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Explanation of Ranks
High Council  A founder of the guild. Haven has no single leader, but instead is "owned" collectively by those who created it, with the assistance of the member body.
High Council Alt  Exists solely to make it possible for those on the High Council to perform administrative functions while on alternative characters. 
Council  Individuals who have continually had a positive impact on the guild as a whole. Drama and negativity are strangers to these people, and they often organize events or help others with problems they are having, above and beyond most everyone else. This is the highest obtainable rank in the guild. They have the ability to invite, kick, set the message of the day, accept/complete/abandon guild quests, and promote and demote.
Chancellor  Active participants in the operation of the guild, with one or more specific duties (for example, recruiting or leading raids). They have the ability to invite, promote, and accept/complete/abandon guild quests.
Magistrate  Full members of Haven, level 3. Individuals with this rank regularly assist others and have proven themselves to be a positive presence overall. 
Chamberlain  Full members of Haven, level 2. Individuals with this rank have proven themselves to be a positive or helpful presence.
Dedicate  Full members of Haven.
Acolyte  This rank is reserved alternates of mains that play in other guilds, for example alliance alts. 
Initiate Newly invited to the guild, individuals with this rank are on a trial period of a week during which both they and the Haven leadership determine whether they'd be a good fit for the guild.
Member Characters DKP
Aaron Lewis 00 0
Flyx Flyx 00 0
Grandus Grandus, Hawklyn 00 0
Opejia Bryte, Faern 0.99 0
Tikatika 00 0
Alliya Alliya, Kady 0.99 0
Sineve 00 0
grebo13 00 0
Ditrain Alangre, Daegre, Ditrain, Graegor 00 0
Ansair Ansair 00 0
Isabeaux Isabeaux, Issabeau, Zahri 0.44 0
LambicRift Lambic, Tikkany 00 0
KaenFallen Kaendris , Kaenra 0.99 0
Armel- Armel, Saecyn, Svevin -0.2-2 2
geiil geiil 00 0
Seelierift Cameo, Kewpie, Seelie 00 0
kirria Kirria 00 0
Lendyl Lendyl, Rizzon 00 0
ghalone ghalone 00 0
Wavern Caleesta...Wifes toon, Dabad, Wavern, Wavesenous 00 0
Swiftdivine Palice, Swift, Swiftie 00 0
Chai Tea Chaibhl, Chaicow, Chairis, Chairo 00 0
Bloodius Bloodious, Maxamus, RatManWillie, UpSirLots 00 0
Lunnabell Luna, Lunabell 00 0
Thah55 Thah 00 0
TainienRift 00 0
Balm71 Balm 00 0
Praetor_Kypher Praetor 00 0
Quin Quinlilaghaire 00 0
Sledge@Rift Sledge 00 0
Ryzomel Ryzomel 00 0
rifterman longshotg 00 0
Alysandra Alysandra 00 0
Saren101 Vespasian 00 0
clilesra Rikii 00 0
YellsAtClouds Sennex, Xennes 00 0
Caardamus Prassion, Rixon 00 0
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