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Save COH: The last call
Nov 28, 12 3:19 PM
Heroes assembled!
Sep 21, 12 6:31 AM
Positron's Ally! A Sace COH event!
Sep 14, 12 2:57 PM
Write a letter to NCSoft
Sep 9, 12 10:48 AM
Save Paragon City
Sep 5, 12 10:23 AM
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Welcome to the Freedom-Alliance Homepage!

Humanity has opened the doors to the stars, other dimensions and even time. And from all of these new frontiers evil rises to attack us

The Imperial forces of Emperor Cole, the Rikti Invasion fleet, the Nictus Forces and even time travelers are threatening to invade our world. In Paragon City, the nexus of these invasions, the brave soldiers of the Vanguard have stood against these attacks, sometimes supported by heroes and even supervillains if the mood struck them. Knowing that heroes taking time of their schedules and villains following their own interests would never be enough to protect all of humanity the Lady Grey asked the United Nations for help to stand against these threats that would spread from Paragon all over the planet. To answer her call they have assembled a team of the most powerful and talented individuals to protect Earth from attack and invasion. No matter where, when a threat arises the mighty carrier-ship Valiant descends, releasing the superheroes and soldiers of the Freedom-Alliance each one sworn to guard humanity from evil and dedicated to the highest ideals of justice.


The Freedom-Alliance is a roleplaying group centered on the Virtue server of the City of Heroes MMO. This supergroup will attempt to provide a home and support for iconic heroes who know that being able to handle yourself in combat is just as important as having the right nicknames and costume and most importantly do not take themselves too seriously.
Freedom-Alliance is currently recruiting heroes of all archetypes and levels. The Alliance welcomes all players regardless of activity level. All you need is a decent heroic concept and name, a willingness to some token support for RP and learning how to be a valuable support for your teammates.
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