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    Points DeWay
    Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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    Befriend this Rogue... Orphaned at a young age, poor beyond measure and living by wit and guile he survived Due to his small size he also had to learn how to hold on to his meager possessions As a result he leaves no copper laying and no stone or switch unturned. Points is good at finding his way out of tough situations and has a keen eye for finding things to keep he and his friends going. Loyal to his friends the few he has he will sacrifice all to keep them alive and everyone coming home. While Points believes in the power of good and hopes for a better future he is of the opinion that a little law can go a long way and doesn't necessarily believe that all laws are just or necessarily apply to him. Afterall he couldn't just leave that unattended bag of gold laying there could he? It might have wound up in the wrong hands...

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    Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Rogue
    Level: 20 Race: Elf
    Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

    Awarded Medals: Members who have been initiated.Awarded to those that have been voted has the Roleplayer of the MonthDistinguished Medal of Achievment: This medal is awarded to those that step beyond the boundaries expected from each memberThe Roleplaying Star: Awarded for Outstanding RoleplayThis shield marks you as an officer of the Golden NightThis card may be kept untill Zoltando threatens to stab you to death.  (you may recieve this card a max. of 3 times)This card may be kept untill Zoltando threatens to stab you to death.  (you may recieve this card a max. of 3 times)For those that are close to Nklos....Maybe... Maybe to close...ohhhhh!!! Jaggie must like ya, she was just about to finish off her last cookie when you came along at just the right time. Enjoy.  (cookie points can be traded for ingame cookies)

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