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Kiss(ZH) (Applicant) 6/24/2011 8:47 PM EST : Collections Reference (& help!)

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Sup guys

Okay so I compiled a list of all collections in the game sans current "seasonal event" collections (obv those aren't around long enough.) If it's not on this list, it's either a collection of collections or I'm a lazy bastard. Let me know if it's the latter. :B

Use this for your own reference, or feel free to post here (or even send me an in game mail) which pieces you're missing. I figure most of our mains have a lot of the trash collections complete and the more rare things have specific spawn areas that I don't always go out to anymore. All I ask is that you keep your needs updated regularly (not going to send you a second Superboy for you to sell it xD.) If you're working on an alt, please notate. Those will be helped but for obv reasons, main toons will take priority. So will active members.

[bleh, the formatting is vexing me, I'll finish this tomorrow.]

Kiss(ZH) (Applicant) 6/26/2011 4:55 PM EST : RE: Collections Reference (& help!)

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Alien Technology

1. Thanagarian Disruptor

2. Apokaliptian Disabler

3. Kryptonian Disruptor

4. Martian Disabler

5. Oan Disabler

6. Apellexian Disruptor

7. Cathexian Disabler

8. Rannian Disruptor

Ancient Kahndaqian Relics

1. Jackal-Headed Scepter

2. Amuletic Knot

3. Vulture-carved Collar

4. Falcon-Headed ring

5. Funerary Papyrus

6. Scarab Diadem

Bibbo's Burgers Signature Plates

1. Meatloaf of Steel Signature Plate

2. World's Greatest Deep Dish Signature Plate

3. The Amazing Appetizer Signature Plate

4. The Scarlet Sandwich Signature Plate

5. Kingfish of the Sea Signature Plate

6. The Emerald Artichoke Signature Plate

Big Belly BurgerTime

1. Big Belly Dinner Mint Cookies

2. Big Belly Raisin Maven Cookies

3. BigBelly HappyTime Meal Cookies

4. BigBelly Peanutblaster Cookies

5. Choco-brand Big Belly Cookie Bits

Brainiac War

1. Brainiac System Breaker Datamatrix

2. Brainiac Analyzer Datamatrix

3. Brainiac Havok Servitor Datamatrix

4. Brainiac Electrode Datamatrix

5. Brainiac Accumulator Datamatrix

6. Brainiac Subjugator Datamatrix

7. Braniac Spark Datamatrix

8. Braniac Incorporator Datamatrix

9. Brainiac Eradicator Drone Datamatrix

10. Brainiac Program Datamatrix


1. Superman Statue Plaque Rubbing

2. Booster Gold Memorial Plaque Rubbing

3. Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing

4. Battle of Metropolis Memorial Plaque Rubbing

5. The Vanishing Plaque Rubbing

6. Rain of the Supermen Plaque Rubbing

7. Martian Invasion Memorial Plaque Rubbing

Chemo's Legacy

1. Hydroxylamine NH20H

2. Alkylating Agents

3. Oxidative Molecules

4. Ionizing Materials

5. DNA Intercalcating Agents

6. DNA Crosslinkers

Daily Planet Guides

1. A Guide to Centennial Park Under the Stars

2. The Planet's Guide to HeroWatching!

3. LexCorp and Metropolis:A Historic Guide

4. A Guide to Wining and Dining in Little Bohemia

Depths of the Asylum

1. The Personal Diary of Amadeus Arkham

2. Amadeus Arkham’s Patient Journal

3. The Observations Journal of Jeremiah Arkham

4. Jeremiah Arkham’s Play Manuscript

5. Elizabeth Arkham’s Personal Diary

Genetically Modified Maize

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Yellow

4. White

5. Purple

Gold Quality Boostercomms

1. Silver-Plated LexComm Aerphone

2. Staggberry Phone in Smoky Black

3. Wayntech Faeri Smartphone

4. Thundercloud Touchphone by LexComm

5. Macrowave Botphone

Gotham Central

1. GCPD File:Officer Jim Corrigan (KIA)

2. GCPD File:Lieutenant Ron Probson

3. GCPD File:Detective Harvey Bullock

4. GCPD File:Commissioner Michael Atkins

5. GCPD File:Detective Josephine Macdonald

6. GCPD File:Detective Crispus Allen (KIA)

7. GCPD File:Former Detective Renee Montoya

8. GCPD File:Detective Romy Chandler

9. GCPD File:Detective Marcus Driver

Gotham Fans

1. Gotham Knights Pennant

2. Gotham Gators Pennant

3. Gotham Guardsman Pennant

4. Gotham Blades Pennant

5. Gotham Razorback Pennant

6. Gotham Griffins Pennant

7. Gotham Guardians Pennant

8. Gotham Goliaths Pennant


Kiss(ZH) (Applicant) 6/26/2011 4:56 PM EST : RE: Collections Reference (& help!)

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Gotham Gazette Guides

1. Guide to Gotham Dining and Dancing

2. The Gazette's Guide to Coventry Zoon

3. Season Guide to the Vauxhall Opera

4. A Guide to Cathedral Square

Gotham Meetups

1. Majestic Theater Ticket Stub

2. Kane Art Museum Ticket Stub

3. Gotham Zoo Ticket Stub

4. Arkham Asylum Visitor's Stub

5. Luigi's Pizza Order Stub

6. Planet Krypton-Gotham Stub

7. Iceberg Lounge Order Stub

8. Amusement Mile Ticket Stub

Gotham Street Signs

1. Aparo Expressway

2. Novick Tunnel

3. Peckingpah Street

4. Broome Street

5. Sprang Bridge

6. Westward Bridge

7. Park Row

8. Saint Street

Gotham University

1. Gotham Wolves Jersey

2. Gotham U Yearbook

3. Wolf Den Student Union Pass

4. Gotham U Varsity Jacket

Kryptonite Isotopes

1. Green Kryptonite

2. Red Kryptonite

3. Gold Kryptonite

4. Blue Kryptonite

5. Black Kryptonite

6. White Kryptonite

7. Orange Kryptonite

8. Phantom Zone Kryptonite

LexCorp Rapid Assault Gear

1. LX-38 Battering Ram Plans

2. LX-587 PepperBall Plans

3. LX-156 Tactical Beacon Plans

4. LX-459 Assault Vambrace Plans

5. LX-115 Squad Radio Plans

6. LX-407 Emergency Entry Bar Plans

7. LX-76 Netgun Plans

Lois Lane Bylines

1. Planet Headline:Earth has a Superman!

2. Planet Headline:Luthor Jailed!

3. Planet Headline:Who is Supergirl?

4. Planet Headline:Captain Marvel vs. Superman!

5. Planet Headline:The Death of Superman!

Lunar Soil Compounds

1. Anorthosite

2. Pyroxine

3. Llmenite

4. Norite

5. Troctolite

6. Olivine

Mana-Twisted Plants

1. Bloodseeker Vine

2. Blightthorn Bush

3. Defiled Rotvine

4. Weeping Rosehorror

5. Horrid Timber

Metahumanity's Vanguard

1. LexCorp Trooper Blood Sample

2. STAR Labs Blood Sample

3. Icer Blood Sample

4. Mandrake Blood Sample

5. MSCU Officer Blood Sample

6. HIVE Stinger Blood Sample

7. Gorilla Soldier Blood Sample

Metropolis Fans

1. Metropolis Monarchs Pennant

2. Metropolis Meteors Pennant

3. Metropolis Sharks Pennant

4. Metropolis Metros Pennant

5. Metropolis Generals Pennant

6. Metropolis Mammoths Pennant

Metropolis Matchups

1. S.T.A.R. Labs Matchbook

2. Stryker’s Island Matchbook

3. Big Belly Burger Matchbook

4. LexCorp Building Matchbook

5. Daily Planet Matchbook

6. Planet Krypton Matchbook

7. Cain Theatre Matchbook

8. Ace o’Clubs Pub Matchbook

Metropolis Street Signs

1. Sullivan Lane

2. Clinton Street

3. Bessolo Boulevard

4. Topaz Lane

5. Collyer Street

6. Coates Boulevard


Kiss(ZH) (Applicant) 6/26/2011 4:57 PM EST : RE: Collections Reference (& help!)

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Metropolis University

1. Metropolis Eagles Jersey

2. Metropolis U Yearbook

3. Eagle's Nest Student Union Pass

4. Met U Varsity Jacket

MPD Science Cops

1. MPD File:Detective Dan the Terrible Turpin

2. MPD File:Captain Maggie Sawyer

3. MPD File:Inspector William Henderson

4. MPD File:Detective Paul Cage

5. MPD File:Detective Sam Phelan

6. MPD File:Detective Matthew Martic

News From Around the Planet

1. Perry White’s EIC Pass

2. Steve Lombard's Metrodome Pass

3. Ron Troupe’s City Hall Pass

4. Cat Grant’s Club L’Excellence Pass

5. Lana Lang’s University Pass

6. Jimmy Olsen's Photolab Pass

7. Lois Lane’s LexCorp Pass(stolen)

8. Lois Lane’s White House Pass

9. Clark Kent's Metropolis City Hall Pass

10. Clark Kent's STAR Labs Pass

No Man's Land

1. Diamond District Penguin Gang Patch

2. East Side Maskers Gang Patch

3. Tricorner GCPD Gang Patch

4. North Gotham Demonz Gang Patch

5. Old Gotham Lo Boyz Gang Patch

6. City Hall Two-Faced Gang Patch

7. West Side Freeze Gang Patch

8. Arkham Jokerz Gang Patch

Penguin Umbrellas

1. Machinegun Umbrella

2. Hypnosis Umbrella

3. Gas Umbrella

4. Missile Umbrella

5. Flamethrower Umbrella

6. Laser Umbrella

7. Acid Spray Umbrella

8. Sniper Umbrella

Rarest of Materials

1. Ununquadium

2. Neodymium

3. Copernicum

4. Promethium

5. Einsteinium

6. Darmstadtium

7. Hassium

8. Rutherfordium

Robinson Remembrance

1. Amazon Attack Plaque Rubbing

2. War Games Plaque Rubbing

3. No Mans Land Plaque Rubbing

4. Rann-Thanagarian War Plaque Rubbing

5. Day of Vengeance Plaque Rubbing

Science Squad Experiments

1. Doctor Death's Plague Gas

2. Veronica Cale's Ingestible Containment Unit

3. Doctor Sivana's Suspendium

4. IQ's Jet Boots

5. Will Magnus' Particle Wave Ray Gun

6. Red Tyrant Robot Head

Signs of the Great Ten

1. Tablet of the Accomplished Perfect Physician

2. Tablet of the August General in Iron

3. Tablet of the Celectial Archer

4. Tablet of the Ghost Fox Killer

5. Tablet of the Immortal Man-in-Darkness

6. Tablet of the Mother Champions

7. Tablet of the Seven Deadly Brothers

8. Tablet of the Shaolin Robot

9. Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman

10. Tablet of the Thundermind

Sorcerous Vanguard

1. Magent's Rune

2. Amazonian Rune

3. Blood Cultist's Rune

4. Demonic Rune

5. Atlantean Rune

6. Beastiamorph Rune

7. Sentinel's Rune

Stagg Stop Maps

1. Map of Gotham City

2. Map of Metropolis

3. Map of Fawcett City

4. Map of Keystone City

5. Map of Bludhaven

6. Map of Opal City

7. Map of Smallville

8. Map of Star City

9. Map of Coast City

STAR Prototype Gear

1. Class O Targeting System

2. Class B Thruster System

3. Class A Exoskeletal system

4. Class F Maneuvering Jet System

5. Class G Sensor Package

6. Class K Gyroscopic System

7. Class M Precision Laser System

Steelworks Scraps

1. Dilustel Housing

2. Palladium Meshweave

3. Chronometrically Neutral Alloy

4. Holoprojection Matrix

5. Acoustium Casing

6. Tibanna Power Supply

Technology's Vanguard

1. Waynetech Trooper's Helm Circuitry

2. Fear Gas FOgger Circuitry

3. Mobster Stealth Circuitry

4. SCU Mask Circuitry

5. Venom Distillation Circuitry

6. OMAC Core Circuitry

7. Jokerbot Circuitry

The Joker's Trick Cards

1. Killer King of Hearts

2. TNT Ten of Diamonds

3. Sharpened Seven of Spades

4. Neurotoxin Nine of Hearts

5. Explosive Eight of Diamonds


1. Hall of Justice Access Pass

2. Slideways Teleport Beacon

3. Hydroponics Lab Gene Scanner

4. "Thanagar Invasion" War Room Program

5. Hall of Heroes Statuary Guide

6. Monitor Wombs Comm Keycode

7. Docking Bay Hailing Frequency

8. Containment Cells Visitor's Pass

Vicki Vale Bylines

1. Gazette Headline:Who is the Batman?

2. Gazette Headline:Joker Escapes Arkham!

3. Gazette Headline:Fear of Scarecrow Grips City

4. Gazette Headline:No-Man's Land Ended!

5. Gazette Headline:Gordon Named Commissioner!

6. Gazette Headline:Catwoman Crime Spree

Volcanic Upheaval

1. Basalt Compounds

2. Komatite Compounds

3. Diorite Compounds

4. Adesite Compounds

5. Rhyolite Compounds

6. Pegmatite Compounds

WayneTech Watches

1. Waynetech Tachymeter Watch

2. Stainless Steel Waynetech Watch

3. Waynetech Chronographite Watch

4. Waynetech Seamaster Diving Watch

5. Wayne Enterprises Executive-Class Watch

Welcome to Groom Lake

1. Weather Balloon Casing

2. Majestic 12 Brainwashing Schema

3. Aurora-58 Warp Drive Capacitor

4. Unpowered NID Blaster Pistol

5. SDI-Style Thermoptics

You Are Wrong! Fan Service

1. The Demons Are Comin'Mug

2. YAW!Mug

3. Above Alien Influence Mug

4. Stealin' Ma Soul Mug


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