped in recognition at the name. “No...”
“I will kill every person in this fucking continent including you people and myself if someone does not start talking.” Jhorikos speaks through clenched teeth.

Valeiru spoke in ragged breathy words. “You..Bastard...Don’t look at her...”

“Don’t look at who.. I  don't understand” Jhorikos looked from face to face. Lilliannah stood speechless. Jhorikos considered just swinging at random things.
"The Lord of Khyber said you would be here..." The creature said, picking up Vale and squeezing him in one hand. "I bet she will taste just as good as your other woman... I bet she will even scream more as I pulled her apart..." He laughed, looking to the woman. "How rude of me! I am Haareesh! Vale's bane and woman eater!"

“M-me...he doesn't want it to look at me...” Lilliannah stammered quietly. Jhorikos swore under her breath.

Valeiru began screaming obscenities and curses in Infernal. “Heltaer! Gulutashae! You Fucking....YOU WILL LET ME GO! BEFORE I SCAR YOU AGAIN YOU MOTHERLESS SON OF A TAPEWORM!” Lilliannah wanted to tell Vale to calm down but knew it would be worthless.

“Right... let's see if it bleeds.”  Jhorikos tried to flank the demon and prepared to swing her blade. Lilliannah nodded and tried to go around the other way, her mace held ready to swing and her shield ready to protect her.
The creature laughed and squeezed Valeiru harder, grinning as he did so. "The Lord of Khyber granted me a wish... You will need to try much harder then you did last time... so much harder you sack of pig swill. Now. Which should I eat first? Shattersoul's woman is off limits... So I guess that leaves your woman..."

Valeiru  growled and roared in a bloody rage. “You even glance in her direction and I will turn you and this whole realm to ASH!”

"At what cost, fool!? Will you kill me and yourself to let her suffer?! HA!" He shouted, tossing Vale away from him and into the gate. Jhorikos’s ears rang with the words... 'off limits'... She growled and aimed her blade at the space joining between his leg and his hip, growling. The blade hit home, tearing into the flesh and sending a spray of blood out. "AHH! You bitch!" Lilliannah swung her mace, hoping to have Jhori's luck with hitting her mark.

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