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The Fippy Alliance is an alliance between several guilds who enjoy retaining their small member count status but who might need a hand every now and again with epic targets and filling raid spots if they had a less than optimal turn out for a particular raid. It's also a great way for open communication between the guilds involved for assistance with camp/target disputes or even just increasing odds of putting together a group for whatever reason.

Some basic rules for consideration:

  • Your guild must be in good standing with the majority of the server. We're not interested in being associated with cheaters, asshats or drama queens.
  • Your guild must be raiding at least epic targets and the current planes.
  • Your guild must have an active member count of at least 2 groups, or 12 people.
  • Your guild leader/officers must take an active part in the alliance private chat.
Please speak with Andokai for more information.
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