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Bandel (Bandel)
Guild Leader
Events Minister
Raid Minister
Kyrs Stormfury
Personnel Minister
Finance Minister

(Guild Summary)

 Antonia Bayle Server
Everquest 2

Welcome to one of the oldest and largest guilds on Antonia Bayle server in Everquest 2.

A guild for friends and about friendship. Vindicators Unite is our cry!

Guest, For more information please click here

Kyrs Stormfury 5/9/2015 8:52 PM
Hiya everyone :)
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(read)Group XP to be increased!
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(read)Hot EQ2 Memento auction
(read)Magazine is looking for houses
(read)Crafting bonus to continue until Monday morning.
(read)Raid Ministry Announcement
(read)Test Update #14a - September 22, 2005
(read)No more Bonus Xp for Adventurers but crafting....
(read)New Ministery!
(read)Make sure you turn on email sending from this site!
(read)Combat Revamp Tips and Strategies
(read)Scavenger HUnt - TODAY!!!!!
(read)Watch out for the Oranges!
(read)Pictures of the DoF Launch
(read)Monkeys for all retail DoF purchases.
(read)Heroics are NOT solo mobs!
(read)All Offline Sellers read this!
(read)Guild Bank is now available!
(read)How to prevent dual requests.
(read)If you are missing characters try this!
(read)/Respec coming soon!
(read)Live Update #13 Patch Notes
(read)Extended Downtime !
(read)The Official Word on all the Combat Changes
(read)New URL !
(read)Timezone Conversion BUSTED!
(read)Catch the E's!!!!!
(read)Producers Newsletter September
(read)Producer of EQ2 Interviewed!
(read)The Vindicators E-scavenger Hunt *EVENT*
(read)EB Games out of Monkeys!
(read)Current State of the Combat Update summarized in one spot.
(read)Ministers Rights on this Website
(read)New Vice Minister Named
(read)Vote now for Happy Slappy Screenshot contest
(read)New Con System Coming
(read)Revised Training abilities
(read)We have a new Minister
(read)Invite folks back to EQ2
(read)DoF Server Downtimes
(read)Dev responds on upcoming Guild Bank
(read)Producer answers concerns on removing Locks
(read)Encounter Locking Changes (Posted today to beta)
(read)Daughters of Lucin
(read)Happy Sappy Screenshot -contest !!
(read)Guild Site Now Open!
(read)Vindicators Largest Guild on Antonia Bayle !

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