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Welcome in the Cell! 

Cell is a friendly family guild on the Sentinel (US) server. The concept of the guild is all around the animal cell. Just like in a cell, we believe that every part of it is important and has his role, the new ones just like the old ones. As a part of the cell, you'll have your role and responsibilities.

To advance in rank in the guild you'll need to have different qualities. The qualities in the table are the qualities that you need to demonstrate to advance in rank. For example, the vesicle need to be respecfull. If not, it will go down a rank. In that case it will be out of the guild. There's an average down time that need to be done in a rank to go up IF the person fufill the quality for the next level.

 Rank Name Officer?   Quality  Labor Average time to go up in rank  
 Vesicle  no  Respecfull  -  1 month  It's the rank of all new guildies and those that has been abscent for more than 2 month
 Lysosome  no  Respect his/her sign up  1  3 months  
 Mitochondria  no Ponctual  5  At the GM discretion Those are the raiders or the PvPer that will have priority over the lysosome and the vesicle even if they sign up later that them. 
 Ribosome  no  Able to  give the best of him/herself  20  At the GM discretion Those are the old Guildies, the ones that have priority over the Mitochondria, Lysosome and Vesicle. They also are the Guildies that doesn't want any of the responsabilities of the officers 
 Golgi Complex  yes Respossible    At the GM discretion (at least 8 month in the guild)   This is the first officer rank. They are the embody spirit of the guild.  Each of them are a professional of 1 class and all it's spec. They are the reference in the guild to any question regarding that particular class. They keep themselves in touch with all the upcoming changes in their class. They post all that on the forums
 mRNA  yes      At the GM discretion  Those are former Golgi complex. Their job is all about communication. They follow blizzard latest news that do not regard class and they post it on the forum. But they can give a hand to the Golgi complex.
 DNA  yes      At the GM discretion This is the highest officer rank. The few ones that will go here will need to have a great knowledge over all the game and it's mechanics. The DNA will be the closest advisor of the GMs. They will have great raid leading and PvP skills. Their effort and the time that they put in the guild will be nearly as great as the GM. Finally, they won't be able to count how many labor they will have done.
 Nucleus  Guild Masters  - ∞   -  
The main thing in Cell is respect. If you don't have it you'll be kicked!
If people in the guild are not as good as you are, take the time to politely explain so they can learn and become better player. Then it will benefit all the guild. You can also refer them to the appropriate person in charge in the guild.

One toon focus : 
Like many of the great guilds, we believe that having one main toon with whom you do all the raiding is really more efficient that having lots of them. The reason is that more you play a character the best are your reflexes and your knowledge about it.
We don't forbid alts, not at all. They are really helpfull in lots of ways and fun to play too.

Labor :
From time to time Labor days will be put on the guild calendar. Those even are usually 1 hour long and consist in working on guild achievements, like the fishing or critter ones. You can also do labor on your own, as long as the GM is inform before the beginning of it and approve it. There's also some labor that can only be done by a certain type of toon, like the alchemy achievement. Some achievement like all the gathering ones, don't count as an labor. So be sure that the GM approve your labor before starting it.

Event and sign-up:
There's a priority given to some higher rank guildies. BUT when filling raid or rated BGs the role (tank, healer or DPS) will be more important than the rank, since without the right raid setup you can hardly succeed. If we have a tie between 2 or more players, we'll look at the time they signed up for the event. So the earlier you sign, better are your chance to raid. IF we have at least 20 guildies for a raid, the raid will be turn into a 25 men.

To attempt to a Cell's raid you must be raid ready. It means having at least the right item level: 346 for 4.0 raids (BwD, BoT and Tot4W), 360 for the Firelands and 372 for Dragon Soul. It also means having all your equipment enchant, gem and your belt buckler. You can check if you're all set here.

The addon Deadly boss mods is also required to assist to Cell's raid

Cell does not force his members to role play (RP). Those who want to do so are welcome. If you want to learn how to RP, we have the resources to help you out. Most of our roleplaying members use the addon Total RP 2

Any auto-grats, auto greet or any auto-social/guild addon are forbidden. Only grats someone or welcome him if you really want and mean to. You won't be kick out of the guild if you miss a grats or a Hi! Be authentic and congratulate by yourself. Macro are allowed as long as you don't spam them and don't only use macro.

No Spamming are allowed in the guild, raid, battleground or party chat. So if you've done a good DPS or whatever, just wright it down, don't spam us with 10 unrelated lines from and addon.
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