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(Guild Summary)

 Antonia Bayle Server
Everquest 2

Welcome to one of the oldest and largest guilds on Antonia Bayle server in Everquest 2.

A guild for friends and about friendship. Vindicators Unite is our cry!

Guest, For more information please click here

Kyrs Stormfury 5/9/2015 8:52 PM
Hiya everyone :)

Frostfell "secret santa" event

Candyflossee, Dec 1, 10 1:45 PM.
Ho Ho Ho! We have entered the month for frostfell celebrations and gift giving!

Be part of the fun and festivities by taking part in the Vindicators annual "secret santa" event.

The rule are really simple:

  • Between 1st and 14th December send to Flossee the name of your toon/s that you would like to participate.
  • On 15th December Flossee will send you the name of the person you are giving a gift to (or gifts, your can give more than one thing )
  • Send the gift/s to Flossee between 15th and 31st December and she will distribute them on your behalf (honestly, she's very trustworthy really!)
Gifts can be anything at all, they don't have to expensive. For instance house items, food, a story or song.
Who sent what to whom will be revealed in January.

flossee's Cartograhic catastrophy

Candyflossee, Aug 23, 10 11:05 AM.
The competition is now closed and the lucky winners are Chablis and Kaniver.

Both win 25plat each!

And no new dress for poor Flossee!

In case there was any doubt, Flossee found herself "geographically challenged" in Antonica.

Unbelievably Flossee, in her never ending quest for adventure (and pretty shiney things) has become...."directionally challenged".

Visit the thread in the events forum and correctly identify the zone the Flossee has found herself in this time.

Not only is this an opportunity to laugh at Flossee and her unfailing sense of direction, there is plat to be won as well!

The competition is open for two weeks.
Guess the zone from the screenshots and clues.
Send a mail to Flossee either via this site or an in game mail.
The prize pot will be divided between all those who sucessfully guess the correct zone.
If at the end of two weeks no one has got the zone correct Flossee gets a new dress!!
Good luck to everyone

Event upcoming

Khal the carpenter, Jul 18, 10 5:09 PM.

Dear Vindicators,

On the 31st of July 2010 at 7 pm EST , the Elusive Khaleesi Doth'Raki comes out of a 3 year retirement as Events Minister to run a summer event.

Gather your friends and start swatting up on your creature Lore and Legend Knowledge, Read like the wind, Kill like a Person possessed...

The Event will be a Quiz with a (good sized prize fund available.... ) Khaleesi will be hosting the quiz from inside the Guild Hall, but Vindicators may compete either through Guild chat or in person in the Guild Hall.

Gather a team and split the prize, Compete Solo and try to win the whole pot! Or, just play for the fun of it.

And a teaser to get you started.....

What is the traditional colour for Shamanic Goblins underpants?

( I'm just kidding there – unless any one actually knows the answer!! )


Xecret Az'Aken

Personal secretary to Khaleesi Doth'Raki.

Officer Addition

Heania, Jul 4, 10 4:49 PM.
Thank you to Katzrule (solarkat on forums) for stepping up as an officer and new member of the Finance Ministry.

Officer Addition

Heania, May 28, 10 2:11 PM.
After a long absence from the game, we are pleased to welcome back Khaleesi to the officer fold.  Thank you for serving the guild again!
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