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Champions Online News
Welcome to the Home of the Expendable Heroes Supergroup for the MMO Champions Online.  Expendable Heroes is a Supergroup with rich history dating back to the Beta Days of the Game.  It was officially established a little over a year ago by a group of players that came from Cryptic's other hit game Star Trek Online.  The original fleet moved on, and now we are reviving the group with the advent of Champions Online Free to Play.  The group is growing each and everyday faster than it every has and we are excited about building a group where people enjoy the game and each other.

Once invited in game if you like what you see and want to be a member you must register on this site and then wait two weeks.  The two weeks is for us to evaulate you to make sure you get along with the rest of the group.
Expendable Heroes News

More Events

Skullduggery247, Mar 9, 11 7:43 PM.
We are in the process of coming up with some new Event ideas for you heroic lads and ladies do not get to ecxited as they are in the first stage of construction, blueprints would be the precise word.

regards your Events Officer Skullduggery

Open Positions in Expendable Heroes

Cfolds, Feb 22, 11 3:10 PM.
We have opened the forum for officer nominiations in the forum section.  Please review if you are interested in the following positions.
  • Sub-Leader - 2nd in Command
  • Administrator
  • Events Officer
  • Recruitment/Membership Officer
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Communication Manager


Denryche and DarkOsprey to Head up Membership

Cfolds, Feb 21, 11 1:18 PM.
Congratulations and thanks to Denryche and DarkOsprey who will be helping out with membership.  They have shown initiative and for the time being will be helping with process of people becoming members.  They will also be coordinating efforts to get the custom chat channel and alt group working.  If you see them in game or hear them on vent thank them for thier help!

Jon Doodmire's Impromptu Costume Contest

Lil_Shawn_, Feb 19, 11 6:02 PM.
Yesterday, Wednesday February 16th, I, Jonnathan Faulken Doodmire, hosted my first Costume Contest in Millenium City.

The catagories and Winners were;
Best Human Hero went to The Rifleman
Best Pirate Robot Ninja went to Professor Devolution
Best Contrast went to Nuclear Power Plant
Best in Show went to Luppa

Thank you Every one for coming out and showing your support. And a Big, big thank you to Kitt Courquette for contributing a costume unlock peice for the best in show portion of the event. Thank you all again.

Your Friend,
   Jonnathan Faulken Doodmire
         Dictated but not Read

February's Group Photo

Cfolds, Feb 19, 11 6:00 PM.

February's Expendable Heroes Group Photo
The gallery of more group photos from this session is to the right.

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You may recruit anyone you see fit, and then promote them to recruit. Recruits have a two week waiting period to become members. Recruits must also register on the website to gain membership. If you get complaints during this time, you may be removed from Expendable Heroes.
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