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System (Applicant) 4/22/2012 7:00 PM EST : Auto-Posted Application from TheF1N3One
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TheF1N3One has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
Character Name
Gregory Jacobs
Character Class
Character Level
8. But that won't stop me from participating in events. (For example, swimming to Feathers night from SW harbor, going into Gurubashi Arena at level 8, and being at the Altar of Storms wedding at level 17.)
Have you ever been, OR currently are OR plan on being posessed by demonic or shadow powers
Tell us briefly about yourself
I am a teenager, almost 14 years old. I am very mature-but I do talk a lot. I have ADHD, and mostly at the times I play (after school), the medication is starting to wear off. I have loads of spare time and I am currently studying for my Bar Mitzvah.
List former guilds, and reason for leaving
None. I applied for AAMS, but I decided it was not for me after some further thought.
Why do you want to join Pia Presidium
The people in the Presidium are amazing, ICly and OOCly. I don't consider myself a bad Roleplayer, but it can definitely help me train. As well, I feel like this, and encouragement from the members, could help me finally get to level 60, 70, 80, and finally, 85.
Have you read the codes of Chivalry
Have you read the charter
Have You Read Our History And Do You Understand What It Means To Be An Incorruptible? Give an explanation of what you think it is
I did read it, but I do not understand it very much. I am Jewish, and I have recently visited the Holocaust musem. I could not finish the reading, although I would like to- It's too saddening for me. I'm sorry if makes me unable to join.
Which tenet speaks you the most, and why
"Thou shalt be generous and thou shall give to those in need." I almost am living by this tenet. I have always been one to give charity and service to those less fortunate, as I am very lucky. I strive to give to those less fortunate.
Share A Brief Role-play Account Of Your Character:(Back Story)
Gregory has always been an explorer. He has seen many, many things- some pleasing and some grueling. One of these is of an innocent man being tortured, screams echoing down the mountaintops of Redridge. He found his way up the mountain, and when he got up there, he saw only a beaten and bloody corpse, a dark tome, and a sacrificial altar. There were no traces of demons, or warlocks. He has searched for these throughout his adventures- of course, not finding them. He is seeking to join the Pia Presidium as a means of being closer to the Light, and being able to try to put an end to torture like this.
Character(s) applying with: Carnéss Carnéss Gregøry Gregøry Netosh Netosh (Not active anymore)

TheF1N3One (Applicant) 4/22/2012 8:29 PM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from TheF1N3One

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Please disregard this application. Thank you. 
Characters: Netosh Carnéss Gregøry Netosh (Not active anymore) Carnéss Gregøry Alation Netosh Carnéss Gregøry Tazø

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