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*loves you all*
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Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
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Merry Christmas. :)
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zoltando (Officer) 3/31/2007 4:37 PM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Zoltando (Thelanis)

Posts: 533

Zoltando was floating in a sea of shadows. He watched as things he could not have possibly known floated past him. The first of his clan, created by the hated giants by fusing the dragonmarks of shadow into their souls, His father fighting against the clan Fire Binders. What is this Zoltando wondered. Suddenly a great dragon appeared before him. "YOU SHALL RECIEVE YOUR BIRTHRITE" intoned the dragon. "RECIEVE THE LEGACY OF YOUR CLAN". Suddenly all of the darkness that Zoltando had channeled all his life by feeding his life force to power it was pushed on to Zoltando's skin. His entire body burned as the syberis dragonmark of shadow was burned in lines on his skin. "NOW" said the dragon "AWAKE".

Zol awoke with his entire body feeling like fire watched Ragyr hurling himself in the direction of nothing. Suddenly the mark on zol's back burned more fiercly and he saw Sho as a shadow moving behind Ragyr. "what"? gasped Zol. USE ME a voice inside Zol's head stated. But what are you? zol replied to the voice in his head. I am the power of dragons, I am shadow incarnate, I am your dragonmark, use me. A sense of power filled Zol as shadows rushed to envelop him. I shall use you, stated zoltando. guide my actions. I shall.

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Characters: Zoltando

Deriaz (Officer) 3/31/2007 6:21 PM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

Deriaz shook his head as he got to his feet, still a little dizzy from taking a foot to the head. He watched as Ragyr swung at nothing, and sighed as he heard Ragyr curse in his mind. He took a step forward to run to stop him before he got himself killed--again--but stopped as the crunched of paper came to his ears.

He lifted his foot to find the slip on the ground. Going to one knee, he straightened, and read.  "I challenge Ragyr: duel for the right to life" He recognized the writing right away.

"Oh no, no, no," he muttered. He crumpled it up, and threw it behind him, only to discover there were more all over the place. He looked around, trying to find Uxor, but only found Zoltando who was awake again, watching Ragyr, and being covered in shadows. "No, no, no!" he said again, but louder this time.

"Ragyr, we need to leave, NOW!" Deriaz yelled.

Ragyr only shrugged. "Once I'm done with this one, and your mute friend."

"I said NOW!" Deriaz yelled again, and ran at Ragyr, trying to stop the fight.

It was only then he remembered what Ragyr had said earlier, before this whole mess had started.

And that we would knowwhere the other is at all times!

Those words rang in his mind as Ragyr turned swiftly, swinging over Sho at Deriaz's head. He barely had time to duck back, though it still wasn't enough. The blade cut across his face. He jumped back, and held a hand up to his eye where he had been cut. Ragyr turned back towards. . . Well, nothing, really, but attempted to hear where Sho was, though it was probably pointless.

Deriaz sighed. "You said you were only looking out for me. Now it's my turn, and you won't listen. . ."
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clanscorpion (Applicant) 4/1/2007 2:12 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)
Posts: 572

Sho remained emotionless, the entire time.  Through the little confetti, and the ax, and the apperance of Uxor.  Maybe it was because he did not see any of this, but he would the same if he did.

'Use the dragonmark,  let it fight, use staff for balance'

Sho switched to defense, and started moving around Ragyr, trying to dodge the random swings. As he kept moving around, his dragonmark kept snapping his jaw at Ragyr, and finally the mark bit Ragyr in he shoulder,  breaking part of his armor.  As a reaction, Ragyr swung his sword.

"Crap!" Sho breathed, as the blade sliced into the outside his ribcage. Fresh blood poured onto Ragyr.

((Just as a reminder, this is just a fun little rp thread, and it happens to have lots of fighting in it.  Don't go over board.  I was reading it all the way through, and I saw I almost did, and didn't want anyone else to.  Please no sudden God powers, or dieing and such.  No matter how powerful you are, you are still flesh...and buckets of bolts, so you can still be taken down))

zoltando (Officer) 4/1/2007 6:36 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Zoltando (Thelanis)

Posts: 533

cloaked in shadows Zol saw sho fall and stared in horror. "one chance" zol muttered. Zoltando stepped through the shadows to sho, picked him up over his shoulder and fled through the shadows to find help for Sho.

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Characters: Zoltando

Deriaz (Officer) 4/1/2007 8:40 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

Ragyr let out a growl of pain as the armor broke. He fell to one knee as Sho was taken away by Zoltando. Deriaz tugged at him with his free hand, while his other hand kept his wounded eye covered.

"Now do you think we should leave?" he sighed.

Ragyr shook his head. "Did I kill him? I felt it connect."

Deriaz didn't know what to say. Better to lie, he figured. "Yeah, yeah, you got him. He's on the ground. Now, come on." He tugged at Ragyr again, who came willingly this time.

Deriaz led him towards the street, praying silently that Uxor wouldn't appear. Ragyr was in no shape to fight anymore, though that probably wouldn't stop Uxor. If he had to, Deriaz. . . Well, he didn't want to think about that right now. . .
I'm sure I should be embarrassed but I'm not.
I'm sure I should feel stupid but I'm hot.
I'm gonna grab my brush and paint the town.

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 4/1/2007 9:41 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Posts: 632

*Luck, it seemed, was not with them in that moment. Ahead, he could see the unquestionable form of Uxor, blade in hand, standing between their path. She held a paper in her hand, and she crumbled it into a tight ball, and flung it out ahead of her, where it landed in the street a short distance away from her so that Deriaz or Ragyr could come upon it, and not be within her physical striking distance*

Deriaz (Officer) 4/1/2007 11:53 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

Deriaz stopped at the sight of Uxor, and cursed under his breath. He stared at the paper on the ground for a second before taking a step forward and picking it up. He unfolded it, skimmed it, but pocketed it right away. He moved to the side, setting Ragyr on the ground. He carefully took the oil-stained blade out of his hands.

"What's going on? Why did we stop?" Ragyr looked around, though he was still blinded.

"Just stay here. This'll only take a second," Deriaz sighed. He returned to the center of the street, and faced Uxor.

"I know you want a fight with him, but just look at him!" He motioned at the smashed armor. "Does it look like he's in any condition? Just let me get him out of here!" He almost sounded like he was begging.

"If you're still dead set on fighting. . ." He spun the blade around in his hand a few times. He hadn't used a Long Sword in awhile, and it didn't help much that he didn't have his Tower Shield with him. He clenched his fist around the hilt, and aimed the blade at Uxor. His eyes were slightly dimmer, and looked full of sorrow.

". . . Then fight me. Leave him out of this. I don't want him hurt anymore than he is. And if you're only willing to fight only him. . ." A black hand landed on his shoulder. Ragyr was leaning on him, using him as support. The pain was definitely setting in now.

"This is my fight, not yours, runt," Ragyr groaned.

"This is my fight, as much as it's yours. You don't understand it yet, but you'll get it eventually," Deriaz grinned.

". . . Then it'll just have to be a two on one."
I'm sure I should be embarrassed but I'm not.
I'm sure I should feel stupid but I'm hot.
I'm gonna grab my brush and paint the town.

Deriaz (Officer) 4/2/2007 11:53 AM EST : RE: Clash of the Titans (Open RP)

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

((The following is a transcript of the Fellowship of the Golden Night forum chat, starting April 1st, at 7:00 PM CST, and goes until about April 2nd, 1:00 AM CST.

A HUGE thank you to Jaggie for taking the 200+ print screens, and assembling this into something everyone can enjoy easily!))

<Uxor>*She lifted her chin a little in silent acknowledgement of Deriaz's comment.She did not flinch from her position*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*He lowered the sword slightly, and only blinked. He raised the sword again.*"I know you only wanted just you and him, but...look, it would be mucheasier if you just moved.”

<Uxor>*she shook her head slowly back and forth. 'no.' She then held up the tip ofthe sword point towards Ragyr, and lowered it once more, but even lowered, hecould see by stance, she was ready for a fight*

<Sho>*Sho pulls Zol off him, and winces as he stands to watch the fight. He onlyplans to snatch Ragyr to safety before Uxor gets there*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz and Ragyr took a step back. Deriaz looked behind him, seeing Shostanding there. He contemplated taking a back route out of there. He lookedback at Uxor.* "I'm begging you, now. Just let us through.”

<Uxor>*She didn't move, and didn't reply. She lifted up the sword now to a combatready position. Defensive.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>"Fine then." *He jumped back, grabbed Ragyr, and bullrushed Sho in anattempt to take a back route away.*

<Sho>*Sho writes a quick message on the ground in front of Deriaz with shadows thatsaid, " Distract Uxor, I will lead Ragyr to safety, now that he is hurt,he is no harm to me, please trust me."* *The message disappears as soon asDeriaz is done reading*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz stopped and looked back at Uxor, then back at Sho.* Why can't youpeople just let us through? *He looked ready to push Sho out of the way, butstopped. He held his hand up to his head. Ragyr shook his head as well.*

<Uxor>*steadily, Uxor stalked behind, closer... she did not run. She pursued patientand slowly.*

<Sho>*Makes darkness on Ragyr go away.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz looked back at Uxor and then back at Ragyr.* Why do you want to fighthim so badly? *He glanced back at Uxor.* I'm telling you, all I want is to getthe two of us out of here! *Ragyr blinked a few times as the darkness faded.*

<Uxor>*she was drawing closer, and again she shook her head 'no'*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*he growled in frustration.* What would you gain by fighting him, hm? *Heseemed to be stalling.*

<Uxor>*she stepped over the body of Jaggie coming even closer. Very soon she would bewithin striking distance*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*He pushed Ragyr back slightly, and turned to look at him. Ragyr stared back,and then nodded and ran towards the broken window. He seemed to be going forsomething. Deriaz turned back to Uxor.* I'm telling you, there's no reason tofight him. I can settle this!

<Uxor>*at seeing Ragyr breaking off, she moved her pursuit to him*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*He jumped between Uxor and Ragyr, pushing her back, though it was easy to tellit wasn't as hard as he could push.* Is it really that important for you? *Ragyrclimbed through the window, and out of sight.*

<Uxor>*She didn't fight his shove, but she did attempt to get around him. She made nodirectly forceful act towards Deriaz*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*He moved inbetween her and the window again.* Just answer me! Why is this soimportant? *Ragyr came out of the window again, though he still leaned in,lifting something inside. Ragyr successfully pulled out what he was lifting. Heset a large bastard sword and a tower shield on the ground. Deriaz continued tostare at Uxor.*

<Uxor>*she suddenly crouched down, clasping both her hands to her ears*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz looked at her in confusion, but got the answer a second later. The twoof them froze as the shrieking re-entered their minds.*

<Uxor>*after a moment, she looked around wildly, this was followed subsequently byher moving for Ragyr's direction however*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz's eyes went wide in panic as she moved around him, but there wasnothing he could do. Ragyr only heard the footsteps coming.*

<Uxor>*she came closer, and looked him over* "Interesting" *he saw her lipsmove, and heard the voice that came past those lips. That voice wasdistinctive.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr’s eyes widened slightly, but he kept his composure.* What's sointeresting hm?

<Uxor>I thought I had something you might want, but seems you've gone and found a wayaround that... haven't you? Well. Should I destroy it then?

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz spoke up this time* No! Just... Just give the gem back. I'm the onethat wants it now, not him.

<Uxor>Give it back. What absurd presumptions you have that I would simply bend toyour asking because it were you. My business is not with you in any event. Itis with this forged here.

<Deriaz/Ragyr>Any business you have with him is with me as well, whether you want it or not.

<Uxor>So it seems. In more ways than one. How amusing. I really hadn't anticipatedsnaring both of you in one fell sweep. So, perhaps I had better forewarn youthat anything else I may have done to one of you will likely suffer the otherin turn.

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz laughed.* That's why I said, any business you have is with me as well.Linked or not, you're dealing with both of us. *Ragyr's eyes turned toconfusion.*

<Uxor>*She grew quiet, audibly at least* <So I'll take it that this can be heardby both as well?>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*She got a reply from both.* <Yes.> <Yeah.>

<Uxor><Good. Perhaps you didn't believe me when I told the two of you that if youdid something to displease me, I would know it.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr chimed in.* <And what have we done that 'displeased' you, hm? Wehaven't gone around stealing pages or attacking you.>

<Uxor>< It is not as simple as that. I have not been idle in my observations. Iwas also no simply pretending when I said I challenge Ragyr for his right toexist. You see, I know people like you Ragyr. But this... joining of the two ofyou, well this presents and entirely new situation. I wonder what would happenif I were to kill one of you?> *Another wave of the shrieks came upon them.It was unclear as to who had been targeted. To the outside world though, therewas only silence.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz this time.* < And I wasn't pretending when I said that you'd befighting the both of us. As for killing us?--> *He cut off as the shriekscame. Both of them groaned.*

<Uxor>*Over top the pain and sounding, they could hear her talking in their minds...which was almost painful to endure combined with the assault.* <You seeDeriaz, Ragyr being free spirit as it were presents some what of a problem forme. He is a lose end.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr><And I said I'd handle it! Why won't anyone just let me solve this!?>

<Uxor><The same way you handled getting in and out of House Deneith? The same wayyou handled me? Your track record for reliability is somewhat marred I'mafraid. The same way that you even now didn't bother to question the appearanceof your good friend Uxor?>

<Deriaz/Ragyr><I just figured she had come back from searching for Varro. Why should I besuspicious every time I see her?>

<Uxo><Or how about the same way that you and the mindflayer got along soswimmingly?>

<Deriaz/Ragyr><Alright, look, that was Ragyr's fault.> *Ragyr chimed in.* <Not myfault he couldn't handle one question...>

<Uxor><You have much to learn.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz again.* <And yet no one is giving us the chance to do that!>

<Uxor>*Jaggie felt something. Healing. Oil. Life fluid was returning to her fromsomewhere. She had dim awareness that something very cold was touching her.Awareness was coming back to Jaggie, as her vision returned, she couldn't seewhat the cold thing was. She felt it, but there didn't seem to be anything nearher*

<Uxor><Ragyr... you do realize that I can't let you live, yes?>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr growled.* <And why not? Am I really that much of a threat or anuisance?>

<Uxor>*Sho watched this with uncertainty from a distance. He was badly wounded...butit was like Deriaz, Uxor, and Ragyr had all persisted to just stand there...*

<Uxor><To the second. Yes.>

<Jaggie>"wah..." *A small whisper came to her lips. She has no strength topick herself up from the damp earth*

<Uxor><I know the moment it is a pleasing arrangement to you, you will find themeans to do something that will ultimately displease me. Just watching you fora short time tells me that much. I admire you really.>

<Uxor>*Jaggie realized the proximity of the coldness. It was round the back of herneck, and the oil was going into her mouth seemingly from out of nowhere*

<Uxor><But like you, I have to watch out for my interests.>

<Jaggie>*As the oil filled her a dull glow began to cover her wound. Her golden eyebegan to glow once more.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz grinned as he heard Jaggie make a noise, but Ragyr ignored it.*<Your interests? Hmph. Whatever. I couldn't care less. Really, Icouldn't.>

<Uxor>*Jaggie saw something in the dirt. It looked like something crawling... untilshe realized it started to form writing. It looked like an S....then an H...and another H.*

<Jaggie>*Seeing the words she dimmed her eye*

<Uxor><See, that is what I mean. That attitude is what had cost you yourexistence. My apologies to you Deriaz that you must fall by your counterpart'sactions.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz chimed in.* <Fall? I'm sure that we're not connected that well. Butstill, I'm telling you, I can reign him in. Just give me the chance!>

<Uxor><I beg to differ.>

<Uxor>*Jaggie felt the coldness slip away fro her.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie turned to see the three figures.* 'Uxor?' she thought.

<Uxor><It's a shame how ill at forethinking you are. Your minstrel waslikewise.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz growled.* <He wasn't--isn't an ill forethinker. A lot smarter thanyou are, I'd have to say.>

<Uxor><How cute of you. 'isn't.' You Deriaz, I admire your hopefulness. Sooptimistic. Tell me how you would reign Ragyr in. Humor me.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr><Humor you? Fine. I'd take him around the town with me, get him to take jobsthat don't involve killing someone. Get him to see other ways of making money.Just . . . Anything to get his mind off of death.>

<Uxor>*Her gaze seemed to focus down slightly. She was listening to something, andthere seemed to some a recognition... but she didn't move.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie looked about her, confused. 'why was Uxor next to Deriaz and themonster, Ragyr? Who was just near her?*

<Uxor>*then she threw her head back sharply to look up, and something odd happened.It was as if she had four arms now that appeared. Except one of these arms helda long sword across her own throat. She started to laugh.* Do it. I imploreyou. See what it earns you, little dog. *she said as it pressed closer* I won'tbeg like your minstrel.

<Uxor>*Jaggie could clearly see that Uxor was 'talking'?*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr stared in even deeper confusion at the sudden long sword.* What--?

<Jaggie>*Jaggie froze. Was this the shifter creature Uxor and Deriaz had told herabout?*

<Uxor>What's the hesitation little husky? Think I'm liable to tell you something ifyou kept me alive? *The rest of the form attached to the two arms came into betterview. Two equally pale faces were coming to face one another*

<Uxor/Uxor>You'd better be quick about it, for the sake of your friend. *Another shriekcame to Deriaz and Ragyr. They could feel more and more of themselves beingpulled away.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*The two both let out growls of pain as the shrieks and their effects set in*

<Uxor/Uxor>*This second Uxor pressed the sword close to the speaking Uxor, close enoughthat they saw blood dorm. But they didn't need to see it. As she did so, Ragyrand Deriaz both felt as if something was cutting into their necks.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie shivered. To much time had passed....She had been in the darknessagain.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The speaking Uxor smiled... that smile that could only belong to Mekari*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*They both growled again, but Ragyr's seemed to be greater, due to his shoulderinjury.* Stop!

<Uxor/Uxor>See. All your friends beg in the end it seems.

<Uxor/Uxor>*Uxor brought a strong fist across her counterpart's mouth forcefully, stillholding the blade.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr looked ready to pass out from the injuries, and Deriaz didn't look anybetter.*

<Jaggie>*Ragyr's growl snapped Jaggie out of her fears*

<Uxor/Uxor>*Deriaz and Ragyr felt the brunt of this blow in turn. The speaking Uxor spat outsome blood and laughed even more at it.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr groaned again.* I'm telling you, stop!

<Uxor/Uxor>Why don't you tell her Ragyr? Not much time to, I'm afraid.

<Uxor/Uxor>*The armed Uxor looked down a little, but never away from the speaking Uxor...She heard Ragyr's voice. This was bad. For Ragyr to be the one to speak was nota good sign...*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie pulled herself upright, trying to concentrate on the current two Uxors*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>  *He moaned slightly from the pain.* She's gotsomething on me. When you harm her, it harms me as well. But that was whenDeriaz and I were together. Now that we've split, it looks like the effect hassplit to both of us . . . I'm telling you, stop. . . For his sake. . . Not justmine.

<Uxor/Uxor>You can't stop. If you stop, I will kill him. Then you'll have need to belooking for two bodies. How unfortunate for you... *She tisked through herteeth* Two bodies of two comrades in one day. Only you don't like this presentone, do you?

<Uxor/Uxor>*The silent Uxor wrinkled her nose, but threw a brief glance to Deriaz andRagyr. They could tell she was torn on what to do. Should she disable Mekari?*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz laughed once.* Do what you have to do, I say. *Ragyr spoke up.*Whatever you decide.

<Jaggie>*A soft chirping sound like birds could be heard. Jaggie was whistling.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The speaking Uxor grew quiet at the sound, and her attention went out thewindow. Past Ragyr. Past Deriaz. To Jaggie. Such an adamant look of hatredseethed from those pale eyes, that there was no question in Jaggie's mind shewas noted.*

<Uxor/Uxor>Do you want the gem? *She said aloud, to no one in particular, still watchingJaggie*

<Jaggie>*The same chirping tune repeated over itself*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz sighed.* I said yes. Yes, I want it.

<Uxor/Uxor>*The speaking Uxor suddenly slammed her face into that of the other. The bladeat her throat bit her, which Deriaz and Ragyr had an awareness to. But the twowere grappling now.*

<Jaggie>*Again the tune repeated, faster this time. It wasn't much and she had no clueif it would work but she could hope.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*one of the Uxor's went to the ground rigidly, and the sound of the swordfalling was heard*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz and Ragyr both winced in pain as the sword bit in. Both of them heardthe chirping as well, but there wasn't much they could do to turn towards thesound of it.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*this was followed by something coming to Jaggie's ears as well. She too feltwhat the other had undergone. The sharp, shrieking sound. A draining, stunningpain that rang shrilly in her mind, a pain enough to stop her in what she wasdoing. It was not enough to draw her to a complete stop however.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*Ragyr and Deriaz felt their own stuns relenting*

<Jaggie>*Her chirping stuttered and died. She shut her eye and tried to begin again.Slowly she came closer to the four*

<Uxor/Uxor>Kneel. *Jaggie heard the voice intone from across the way. She felt so strong adesire to do what this voice asked. But she fought past it.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*on the realization of the stun weakening, Ragyr instantly fell on his good armand knees in pain. Deriaz lifted a hand to his head, winching in pain from theshrieks still."

<Uxor/Uxor>*The standing Uxor picked up the fallen blade, and held it to the throat of theUxor on the floor.*

Jaggie*The chirping changed but stile held the same tune. It seemed sad butstronger.*

<Uxor/Uxor>Silence... I have the time to kill at least one of them before you completeyour act, bard. Familiarity with your late minstrel taught me that much. So ifyou'd like to see any of them spared...silence!

<uxor/Uxor>*The appearance of both Uxors seemed unmarred. The shape changer must have madethe effort to restore her looks in the fray, for that very purpose. To createdoubt. Jaggie's vantage point did not permit a good view of which of the twowas speaking. The standing one, or the one on the ground.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie picked up speed and ran towards them. Her chirping grew deep and loud.Suddenly the chirp stopped but Jaggie didn't*

<Uxor/Uxor><How odd that these creature so value your existence Ragyr.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr grinned from where he was, kneeling on the ground.* <What can I say?I have that kind of way with people.>

<Uxor/Uxor>*The stun on Ragyr and Deriaz was completely relented now*

<Jaggie>* A foot stomped on Ragyr's back has Jaggie threw herself at the window*

<Uxor/Uxor><Deriaz, beyond your own safety, you should be aware that I do not have thegem with me. Should your fine friends here succeed in subduing me or killingme, I assure you it will be lost to you utterly>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr's stomach hit the ground and he grunted as Jaggie flew over him. Hegroaned. That wasn't helping his pain much.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The standing Uxor seemed to be bracing for something.*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz sighed.* <If it's lost, fine. It's lost. I'd rather have you gonethan have the gem back.>

<Uxor/Uxor><Then if I live, I'll be certain to see to it that it is destroyed. The sameresult, either way.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Ragyr got up slowly, and reached down. With a grunt, he tossed the BastardSword and Steel Tower Shield to Deriaz and collapsed to the ground.* There yago. . . Took me a bit, but I got them. . .

<Deriaz/Ragyr><You know, I can't say that I would be crushed.> *Deriaz laughed. Hepicked up the sword and shield Ragyr had tossed to him, and swung them on hisback. He grabbed Ragyr, and brought him through the window with him, settinghim against the windowsill.

<Jaggie>*Jaggie struck the sill and reached for the standing Uxor. Unsure of which waswhich she took them into a bear hug and tried to reach for the other*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The standing Uxor didn't bother turning the blade out towards Jaggie as Jaggiecame sailing towards her. On the contrary, she seemed to be awaiting thecharge.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*when Jaggie’s arms wrapped round her, and held to her, there was a great forcethat blasted into her ears. This time it was not the shriek. The air movedaround she and Jaggie, and to Jaggie it reminded her of when she'd seen bards,or herself, use a sound burst. No one else heard the sound, but they could seethe disruption in the air*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz took a step forward, but didn't want to get involved yet. He didn'twant to risk attacking the real Uxor. . . Whichever one that may be.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie's arms and whole body vibrated from the pulse.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*In her ringing ears she heard the word* Relent.

<Jaggie>*Her knees gave out but stile she tried to hold on. Her arms did not hold hastightly and she fought to not let go. Fear was creeping up her back again.'What the hell am I doing?' she thought.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The standing Uxor looked grim and terrible now. She felt as if just her lookswere enought to suck the essence out of her* I said...RELENT!

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz took another step forward at the sight of the standing Uxor. But again,he didn't want to risk hitting Jaggie accidentally, so he stayed back.*

<Uxor/Uxor><Deriaz. One of these people is going to perish. Choose.>

<Jaggie>*Jaggie fell farther, an arm hugging around the standing Uxor's feet. If shewhere anything but 'Forged she would cry.*

<Uxor/Uxor><The forged here. Ragyr. Or Uxor.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr><I choose. . .> *He looked between Ragy, Jaggie and Uxor.* <. ..Neither.> *He ran at the standing Uxor, and leaped at her, in order toavoid Jaggie.*

<Uxor/Uxor><You chose yourself then.>

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*He ignored the statement, and stabbed at her as he was in the air.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The standing Uxor received a fierce stab wound to the torso. Much happened inthis act... First came a wave of sound that Jaggie recognized from the floor,and he felt in the same way. Some sort of sonic damage that seemed to ignorehis armoring. Next, pain. He could feel his own blade twisting in his chest,but he knew it to be his blade received into Mekari. Ragyr felt both of these.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*He saw the look on her face turn from her smug smile, to determination, andshe forced forward at him, forcing herself down onto the blade even furtherwhile she was at it, and she slammed her head into his for a headbutt*

<Deriaz/Ragyr>*Deriaz clenched his jaw, determined not to show he was in pain. Ragyr,meanwhile, growled loudly. His eyes dimmed further; the red tint was barelynoticeable. Deriaz collapsed to the ground, then, from the sound burst. Hekicked at her leg trying to trip her, regardless of it he'd feel the pain ornot.*

<Uxor/Uxor> *Not only was their the force of theblow from her head, but in hurting her own skull with the strike, he and Ragyrfelt that too*

<Uxor/Uxor> *He succeeded in knocking her from herfeet, but when he did so, again the wave of sonic came to him*

<Deriaz/Ragyr> *He growled in pain this time. Ragyr,on the other hand, only grinned.* <Good luck, runt.> *His eyes went black, and he fell to his side.Instantly, Deriaz's eyes seemed to dim in response. A hand went to his head insudden pain.*

<Uxor/Uxor>*Sho moved in despite the fray. He seized Ragyr, and the two were then goneinto the shadow shapes. Frantically, in his secret place, Sho tried to find themeans to pump life into Ragyr while the onslaught ensued back in the building.*

<Jaggie>*Blood had spelt across Jaggie's back has she let go. She curled up, coveringher eye*

<Uxor/Uxor>*The form of Uxor with the blade protruding from it, rolled to look and see themovement, and almost audibly hissed at seeing Ragyr having been taken.*Remember this well *she snapped at the three forms on the ground beside her. Inturn, she choked out blood, but refocused, and her form shimmered, and wasgone. The sword went with her.*

<Deriaz>*He propped himself up on his knees and one elbow. He turned around, only tosee Mekari and the sword vanish. He cursed quietly, and fell to the groundagain.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie remained curled up in a ball, a soft whispering sound was barelyaudable for her*

<Uxor>*Now apparent who their Uxor was, their Uxor was still lying on her back on theground unmoving.*

<Deriaz>*He moved across the ground slowly, wincing as he did so. His left leg seemedto drag. He nudged Jaggie and Uxor both, trying to snap them out of whatevertrances they were in.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie turned her head, a hand stile covering her eye. Deriaz could just pickout the words she was saying. She was praying.*




((((((((((((At this point we had a April fools prank pulled on us so I edited Varro out.))))))))

((Note byDeriaz: Which I fell for! ><!))



<Deriaz>*Deriaz nudged Uxor again.* Wake up, damnit. *He lowered his face to theground. For the first time, it looked like he was exhausted.*

<Jaggie>*She stopped praying though remained curled up*

<Deriaz>*He nudged Jaggie.* Think you can get her up? *He shook Uxor this time, andthen collapsed again.*

<Uxor>*Uxor was alive, but she stared off at the ceiling. She seemed to haveawareness however.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie pulled herself over to Uxor's side and placed a hand upon her shoulder.The pink healing energy came but slowly*

<Deriaz>*he nudged Uxor again, this time with his wrist. His hand seemed to have gonelimp now.* Any better? You any more awake now?

<Uxor>* She didn't seem hurt physically in any way now.*

<Deriaz>*He rolled onto his back.* I give up. . . Too tired to keep trying. *He put hisgood hand on his wounded eye, which was now black with a lack of color and withthe oil that was still on it. The other eye seemed dimmer than what it wasbefore.*

<Jaggie>"U...Uxor?" *Jaggie's voice was hollow.*

<Uxor>*There was no reaction from her...except...they heard her breathe very deeply.*

<Deriaz>Maybe if we poured water on her... *He laughed slightly, and rolled over. Hisleft arm twisted awkwardly, but he didn't seem to mind.*

<Jaggie>"Uxor....?" *Jaggie tried to tell if it was some spell that hadenchanted her*

<Deriaz>*He rolled back onto his stomach and dragged his way over to Uxor with his goodarm. He waves his hand in front of her face.* Hellooo, wake up. . .

<Jaggie>*tries to caste a dispell*

<Uxor>* a blink. A slow blink. Then she closed her eyes and furrowed her browstogether. She started to stir slowly*

<Deriaz>Finally! A reaction! *He gave an awkward thumbs-up to Jaggie, as his secondfinger didn't curl all the way into a fist. He rolled onto his back, andexhaled a sigh of relief.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie pulled herself back, nearly going back into a curled up ball. Shebrought her knees up to her chest and stared silently at Deriaz*

<Uxor>*After a moment, Uxor sat straight up in alarm, assessing the room.*

<Deriaz>*He grinned.* Well, at least you're sitting up now. That's a good sign. *Heturned his head to look at Jaggie.* What? Something on my face?--Besides oil?*He laughed, and waved a limp had at her.*

<Jaggie>You've an explanation to give me........" *Her yellow eye flickered.*

<Deriaz>Sure. An explanation. What do you want to know?

<Uxor>*Uxor moved across the floor between the two of the. She frowned and lookedaround with a questioning look. As if to ask after the other forms*

<Jaggie>Why did I find you and that creature--forged in the hall? Why was there a body?

<Uxor>*She was still looking around to determine the relative safety or urgency oftheir position*

<Deriaz>*He rubbed his face with his arm.* That's all? Well, the body . . . Turns outto be my creator. . . As for why Ragyr was here? *He pointed with a limp handat the slip of paper, still resting on its arm.* That's all the answer youneed.

<Uxor>*She reached round to her pack and pulled out a few of the flyers that she'dfound scattered in the guild hall, keeping they and her writing stick handy*

<Deriaz>*His good eye dimmed slightly* Man, what I wouldn't give for a good rest rightnow.

<Jaggie>I've seen others with the same marks upon their brow.... How do you and thatone share yours? *Jaggie pointed at her brow* There are nine others like methat have never had a mark...what binds you to him?

<Uxor>*Uxor felt in her pack and held out a few vials of oil, offering it to eitherof them*

<Deriaz>What binds me to him? The fact that we were at one point the same body. Mine.Other than that, I dunno. Nothing much, really.

<Deriaz>*He waved it away slowly with his arm.* I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

<Jaggie>*Jaggie remained silent, just staring at Deriaz* "......................nothank you Uxor............."

<Deriaz>*His arm became limp, and fell to the ground. He stared at it for a second, andthen shrugged.* Whatever...

<Uxor>*She wrote* 'Where is Ragyr? I'll presume Mekari teleported out...alive?'

<Jaggie>"I...I don't know.. I guess.."

<Deriaz>Ragyr was over by the window, last I saw. Sho must have taken him. As forMekari, yeah, she teleported out alive, with a sword in her still. Hopingthat'll leave a mark. *He laughed.*

<Uxor>*Uxor frowned as she looked at Deriaz* 'you sure you're ok? You don't look welland I'm sure you're feeling what I'm feeling if Mekari did that...screaming toyou too.'

<Jaggie>*the coldness in her eye softened* *she offered her hand*

<Deriaz>Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. *He shook his head at Jaggie's hand* I'd take it if Icould. *He laughed to himself* Can't quite move my arms... or my legs. . .Hell, anything from the neck down. . . *His eye dimmed a slight bit more. Theorange was barely there anymore.* What I wouldn't give to rest for a bit,though.

<Jaggie>It is against my own law to leave someone unhealed *She shifted over andgrasped his arm.*

<Deriaz>* The orange became a dot in his eye. It shifted, and stared at Jaggie.*  I'm fine, really. Don't worry about me.

<Jaggie>Rest if you must...but I'll still heal you.. At least so I can beat some senseinto you after.

<Deriaz>*He grinned* Ragyr could probably use some as well. Sho probably hasn't takenhim far. Beat me all you want. I think I deserve it after what I put you, Shoand Zoltando through out there. *The orange dot shrunk to the size of aquarter*

<Jaggie>*she stopped the flow of healing magics upon Ragyr's name* Even with mylaw...I'll not heal him...

<Uxor>*she wrote* 'What the hell happened? I came to the party late, so to speak.'

<Deriaz>He's not that bad really, once you get to know him. *He smiled under the maskas the orance dot shrunk a little more*

<Uxor>*she then stopped, and wrote a strange symbol on the paper, showing it toDeriaz. Then on a new page, she wrote 'fire' and showed this to Deriaz*

<Deriaz>*he turned to Uxor and nodded at the symbol.* I’d blink back, but. . . Heh. . .Anyway, you want answers? Like I said, it's all on that slip over there on theHalfling's body. He came to collect the bounty, but Jaggie, Sho and Zoltandoall tried to stop him. I didn't want them hurting Ragyr. . .

<Jaggie>He made me lose time.......I'll not heal him.

<Uxor>*but she frowned deeper yet, if such a thing were possible*

<Deriaz>*He turned back to Jaggie.* To each their own I guess. *The dot shrank evenfurther. It looked almost like a dot of ink.* I'm sure he'd appreciate it,though, if you changed your mind.

<Jaggie>I'm sure he'd appreciate putting your blade in you chest again too.....orchopping me up again...

<Deriaz>* He shook his head.* No. No, he wouldn't. Trust me. . . I said I'd reign himin. . . I already have, though slightly... He's not going to try that again...Nor will he go after you. I set down that rule as well:  Not to attack anyone in relation to theFellowship.

<Uxor>*She quickly wrote out* 'You honestly think he'll hold to that?'

<Deriaz>*He turned to Uxor, and smiled half-heartedly.* Honestly? Well. . . I can't sayabsolutely. . . But I believe he would. Just cause he tried to kill me doesn'tmean he wouldn't change.

<Jaggie>...didn't I already tell you your plan suck...Deriaz.. *Jaggie smirked thelooked over at Uxor*'

<Deriaz>*He glanced over at Jaggie, and chuckled.* My plans aren't the best, but I havea good feeling about this one.

<Jaggie>*Grumbled something about being safer in Cyre*

<Uxor>*She sighed a little, writing* 'Well I guess since he's found out the hardway...I guess we all have...that the two of you are tied for pain...that hecan't just take you out. but that doesn't mean he wont go out of his way tomake you suffer for fun. He and Mekari are cut from the same stuff if you askme. Speaking of her. What was she doing here? I assume looking like me to gainfalse trust."

<Deriaz>She wanted to challenge Ragyr to a duel for the "right of life." Evenif she didn't get that, looks like she still got him. *He laughed as the orangedot faded.*

<Jaggie>...should have never left... *Jaggie got up and looked outside*

<Deriaz>Besides, trust me. He wouldn't attack me again, or make me suffer. *He sighed*I'm sure he'd appreciate it, though, if you changed your minds and helped himout this once. As would I. *His head turned to the side.*

<Jaggie>"Der....." *Jaggie looked down at him and sighed*

<Deriaz>*He didn't answer.*

<Uxor>*She looked to Jaggie and wrote* 'Something is wrong. Is he cursed do youthink?' *she shook him slightly, trying to get a reaction from him.*

<Jaggie>He's linked to a monsterous 'forged and a shifter creature... yeah...he'scursed...

<Uxor>*She shook him harder*

<Deriaz>*His head shook limply with the shaking, but there wasn't a response.*

<Uxor>*she scratched out quickly* 'we need help. SERIOUS help. A shrine. Something.Something is really wrong Jaggie...' *She packed up the writing materials andreached down to scoop him up. He was very heavy, and bulky... but Uxor was verystrong. It took effort, but she managed, and she contemplated where to go withhim. She felt helpless*

<Jaggie>let me help... *Jaggie took a share of his weight* Lets get him to ashrine...or somewhere..... then I'll find his brother...

<Uxor>*she nodded and allowed Jaggie to lead. From where they were, she really wasn'tcertain of where a shrine was*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie shifted Deriaz's weight and reached into a small pouch she carried ather side. When she removed her hand Uxor could just see the sparkle of a silverspear head. Jaggie looked down at it for a moment then pointed* That way...

<Uxor>*Uxor blinked a little, but was grateful that one of them knew where they weregoing and nodded.*

<Jaggie>when we get there, you'll have to be the one to go in... I've no friends amongthe flame... but they can help him...

<Uxor>*She wriggled her mouth a little. Fortunately she was not on BAD terms with theflame... but not exactly great ones either.*

<Jaggie>*They ran, twisting and turning about the streets and ally ways.  Eventually the found themselves at thecatacombs*

<Uxor>*She went to the brothers, and left Deriaz's limp form in the care of Jaggie,while she quickly wrote out the trouble. Seeing the limp Deriaz was enough tobring one of the brothers over, a human with a very thick accent.*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie blurted out* Heal now!

<Uxor/BrotherAugustus>  *the brother read over thenote as he inspected Deriaz and started a prayer*

<Jaggie>HEAL NOW!

<Uxor/BroGus>*The brother ignored her command and reached out to lay his hands upon Deriaz*

<Jaggie>Uxor, what if his brother is the same way? *Jaggie set Deriaz upon the ground.*

<Uxor/BroGus>*she continued to write* 'very possible. When Sho took Ragyr, what conditionwas he in?'

<Jaggie>I don't know.. *Jaggie looked most uncomfortable near Augustus* ...Bad

<Uxor/BroGus>*the brother flooded Deriaz's form with positive, divine, healing power, whilespeaking to the two of them.* Your frend he ez very bed. *It took a moment toget used to his accent*

<Jaggie>yes...Uxor...I gotta find 'em. *Jaggie reached into her pocket once more andplaced the silver spearhead in Deriaz's hand.* make sure you don't lose that.

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor nodded to Jaggie's request concerning the spearhead.*

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor and the brother observed Deriaz for any sign of change in him*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie looked up at Augustus* The spearhead is yours if you keep him alive.*an insription apon the spearhead read 'Flamekeep Therendor 12th 995'*

<Deriaz>*He didn't move*

<Uxor/BroGus>Brother: "There is no need for that. It is my duty to fight the forces ofdarkness, such as what has befallen your friend here" *They were gettingused to the way he talked.* *the brother frowned* Though...I may not have needto even attempt, as your friend is no longer alive it would seem.

<Jaggie>  WHAT!

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor swallowed. hard. Very, very immediately her thoughts went to Endaria. ToVarro's recollection of him taking her from shrine to brother and everywherewith no ultimate way of reviving her.. and Mekari. *She shook her head* 'Howmuch for resurrection, Brother?'

<Uxor/BroGus>*The brother stared at Jaggie for a moment in silence. Then he turned to Uxoronce more* For you, No price my child. Your Fellowship does many great thingsfor the people, in a secular way mind you... But the Silver Flame has been madeaware of the trouble with your minstrel, and the attack suffered on you aswell. And I recognize your friend here. He is of the Blue Line, no? I have seenhim many times in the city.  This evilof attacking ambassadors of out city must be stopped, and I for one am happy tolend my help to oppose this darkness. Come. *the brother beckoned them* Bringhim over here my child.

<Jaggie>*Jaggie did her best not to growl.*

<Uxor/BroGus>  *Uxor suppressed a sigh of relied. She hadbeen afraid that her close association with Varro would have done Deriaz in.Varro didn't like the Silver Flame. He wasn't exactly private about it either.She was glad that aspect of the brother's recollections was not in play. Shecomplied with the brother's wishes.*

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor glance over to Jaggie with a look that said, 'what was THAT about?'*

<Jaggie>*Jaggie looked to Uxor* He may know once he has the spear...I've to findDeriaz's other..."

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor nodded and motioned her on. She managed to scratch out in the dust of theground* 'I stay with him'

<Jaggie>Yes. *At that Jaggie turned and ran back to the guild for clues and where Shomight have taken Ragyr.*

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor then turned her attention to the brother, who was already engrossed inhis rituals around Deriaz's body.*

<Uxor/BroGus>*he spoke as a new wave of energy surged into the fallen forged* Come to thewarmth and light that is the Silver Flame my son! Return to us and bask in loveand goodness!

<Deriaz>*He didn't move for a moment, until his left arm shook, and his hand flexedinto a fist. His eyes came back to like, and he relaxed. He looked up to seeAugustus and Uxor, and grinned.* Did I miss anything?

<Jaggie>*upon returning to the guild hall Jaggie found a rather large crowd of peopleand several heavily armed guards. She ducked back around the corner. She stillhad blood and oil covering her. Best to look for clues in higher grounds.*

<Deriaz>*Over at the Catacombs, Deriaz got up slowly. He got to his feet but almost assoon as he did that his eyes seemed to shine half as bright. A hand went up tohis head, and he fell to his knees. He growled in pain*

<Uxor/BroGus>*the brother looked him over* How are you my son? *Uxor came to Der's side andhelped him up*

<Deriaz>*With one hand still clenching the side of his head, he waved the questionaway.* I'm fine, I'm fine. *He let Uxor help him up, but it looked like hecouldn't put much pressure on his left foot-- Like it had become dead weight.He looked around, and then at Uxor.* Where's Jaggie? And Ragyr?

<Uxor/BroGus>*Uxor took to writing again* ' I don't know. Sho took Ragyr I'm told. I didn'tsee it. I couldn't move then. Jaggie went to try and find them.

<Deriaz>  *He went down to one knee again, his rightone.* Let's hope she find them, then. Need to make sure Ragyr is alright. . .
I'm sure I should be embarrassed but I'm not.
I'm sure I should feel stupid but I'm hot.
I'm gonna grab my brush and paint the town.

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