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Lilith 7/1/2014 11:33 PM
The site has finally changed to a free one, but fear not, gentle writers! All of your stories appear to be intact under the 'Characters' forum in the member section. If anything is missing, let me know.
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Lilith (SuperAdmin) 7/29/2011 1:05 AM EST : Armour Kits - pictures
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I found my links in another thread and decided to sticky them in case anyone wants to look at armour kit designs without having to buy a million previews!  These pictures were posted up on the DDO forums, and as far as I can tell show each kit design on each type of armour (and includes outfits and robes).  Not many docents shown, I'm not sure if that's because there just aren't many kits for them anyway, or if the people posting the pictures didn't have many WF to test them on.

The older designs (Leaf, Gold Crest etc.) can be found here.

The newer Plains and Beast kits can be found here.

[edit]:  Most, if not all, of these pictures are for female characters.  If I find some of male characters wearing the armour kits, I'll link those as well.

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