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The famous Vindicator crawl attack strategy.
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Kyrs Stormfury 5/9/2015 8:52 PM
Hiya everyone :)
Forums : Public Discussion > Vindicators FAQ
Bandel (SuperAdmin) 1/14/2008 12:20 AM EST : Vindicators FAQ
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  1. Vindicators is a guild that is based on the idea of casual fun play and real life comes first. 
    Though we have many members who might be considered Hard Core that is not our prime focus
  2. We accept folks at any level and look at the player and not the characters.
  3. We respect Role Playerers but do not require it.
    We have a nice little RP section of our forums that sees some good use.
  4. We have an in house events team that is constantly bringing fun things in front of the guild to do.
  5. We are a level 67 guild and have no requirements ever for members to level the guild.
    Feel free to visit our guild house at 2 Baylor across from the Mage Tower in South Qeynos under the name Bandel. It was put together by our members and we are very proud of it.
  6. We have a raiding team that is there for the players. I.e. they are there to help the guild members access the raids they want to do.
    No requirements to do the guild events or raid.
    We do have a regular raid schedule for those interested and have currently cleared KoS raids and are cutting our teeth on EoF.
  7. Our main requirement is to act politely and to have fun.
  8. We are though a large guild with over 185 accounts.
    Normally you will find from 10 to 40 folks on at a time. Guild chat is usually not spamming and we have seperate channels for role playing for those who wish to partake.
  9. We were formed at release from a group of players in beta and have been under the same dedicated guild leader ever since. (Scott Adams - grandfather of the PC Gaming Industry)
    We have an in game interview process and then a month of trial membership.
    We don't allow drama and guild chat is always family friendly, as we have many parents playing with us with their kids on their laps.
  10. See our charter at and read more about us. Feel free to speak to any Vindicator you find in game. And no matter what guild you join let me wish you...

Happy Adventuring!
Scott Adams Aka Bandol Guild Leader of Vindicators.

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