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    Lhazaar, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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    ((this was my founding character on Lhazaar; she still exists !))

    (CLICK HERE for the full image I used in my signature)
    "I would love for you to JOIN US."

    If you keep looking at me like that,
you're gonna have to buy me a drink.

    Due to a series of unfortunate events involving her parents, As a child, Hope had become traumatized, and started to live under the direct care of the-Lady and her servants. Now as an Adult, Hope of-the-Lady finds comfort in the Fellowship of the Golden Night.

    She continues to black-out most of her past and tends to live in the now with little patience for weak individuals--or those who prey upon them!

    "Not Unlike the watcher we wait, fore beauty becomes both...seen and seeker"--the-Lady

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    --Seeks knowledge and beauty in all things; therefore making her a 'Jill-of-all trades'.

    I Love This Image

    Possesed by the Lady

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    Character Stats
    Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Bard
    Level: 10 Race: Human
    Sub-Class: Bard Sub-Class 2: Bard

    Awarded Medals: None

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