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Forums : Applications > Quevalynn Soth - Kinship application
DigitalMagic (Member) 3/20/2011 3:45 PM EST : Quevalynn Soth - Kinship application

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  • Character Name: Quevalynn Soth

  • Player Age: 32

  • Time Zone: EST

  • Character NameQuevalynn

  • Character Race: Man

  • Character ClassChampion

  • Current character Level: 18

  • Is this a free (F2P) or subscribed account: VIP

  • Playstyle: Hardcore, Immersive RP 90% of the time. I do enjoy the occasional leveling / RP raids as well.

  • Are you a member of any other LotRO kinships: No

  • What do you seek of your membership in The White Tree?: An engaging, active RP society who is fun and intresting. I seek to grow both as a character and as a member, and be as active as I can.

  • What do you hope to contribute to as a member of The White Tree?: IC-wise ? Mature, experienced RP'er, and good company. I've played other MMO's and been to different RP guilds in the past. I hope to take part (and run, if that's possible) RP events. OOC-wise - I am a Software engineer by trade, so if this can help us (forum-wise forexample), do let me know.

  • Your character is max level.  What next?: For me leveling is just a small part of the game. I enjoy the RP community mostly. I am not usually one to hold many characters and I usually invest most of my time into one. As far as I am concerned, its my membership and rank in the White Tree that will dictate "what next".

  • Have you read policies and procedures of our kinship? Yes, and I could not agree more. I too seek a mature, engaging and active RP community to play with. I'll do my best to learn of the ranks and Kinship's personal history.

Thank you for you time.

DigitalMagic (a.k.a Quevalynn Soth)

Characters: Quevalynn

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