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Castle Of Shadows
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Our overall goal is to help members either transition to a raid guild eventually or to provide a cool environment for them to play in with friends. We try to help with epic's as well as hold raids every once in a while. We try to educate the newer members on the game content as well as class specifics such as spells, AAs, disciplines, etc. Some members are also into tradeskills so if anyone needs combines or pointers on their own path to becoming a GM in something we’re there to help. The guild itself has been around for years. Though we have gone through some transitions and new leadership, the status of the guild has never wavered. We’ve had people come and go but the guild remains. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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forcefull, Aug 26, 08 11:05 PM.
So i was walking through Icefall one day and i thought to my self as i was taking this screen shot that they needed to get a room.


forcefull, Aug 26, 08 8:08 PM.
Some thing that I impressed my self on.


Horadorm_bst, Jun 24, 06 12:27 PM.

Gratz to everyone that got their esotoric medallions in PoStorms friday as well as big GRATZ to sanitylost on her epic and those who got clickies off the mob.


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