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This is the home of Lost Shadows a World of Warcraft Roleplaying Guild located on the European Argent Dawn server : Hordeside.

NEW MEMBERS - When you first arrive you will need to open an account by clicking new account at the top of the screen. When you provide your details, make sure you check the box that says apply to join Lost Shadows. Please try to pick a name that's close to your main character's name.

 You will initially not be able to see most forums untill you are approved - Whisper Tabara in game to speed this up.
You should also then click on the character settings at the top to add your character's details so it can appear on the roster.

If you didn't check the box that said apply to join lost shadows there will be a link at the top that says "Join Lost Shadows."

Other Guild News

The Lost Shadows, time of rest

537322860_Inactive, Mar 26, 07 1:06 PM.
The Lost Shadows, a legendary guild on Argent Dawn, has entered a time of rest. Some member are still around, but not much activity done anymore.

We remember the grand days with fondness, and will forever honour The Lost Shadows.

Who Can Craft What ?

Tabara, Oct 9, 06 7:06 AM.
I'm trying to compile a master list of who can craft what end-game items.

Please could everyone check this thread and post what they can craft from the list / check for errors in what is already there.

Thanks in advance.

Clugarzh stepping down as Elder

Clugarzh, Jun 25, 06 2:04 PM.
Sunday the 2nd of July Clugarzh will step down as Elder of the Lost Shadows.
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