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Hello all DCOF has made it to facebook

Visadaria, Nov 29, 11 12:59 AM.
just add a note so i know who ya are friend Fenris Keep and that is us!

Dark Clan of Fenris now has a website :O

codex435, Nov 27, 11 1:32 PM.
So the page is currently in the works, actually everything u see took me like 15 minutes but then I got tired and decided it was time to go to bed. More will be added once I get the information given to me from Visadaria and Loxosceles. Oh I will be creating a email address for sending screenshots too so that I can upload them but I think I have gotten it to where people can upload their own without having to send them to me HOWEVER, things to consider, keep it respectful, I wont hesitate to remove pictures of bad things. Just remember if you wouldn't show your grandmother then it probably doesn't belong on here.

So ya, have fun for now and that's it, I'm going to bed.

- Goetia

// EDIT:  Decided to make an email before I went to bed so that its over and done with, dcofveco@gmail.com so send in your screenshots.
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