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    Valianna d'Eberron
    Thelanis, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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    Raised in an isolated village in the forests of Aerenal, Valianna has always loved nature. Her father is a hunter for the village, and used to take Vali and her half-brothers with him into the forests, where he taught them to recognise and track their prey, and despatch it efficiently with either sword or bow. Although she admires and respects the beauty and power of nature, there are some things that she just can't bear - anything with more than four legs sends shivers down her spine, and she especially despises spiders! (That many legs, and eyes, is just unnatural, surely?) She values freedom, and left her homeland in an attempt to regain her own. She came to Stormreach partly in search of that freedom, adventure and like-minded people, and partly because it was the destination of the first ship she could get passage on when she made it to the harbour! However, she found the town overwhelming, and was feeling very lost and alone here until she was accepted into the Fellowship of the Golden Night. Now, she is enjoying getting to know her new "family" and helping them to help others. Recently, an unfortunate time in her life led to something unexpected but wonderful. She has now found love, and a very special bond, with a certain roguishly handsome elf of the Fellowship... (For the full story, check here: ) Now proud to be the wife of Points DeWay d'Eberron... :-)

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    Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Ranger
    Level: 21 Race: Elf
    Sub-Class: None Sub-Class 2: None

    Awarded Medals: Members who have been initiated.Awarded to those that have been voted has the Roleplayer of the MonthThe Roleplaying Star: Awarded for Outstanding RoleplayThis shield marks you as an officer of the Golden NightThis card may be kept untill Zoltando threatens to stab you to death.  (you may recieve this card a max. of 3 times)ohhhhh!!! Jaggie must like ya, she was just about to finish off her last cookie when you came along at just the right time. Enjoy.  (cookie points can be traded for ingame cookies)  Yum! (Cookie Points can be traded in for ingame cookies)

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