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-|- Welcome -|-

We are the Rose, an Ancient and Illustrious Order that is steeped in both glory and mystery. From the valleys of Sosaria to the shores of Hibernia the Rose eternal has dwelt in many lands and many times. Now we have taken to the stars and there in the great vastness a new generation follows our ancient ways.

We are the Rose, traders, poets and warriors. Faithful we are to ourselves, and to our most noble Emperor. Where there was chaos he brought law, where there was war he brought peace. We have prospered, and now loyal we stand as his servants and sentinels.

We are the Rose, sworn to the code of our ancestors. If you would join us then come, for worthy companions will you find among us but know that the path of the Rose is not an easy one. Honour and discipline will be demanded of you in the struggle for freedom in Ahazi.

For the Rose!
For the Emperor!


-|- Guild Details -|-

Current Game: Star Wars Galaxies
Server: Ahazi
Home Planet: Naboo
Faction: Neutral/Imperial
Contact:  Grystic, Narok
Council:  Grystic, Narok


-|- Guild Charter -|-

1. Preamble

We hold these truths to be self-evident. That man is by nature good. That beset by temptations his Goodness is tested. That through Virtue is his Goodness upheld.

We hereby declare the founding of this Order that kindred spirits might gather in a union of virtuous men. As a symbol of purity we do adopt the Rose, and the Order shall henceforth be known as the Order of the Rose. By this charter a member of the Order of the Rose shall uphold the Virtues.

We pledge ourselves unto this charter, and that it be maintained and the Order governed we do hereby establish the Council of the Rose.


2. Guild Premise/Ethos

The Order of the Rose (abbreviated OtR) is a roleplaying guild with an emphasis on cooperation and a high level of ethical conduct expected of its members. We believe that online gaming is best enjoyed in a community of honourable friends and seek to build such a community.

OtR has a written Code of Conduct that has been and will be tightly enforced. The Code of Conduct is not a roleplaying provision for characters but instead the minimum level of conduct required of players. As such it applies to all characters guilded or not and in this sense OtR is a player commitment. Membership in other guilds is thus not encouraged but nor is it forbidden.

3. Code Of Conduct

Act with Honour and bring not yourself or the Rose into disrepute. To your guildmates show respect, to your neighbours bestow kindness, and to your enemies display chivalry. Let no untruth stain your lips, and keep your word always.

Draw not your weapons upon the innocent or the weak, neither sword, nor spear, nor fire from afar. To slay an innocent outside the bounds of declared warfare brings excommunication and banishment from the Order.

Crave not the chattels of others and maketh your way honestly in the world, content with such goods as the fates decree your lot. Neither thief, nor looter, nor fraud are welcome among the Rose. Your debts you shall settle, your dues you shall pay.

Honour demands of all members they that live unto this Code. They that prove false shall be judged by the Council and depending on severity may be punished by fines, labour, quests, or expulsion from the Order.

4. Joining The Order

There are no skill restrictions to joining OtR. We are interested in getting the right kind of players not in recruiting people based on their skills. We reserve the right to reject applicants for silly or offensive names or names inappropriate to our fictional premise.

Applicants will be assessed on their ability to contribute to the spirit of the Order and to roleplay. Applicants may be asked to accompany guildmembers on hunts or otherwise spend time with us so that we can get to know you before adding you to the stone.


Applicants deemed suitable will be added to the guild with the title Initiate. Under most circumstances Initiates will only be added to the guild and take the Initiate’s oath at the weekly meeting in a ceremony before the guild.

Initiates wear a simple shirt and pants in guild colors, issued upon their initiation, as a sign of their status. Initiates may take part in all guild events but as this is still a getting to know you period may not take part in certain inter-guild events.

The Order may expel Initiates for any reason.

Becoming a full member.

The period of Initiation is measured as one month.  After this time, the Initiate will either be removed from the guild, or embark upon the path to Full Membership. The Council may feel the Initiate has not yet made himself known or otherwise proved his worth and mayhap counsel the Initiate to remain so for an additional month. But if the Council is pleased with the Initiate they may send the Initiate to purge in the Temple of the Rose and then follow the path of Kaiser to complete his joining to the Order.

And then if no member doth object the Initiate will take his oath and be sworn unto the Rose with all rights and duties thereto. He will don and wear proudly the mantle of the Rose and bear such titles and ranks as the Council doth bestow.

The Oath of Acceptance

I vow to loyally serve our Emperor to the best of my Abilities.
With a generous heart and courageous spirit I will aid my Rose brethren whether called upon to do so or not.
I will show due respect towards Council and abide by Order of the Rose Laws, upholding the Charter.
Wherever possible I will attend Guild gatherings and participate with best intentions.
At all times I will strive to do what is right, seeking  for others only what I would seek for myself.
Always I will treat those around me with courtesty, honesty and generosity, in a spirit of friendship.
I will protect the innocent.
Through my words and actions I will at all times honour and protect the good name of  the Order, and defend it from any who would call it into disrepute.
In full knowledge of the responsibilities entailed, I... name... do hereby pledge myself unto the Order of the Rose.
With my blade I will prove my honour, with my blood I will show my valour.
For the Rose!!

5. Leaving The Order

Members may of course leave the Order at any time. Honour demands of leaving members that any property they do hold in use for the Rose shall be offered unto the Order for purchase before any other party. Property purchased jointly by the Order however, shall ever remain property of the Rose.

6. Guild Structure

The guild is structured slightly differently in each game we play. There is a Council that oversee the guild and take care of the members and administrative concerns. Roleplay structure is game specific.

7. Guild Council

Current Councillors 
Ellgryn (Founding leader, no longer active)
Narok Star

Electing and Replacing Councillors

Councillors are elected as vacancies arise, by the full membership of the Order. Councillors may be removed from office by majority vote of the other Councillors and a two-thirds majority vote of the full membership of the Order. Any full member of the Order may nominate or be nominated for Councillor when a vacancy arises.

Honourary Councillors

Once every two months, a member is chosen to sit upon the Council for the period of that month.  The Honourary Councillor will attend Council meetings, and be accorded the same respect and responsibilites as any Council member.

The Honourary Councillor for March/April is Ravend

8. Guild Dues & Finances

To cover building maintenance costs, there is a guild fee of 1000 credits per week, payable to Councillor Grystic.

9. Guild Meetings

The Order of the Rose doth meet weekly to conduct outstanding guild business, discuss proposals and hold membership ceremonies.

Weekly meetings:

Sundays, 7pm AEDST, 6pm QLD, 8am GMT
Where: PA Hall (except for the first Sunday of every month)

All members are expected to attend where possible, in full guild uniform.  Logs will be posted for those who miss the meeting.

Monthly meeting:

First Sunday of the month, 7pm AEDST, 6pm QLD, 8am GMT
Where: IRC server: Channel: #otr

This is to keep in contact with any non-SWG members.  All members are expected to attend where possible.  Logs will be posted for those who miss the meeting.
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