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Q&A Session
Q: When was Hellstorm formed?

A: Hellstorm was founded in 2011. Many of our members have been playing DDO for much longer than that however with some starting as early as 2006, when DDO was first introduced.

Q: Is Hellstorm a roleplaying guild?

A: No, we are not. Though many of our members come from a pen & paper roleplaying background, we find that it doesn’t translate well into DDO.

Q:  Is Hellstorm a PVP (Player vs. Player) or PVE (Player vs. Environment) guild?

A: Hellstorm is a PVE guild. We promote teamwork and DDO has very little to offer in the PVP arena.

Q: Is Hellstorm an end-game guild?

A: Yes, we run end-game content quite often but we also run low to mid-level content as needed to help our fellow guildmates and advance our characters.

Q: Is your guild new player friendly?

A: Yes. Nobody comes into DDO knowing everything about the game and we get that. We don’t promote ourselves as teachers but we are willing to answer any questions a player might have about the game in a friendly, easy to understand manner.

Q: Does Hellstorm accept Free to Play members?

A: Yes, we do but if a player really wants to be a part of the guild, they will need to purchase premium content as that is what we mostly run. The F2P model that Turbine uses is great to introduce new players to the game but it is extremely limited offering only a fraction of the game and all of the best rewards are found in purchased adventure packs and expansions.

Q: Why do you require headsets?

A: We enjoy talking about any number of topics during our game times and having a headset allows us to make the most of the experience. Headsets are also fairly inexpensive and players can get a good one for less than $20.00 in most cases. I personally recommend the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 for its clarity and comfort but any headset will do as long as we can hear you clearly and you can you hear us.

Q: If my headset breaks, will I be booted from the guild?

A: Having a headset is one of our basic requirements. If a member can no longer use their headset for any reason, they will be given a two week grace period to replace it unless special arrangements are made.

Q: I don’t like using Push-to-Talk. Can I use Hands Free Voice instead?

A. It is recommended that all members use the Push to Talk option because headset microphones are very sensitive and can pick up even the slightest of noises such as people talking in the background, the television, pets or even breathing. All of these elements can be distracting while trying to enjoy the game and should be minimized if at all possible.

Q: Do you use a VoiP such as Ventrillo, Teamspeak or Mumble?
A: We have a Ventrillo server but as of right now it is largely going unused thanks to the superior built-in voice chat that Turbine has provided.
Q: Do you allow cussing?
A. We are an adult guild so some adult language is expected. However, out of respect for our members having different backgrounds, beliefs and sensibilities, we tend to limit the frequency and usage of such language to a "PG" or "PG-13" rating. If profanity is part of a players daily vernacular, they may find themselves somewhat restricted by the guild's policy on social responsibility. Players that prove unable or unwilling to control their use of such language will be reprimanded or removed from the guild.
Q: Why do you screen your members?
A. We screen our members to ensure compatibility with the rest of the guild. It isn't to measure the players' level of gaming skill or character acquisitions but rather personality. Some personalities work well together and some don't. The screening process is just a way to help ensure that everyone is having a good time.
Q. If you're screening people, then why use a probationary period?
A. The short answer is because people lie. It is very easy to project a certain image during an initial meeting but much more difficult to maintain that image on a daily basis if it isn't who you are. We've had recruits tell us aspects of their gaming style that just weren't true and had to remove them from the guild due to their dishonesty. Be honest with us during the screening process and the probationary period shouldn't be a issue.
Q. How long is the probationary period?
A. The probationary period varies from player to player. It really depends on how long it takes us to evaluate a new member. During the probationary period, we will be checking to see if the new member performs as expected based on the initial screening and how well they contribute to being part of the guild. Players that follow the guild guidelines, show an active interest in guild activities and helping other guild members will do well within the Hellstorm. Players that fail to contribute to the guild will soon find their membership terminated allowing them the freedom to do nothing elsewhere.
Q: Why don’t you allow kids in the guild?

A: It has been our experience that even though some minors are mature for their age, many are not and they are often unable to conduct themselves in the socially responsible manner that Hellstorm promotes. Because of the behavioral discrepancies found in much of today's youth, an age limit of 18 had to be set. In other words, kids will be kids and we make terrible babysitters.

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