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    Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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    I left home after my ailing(human) mother passed on to the next life. She lives now as a memory of strength, loyalty, and justice. Because I was raised among humans, I feel the most comfortable around them, yet I am never truely accepted by them. Strange. My current mission is to perfect the arts of stealth and cunning. To help just causes any way I can, even if it means thievery. A few coins that drop for me are also welcome, noble causes cost money after all. Something my Paladin Mother never understood... or the head Adept of the Paladin University where I was enrolled for a short time for that matter. He expelled me without evidence! (And I sold his silly trinket long ago anyway) *shrug Easy come easy go I suppose. I was recently promoted to "officer" in the Order, and well, I am quite nervous about sucha noble position.

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    Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Rogue
    Level: 14 Race: Halfling
    Sub-Class: Paladin Sub-Class 2: None

    Awarded Medals: Awarded to those that have been voted has the Roleplayer of the MonthThe Roleplaying Star: Awarded for Outstanding RoleplayFor those that are close to Nklos....Maybe... Maybe to close...ohhhhh!!! Jaggie must like ya, she was just about to finish off her last cookie when you came along at just the right time. Enjoy.  (cookie points can be traded for ingame cookies)  Yum! (Cookie Points can be traded in for ingame cookies)

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