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Haven Reforged is a Rift guild on the Three Spring server! We are a group of generally elderly people, mostly incapable of moving about without the assistance of some young whipper-snapper. That's just what happens when you hit 30. We are searching for a more mature crowd on the Three Springs server and expanding our guild to like-minded folks. We are finding that Three Springs is testing the mature crowd theory to its limits in the warfronts, For example, there was this one guy that swore left, right, and North are different if you live in Australia.

We are laid back. We do not have any kind of raiding requirements. We will not cry out a Squirrel Tear if you aren't spending all of your waking hours in-game, working on guild quests or whatever. Seriously, real life comes first, and that's not just lip service. If you're hell-bent on rapid progression to burn through as much of the game's content as quickly as possible, then we're probably not going to be BFFs.

That said, when we do raid/ do slivers, we like to win! When we wipe, we get everyone back up and buffed as quickly as possible and go for the next attempt, because waiting around is about the last thing people want to do with their spare time.

We have zero tolerance for drama, spreading dissent, and talking smack behind people's backs. We fully understand that interpersonal conflict is something that appeals to the sociopaths out there, and that these games make it very easy to flex nutcase muscles. For them, another guild is definately a better option.

So if this all sounds terribly exciting to you, and you think you'd be a good match, go ahead and apply to the site here. Shoot either Isabeaux, Grandus, Aalliya, Ghalone, or Pods a tell in-game afterwards if you feel like it, too.
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