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Friends Laughing
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Welcome to Friends Laughing -- the most peculiar guild on Stromm! 

We are a small guild.  We never recruit.  We have grown entirely by friends we have met along the way who have joined us.  Many of us have known each other since we started playing EQ, and deeply like and respect each other. 

Character:  The core of Friends Laughing is friendships and helping each other.  We laugh a lot, guild chat is amazing, and every main is a guild banker.  As one member put it "...everyone in this guild does at least one extraordinary thing, every week, helping someone."  A brief mention of "I need help..." in chat is all that is needed to get a couple dozen people ready to drop what they were doing and answer the call!

Raids:   Although we raid FC/SoF and beyond -- most raids are "for" someone who needs help with a drop.  We definitely are not a classic pressure raiding guild!  Most members of FL seem to place PLing, pressing to get uber Equipment, and the forced raiding grind way down on the list of "things to do!" 


Fabled TT falls!

Voxfire, Mar 31, 09 1:46 PM.

Well, the rest of the fabled mobs were not cooperating or were permacamped -- so FL headed to PoN to visit the mob currently ranked #4 on the EQ leaderboards for hussies.

TT had been moving up the leaderboards and was close behind Aweilya and Scaregodess, and was within 300 sailor credits of passing the legendary EQ Hussy OneHearted.  But it was not to be!

The FL guild-only raid walked into the dome (two forces enter, one force leaves) with mayhem on their minds, and eerie sound effects being provided by the crew in the guild voice channel.  When it was all done -- thanks to pallies saving the day with patch heals at the end -- TT had dropped several places on the leaderboards.

Gratz FL -- a hoot as always for guild events!

Fabled SolRo minies drop!

Voxfire, Mar 17, 09 8:54 AM.

Typical FL!!  Spontaneous insanity!!

Maerr and I decide to do something dumb and see what fabled we might smish.  Of course, the thought of trying something sensible we actually had a chance to kill never entered our minds.  We had single-grouped LMM, why not single group a fabled god??  J)  Thought #1 (dumb, DUMB!!) is why not take a group and see if Grummus is up!  So otw 6-8 more hear and join in, so suddenly we have a minirraid of 10-12 heading to PoDisease. 

Well, finally common sense takes over in the blonde brains – and trying to take down an L90 PoP fabled god with two groups and one healer seems a “stretch!”


So we start thinking about a more reasonable target.  In the meantime, more hear and join, and we are up to 18.  The wuss blonde runs to SolRo and finds that the zone is empty and the minis are up.  A handful of FUN allies had heard and were now running to join in.  We are now up to 22 … why not try!


By the time we got to Jiva we were 24 strong and gtg.  By the end of the night we were over 30 and having a ball!  In 2 hours of craziness we killed 3 of four minis we tried, and got the 4th to 15% before our limited healer corps was OOM and we wiped.  Someone else got the 5th mini while we were fighting.

What a hoot!!


You all were awesome!! Another Stromm first!!

Voxfire, Mar 12, 09 7:53 AM.


I think I am less amazed that I believe you all were Stromm’s first non-raid guild to defeat BMK1 than I am at how easily you did it!  There was one dicey moment on the third set of adds when some worgs broke free, but people reacted so well and so fast it was contained immediately!   Idiien and Moongod grabbed them before they had the chance to finish dining on our only chanty so we were able to get them back locked down with no losses.

It was amazingly smooth!  I am guessing 5 or so deaths the entire evening?  BobF and Elin were immense as MTs and the healers once again proved why they are the best heal team anywhere!  (Well, the best at being drunk and disorderly, at least!)  And what a treat it is to have the dps of the FL wizzies!!

Based on all the comments in GChat, we will definitely be doing more of these!  This weekend the fabled are back.  Let’s smish them!  Late Saturday let’s head to PoTime and see how FL can handle the PoP gods, fabled versions!  Perhaps we will painfully and senselessly wipe!  But perhaps we will overachieve, have a ball, and drop a god or two for their goodies!

Gratz all – that was a great achievement for a little family guild of non-raiders!


In honor of Princessmmiee

Voxfire, Jan 18, 09 5:53 AM.
Something that was happening all over Stroom at 1:00pm EST on Saturday.  Silence to remember a friend, and to reflect on all we have.

Farming Crystallos with typical FL Overkill!!

Voxfire, Jun 24, 08 5:47 AM.
Sheesh!  I think groups are dead in FL!  We all so enjoy doing things together that it seems like half our groups these days turn into the fun of a miniraid.  When 12+ people would prefer to drop what they are doing and give up exp the other day to kill grays in PoFear to help a guildie with a drop -- it says a LOT about FL! :-)

After all the work we had spent over the past few weeks getting 25+ flagged, we had made little use of the flags.  So yesterday five of us went there for only our second visit to scout the area.  Then a couple more came.  Then a couple more.  Pretty soon we had a miniraid, then enough to plant a banner!  (btw -- the banner does not work inside Crystallos.)

A few hours later 7-8 +450 and +500 drops, three essences, and we had a BALL!  And this was just the day after such fun farming MMM! :-))

Gratz FL :-)

When the going gets tough .....

Voxfire, May 10, 08 5:54 AM.

..... the pally gets going?????

It was time to take on Mujaki for Nindyini's finale.  The legendary RaidWiper was ready.  "Let me MT that creep," she yelled to the denizens of PoNightmare.  "That drab-dressing reject from a B-grade horror film is going DOWN to the might of the legendary Nindyini!"

So she strapped on her armor, and you could see all the FLers just stand back in awe as she swaggered over to her MT spot.  There was disdain in her eyes, and a sneer on her lips as she looked Mujaki up and down.  Even veteran knights like Elintou and Arlanea stepped back in awe, realizing they were about to witness history … one of those moments you speak of in hushed tones to your grandchildren decades later.  “I was there, children, when the legend known as Nindyini defeated the mighty Mujaki.”

We all watched as she ran to the battle, sword raised high, confidence in every step.  We all watched as …. Oddly … she kept running.  And running.  And running.  And running.

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“I’m not skeered,” we all heard her call out.  At least we think that is what she said.  From the distance it was hard to hear what she was saying.  Maerr thinks it might have been “I have a beard.”  We are not sure how to explain that one to our grandchildren when we recount the epic tale of Nindy and the Shade of Mujaki.

We were also baffled by how she got so far away so fast!  That mighty knight is FAST!  Fortunately, we did catch one glimpse of her secret, and now understand why the legendary Nindyini is able to move at speeds beyond that of most mortals, and is able to sometimes wipe groups in three different zones in less than an hour.  It is her mighty steed, Binky.

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Scary Happenings when TD goes out of control

Voxfire, May 10, 08 5:41 AM.

It seemed a simple thing ... do Scary's five final epic fights in an hour or so.  It looked safe if the 6 of us were careful ... especially when we headed to PoFear for her last drop from the wraith.

But ... we forgot to allow for FL's traditional overkill help.  Wheat we didn't realize is this time, the overkill idea was that TD would rush OVER to KILL all of us!

No alternate text supplied.

Well, at least he tried.  Pulling a train with him, TD decided to solo the Irebound Imp.  And the Enraged Imp.  And the Totally Ticked Off Imp.  And his 10 spawns.  And assorted wraiths, spiders, etc etc etc.

Despite TD's best efforts, we all survived.  And Fin was even abole to run up and get a surprise present, his epic drop!

Oh -- btw -- Scary got hers as well and completed her epic ... finally!

The three R's --- reduce, reuse, recycle, just add one... :D

Dharszolin, Jan 2, 08 10:38 AM.

Just add one... :D

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You know you have been playing EQ too long when .....

Voxfire, Oct 28, 07 9:57 AM.

.... you start killing time by seeing if you can fit into an oven?

(Story and photo found in a brown unmarked envelope -- appears to have been done by the unknown secret mystery reporter)

No alternate text supplied.

This looks suspiciously like the same dorf who was stuck in an ore cart in SSRA and various other locations.  That time he had to be saved by a nice passing mage.  Rumor is that the same thing happened this time.  But there seems to be evidence that Wildmare invited several friends over to laugh hysterically before using CoH to save the dorf.

Methinks there is a pattern here.

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The worst is realized, a franchise!!!

Dharszolin, Sep 11, 07 3:44 PM.

Onehearted stumbled upon some interesting information during her most recent travels to far away lands.  It appears Maer has started a Franchise of Healing Mob's in leiu of players.

The secret reporter, after learning this news, set out in search of these fabled locations.  This single photo was recovered but we have not heard from the secret reporter since and we fear for the worst...stay tuned.

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