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As a previous player of the game "The Chronicles of Spellborn" I still think i'm gonna miss that game.
But you know, life goes on and you start searching for other games that are appealing to you.

I looked at Guildwars, but didn't like it very much. Sometimes later I was playing DDO and found that it had some things I liked during gameplay.

Now that I've played it a few months I think it's time to get some more attention to our presence here and also split up the Spellborn Guildportal website from the other games like DDO and Guildwars and maybe some more to come ?

For those of you who like to know a bit more, I can give you this info:

Dungeons and Dragons Online is a game available from Turbine and can be downloaded for free at Download the DDO game
During downloading the so called Pando Media Booster is active, this can be uninstalled once the download is done.

When the gamefiles are downloaded the install can be started and once done installing it will start doing the latest game updates.

Off course you need to register an account at first to get access to the game, this is all free, no charges.

One thing you might want to know is the fact that you have three type of accounts.

- Free to play - Only two characters per server and limited access to the higher level quests.

- Premium account - Once you make a single buy of DDO points you get four character slots per server, but are still limited on access for higher level quests.
Premium account players can buy so called "adventure packs" at the ingame DDO shop which will bind to account.

- VIP players - These have to register for a monthly fee and gain access to all adventure packs and some free DDO points are gained per month. Once you cancel the subscription the area's which are part of the adventure packs can't be accessed anymore.

I would say Give it a try and see you in game.

One important thing to know: DDO has several servers running, the one we play is called Ghallanda

Greetings Jan-Willem aka JWNL
Guild News

Check out the Lamannia test server regularly.

JW-NL, Mar 28, 11 11:23 AM.
Hi there,

Since our group started playing DDO we've seen regular updates.
Before these updates are applied to the live servers there is a period of testing on a different server called Lamannia.
To get access to this server you must download a separate game client.
Downloading takes almost the same amount of time / data as the original client so be prepared to have enough space on your HDD.

It's possible to get 2000 DDO points for free on the testserver by talking to a NPC under the bridge in the harbor area near the guildshipportal.

When you allready have a good char on one of the normal servers you can make a character copy to the testserver to see how it is over there.
Remember it's all a test area, good for trying out things and items, so be prepared to loose chars and items because of a character wipe or new update.

The most recent release notes can be read via this link on the official DDO forums: Forum link

If you want to be able to check it out for yourself check this link: How to Access Lamannia

Greetings Jan-Willem aka JWNL
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