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Forums : Guild Portal Info > Outstanding Requests: (Basic Forum Requests)
Cogar (SuperAdmin) 12/7/2011 1:03 AM EST : Outstanding Requests: (Basic Forum Requests)
GP User: Veriss
Widow Leader
Posts: 1234

This request was posted here:

My guild has several issues with the "recent posts" list and the forums in general.  

1.  Each and every post to a thread is displayed in the recent posts widget and if a thread is popular it pushes all the other threads off of the listing.  I would like to see an option where only the most recent post to an active thread/topic is displayed and an indication of how "hot" the topic is with a number of how many posts have been made to that thread since the current visitor has last read it.  This is compounded since it is difficult to cruise the forum sections and see which threads have been read already do to issues listed below.  

2.  My members would like to see an icon in the most recent posts list that lets you go to the first unread post in the thread and then automagicaly marks every other post in the thread as read and the entire thread as read if there are no new posts to it.  

3.  Clicking on and reading a post in the most recent posts widget does not always mark the thread or post as "read" in the forums through other widgets.

4.  Updating whether or not a post has been read or not does not appear to be universally applied across the forum and the various widgets that support the forum.  

5.  My main problem: When officers log in and respond to the recent posts in the widgets, they often try to cruise the forums for missed posts that slid off of the recent posts list but it is a very manual procedure and it is more difficult to identify unread posts due to the problems related above.  

6.  Root Issues.  

    a.  Find a way for all the widgets that use information from the forums to recognize when a post or thread has been read through a different widget.  

    b.  Find a way to consolidate posts to a popular thread into one posting with an indication (preferably numeric rather then symbolic blocks with stars or crowns) of how many posts have been made since the visitor last read it.  

    c.  Provide an icon in each thread's entry for the visitor to proceed directly to the first unread entry and assume and mark all subsequent entries as read.  

    d.  These improvements must be reflected in all widgets that support the forums.  

Cogar (SuperAdmin) 12/8/2011 4:26 AM EST : RE: Outstanding Requests: (Basic Forum Requests)
GP User: Veriss
Widow Leader
Posts: 1234

Aaron Lewis said:
Hi there! Will check out the stuff not working the way it should. For the rest, I'll type up a feature request and ticket it.
7 Dec 11 5:17pm

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