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Our charter is currently under modifications. Current changes are displayed below.

Fellowship of the Golden Night
Guild Charter

Guild Etiquette:

1.Treat fellow gamers with respect at all times, both in and out of character. (Avoid forceplay and ask permission when interacting with others.)
2. Respect the rules as laid down by the Dungeon Master(Turbine.) Breaking them will see you removed from the Guild.
3. Don't apply to this guild if at any point your hands are not doing the work of your character. (3rd party macro's will not be tolerated.)
4. Your character may be the moodiest bastard going, but remember strangers don't know him, be friendly untill they know him or sent them a friendly tell to keep them informed.
5. Theft/scamming from other players will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the guild.
6.We play DDO to escape reality. Please show courtesy and respect to those that use the Guild and the RP channels for in-game context and role-play. Real life emergency tells are acceptable when interrupting In Character conversations.
7. We are a Role-playing guild. Please play your part and allow others to play theirs. We can't all always be the hero but with good communication we can make the difference between a good story and a great one.
8. Be aware of your signature on the forums, we do not want any negative associations from questionable views.

Guild Oaths and Laws:
1.We are a fellowship, when we hunt we hunt as a group. Please party with guild members and allied members first.
When looting, tend to your own needs first, then the needs of your party, but keep in mind your fellow members both in guild and in alliance.
2. Guild members are encouraged to support guild and server hosted events, and where possible contribute to their success and search for solutions to their failures.
3. Good communication is the key to a successful guild. If you feel that you are not being heard then please speak louder, the officers will listen.
4.Internal guild matters that cannot be solved between the parties WILL be solved by the Officers. Our word is binding.
5. Your Guild is your family, it'll risk it's neck to save yours, you are to risk yours for it and any other guildsman in need.
6. There will be NO excuses for grudges, personal vendettas or open bias between guild members. If you're not happy about someone either speak to them or seek out an Officer to speak for you. If you are the one being spoken to, learn and change. 
If you're unhappy bring it to the Officers.
7. This guild is cross race, profession, colour, creed, nation, sexuality and political direction. Reconsider rule 6.
8. Open theft or cowardice will be treated in the most stringent of manners as directed by the Officers.
9. All official inter-guild communications should be made through Officers.
10. Bringing the name of the Guild into disrepute will be possibly the last thing you do with this Guild.
11. Our allies are to be treated equally. Treat them as you would treat our own guild members.

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