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LDoN lowdown

536898262_Inactive, Sep 11, 03 1:13 PM.
Here is a great link to a site about how LDoN works.

Hope it helps

The Roster

536898262_Inactive, Apr 25, 03 5:50 PM.
The Guildportal Admin has changed the way the roster works. This has caused a few problems with the Dbase that has all of our old char info in it. They do not plan to figure out how to get the old roster and char info into the new one so here is the ROSTER FIX. Each person has to click on "My Characters" and add your char and alts again. I am not to happy about this but its the only way to get a complete roster again. So Please update your char info the next time you log on the site. Sorry for the problems, Stormfok

Bera's Spear of Fate

536898262_Inactive, Apr 17, 03 10:21 AM.

Congrats to Baroness Bera
You deserve your Spear of Fate as much as anyone in all of Norrath.
and take note that she is now to be called Baroness Bera.
And a new look to go with it.

CoM, Congrats Bera

536898262_Inactive, Mar 29, 03 10:58 PM.
Congrats to Bera on getting your epic item from Neh Ashiir, Sorry the raid did not go as smooth as you wanted but hey we got what we wanted. Congrats to Everyone that made it to CoM. We dropped in grouped up with some cool DT members and a few new friends took out Neh Ashiir twice his brother Lord Ark Ashiir once and Jax (Chanter epic mob) and got out clean. I would have to say it was a great CoM raid. The only thing that would have made it better is if all of the HoB could have made it, maybe next time.
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LDoN lowdown
Sep 11, 03 1:13 PM
The Roster
Apr 25, 03 5:50 PM
Bera's Spear of Fate
Apr 17, 03 10:21 AM
CoM, Congrats Bera
Mar 29, 03 10:58 PM
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