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    Jabari Reven
    Beta Server, Dungeons and Dragons Online
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    A well-educated and articulate young man, Jabari Reven spent the majority of his years working with his father aboard the flagship of the family shipping company. A well-known and influencial man, his father's reputation ensured Jabari a comfortable life with allies all over Khorvaire and beyond.

    In his late teens Jabari attempted his hand at storytelling. Discovering his tales of adventures within the Lhazaar Principality to be in great demand among the more civilized provinces of Khorvaire, he left the family business to pursue the life of a bard. After several years of travelling, entertaining countless tavern patrons with his stories of the lawless northeastern islands, Jabari found interest waning as his tales grew older. To remedy this, he made a public request for an adventuring group and started the events which would lead to him becoming a member of the Fellowship of the Golden Night.

    ((See first journal entry for full story, all entries afterwards are the continuing writings of Jabari in his personal journal))

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    Class: Bard Level: 1
    Race: Human

    Awarded Medals: None

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    Public Journal Entries
    12/4/2005 5:32 PM
    12/2/2005 3:06 AM
    11/27/2005 4:55 PM
    11/27/2005 4:54 PM
    11/27/2005 4:50 PM

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