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Hellstorm Membership
Hellstorm is a Dungeons & Dragons Online guild found on the Thelanis server. We are a small group of mature men and women largely based out of east coast America with our membership encompassing a broad range of experience, levels & classes from the casual to the hardcore. We operate under a code of honor to promote teamwork and strive for game related rewards within a relaxed social environment.

Our gaming style ranges from the execution of carefully planned strategies to relentless onslaughts where the bloodlust overwhelms our senses and we become hell-bent on the total annihilation of our enemies! From the dusts of hell, our angels of death have taken flight and millions of souls have been consumed by the blaze of glory that is the Hellstorm! Now, many many lifetimes later, we continue to spread our blood tipped wings across Eberron and delve deeper into the Forgotten Realms in search of evil or divine and keep our fires burning into the night.(Makes a d20 reality check.) We enjoy the challenge of high level premium content and the rewards found within but also run low to mid-level and F2P content as needed to advance our characters. Mostly we just like to have fun with people that share our gaming style, hobbies and sense of humor.

Hellstorm members are:

We play the game to have fun! Arguing, complaining, harassment, insults and other forms of asinine behavior take away from the experience and will not be tolerated.

We put Hellstorm first. We work together to obtain guild related goals and are ready to help others bolster character effectiveness and strengthen the guild overall.

We welcome the challenge of the game and the rewards it offers. Our members share a certain tenaciousness and often find new motivation within the most crucial moments to complete our objectives.

We are prepared to answer any and all questions on the game in a friendly easy to understand manner. Nobody comes into DDO knowing everything about the game and we get that. If our members need to know the answer to something, all they have to do is ask.


We all represent Hellstorm firmly believing that the strength of a guild is forged upon the actions of its members. Because of the bond that we share while operating under the Hellstorm banner, we strive to conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner to help bring a sense of pride to the guild and its membership.

We respect our members and treat everyone as equals. We mind our language and accept that everyone has a right to their own religious and political beliefs. We even allow members to cheer for their favorite sports team no matter how poorly they played this season. ;)

We like friendly people and getting to know our members on a first name basis. New members should feel right at home, speak up and join in the fun! We spend time talking during the quests, whether it be formulating strategies to tackle the latest challenge, groaning over (sometimes seriously) bad humor or making other pop culture references. Having a headset and utilizing Turbine's built in voice chat enables us to make the most of these experiences.


We move as a cohesive unit unless the situation dictates otherwise. We always take our time on new or unfamiliar quests and pace ourselves in order to keep the team together. We also offer a "no spoiler" option upon request and are willing to let players new to the quest take the lead if they like.

Team Oriented:

We believe that everyone has a part to play and working together to obtain our objectives is part of being in the Hellstorm. Players that prefer to solo or require constant ego stroking have no place within our ranks.

Guild Requirements:

  • All members must be mature adults age 18 or over and be able to conduct themselves in a polite, respectful, socially responsible manner. (Most of us are in our thirties and forties.)
  • All members must have and use a Headset for in-game voice when needed. (Please be considerate of your teammates and use the "Push-to-Talk" option.)
  • All members must be team players and ready to run with the guild. (Players that prefer to run solo or pugging in random groups outside of the guild won't last within the Hellstorm.)
  • All members must register and maintain a current list of characters on our website.(Many of us have 10 or more characters and this helps us keep track of who we are talking to and gaming with.)
If you are interested in becoming part of the Hellstorm, please contact us at Hellstorm Membership and answer the following questions:

  •  What is your name?
  • What is your age?
  • Do you have a working headset?
  • What is your experience with DDO?
  • What times / How often do you normally play? Please include timezones.
  • Are you Free to Play, Premium or VIP? If Premium, what adventure packs do you own?
  • Do you have access to the Forgotten Realms content or plans to buy it?
  • What characters would you bring into the Hellstorm? Names and Levels please.
Qualified applicants should expect a timely response in order to set up an in-game meeting for further discussion with one or more Hellstorm Officers. We will be looking at your personality, not your achievements, skill level or amount of experience with the game. We want to know that you will fit in and have a good time with the rest of the guild. We also understand that screening is a two way process and you should feel comfortable asking any questions you may have to ensure that Hellstorm is right for your own gaming style.

If accepted, new recruits will be placed on a short probationary period to further evaluate their gaming style, social compatibility and overall contribution to the guild.


Ours is a private website and any requests to join without properly answering the above questions will be rejected. Once approved as a member of Hellstorm, access to the rest of the website will be granted by our site Administrator.

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