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Welcome to the Saturday Night Corpse Run homepage.  Saturday Night Corpse Run (SNCR) is a raiding organization based on the Norrathian Council of Guilds (NCG) alliance located on the Stromm server.  Our membership is drawn solely from the NCG.  We focus on fun loot oriented raids every Saturday night from 9pm - 1am EST. 

If you are a NCG member and would like to raid with us, please apply by clicking the join button above and filling out the application there.

Current Raid Requirements:
-Level 75
-Access to SNCR and NCG Forums and have posted your flags here, read this post here, and read our loot rules here.

The SNCR Page has moved!! You can find us at our new home here:


SNCR Has Moved!

Fezagorn, Sep 20, 08 2:22 AM.
You can find us at our new home here:

SNCR 147 Owns Gnarlibramble

Fezagorn, Jul 26, 08 12:07 AM.
I couldn't find a record of it anywhere, but I had swore we'd taken it down before this, but added it to the kill list!  Congrats guys :)

SNCR 144 Owns Devlin Rochester, Ur-Gorlach and I.R.A.

Fezagorn, Jun 14, 08 11:29 PM.
We started off tonight with the Living Legacy raid - I.R.A. - Infinitely Regenerative Automatron or something like that.  We took him out twice, and got him down to 11%, only 6% from beating the third wave.  Hang onto those items you got upon zoning in, everyone.

After that, we headed over to Demi-Plane to clean up on some more mobs.  We took out Devlin Rochester this time after getting him to 4% last time we faced him and took out a new aug mini, Ur-Gorlach.

SNCR 143 Owns Corruption of Ro!

Fezagorn, Jun 14, 08 11:27 PM.
After 2 learning attempts, we got the strat down and finally took out Corruption of Ro on the 3rd ever try.  Very nice work everyone, and some very nice loots were won.

SNCR 139 Owns Daosheen the Firstborn, Terish Fellclaw and Jyrta, the Watchful Eye!

Fezagorn, May 10, 08 10:09 PM.
We owned Daosheen the Firstborn tonight!  That was one long and impressive fight, and superb work by our clickers on this event.  They had every effect cured so fast in some cases you almost couldn't even notice it had landed.  We also completed our Razorthorn Access tonight! :)

SNCR 137 Owns Severan the Direwind Caller and Pyre Lord Narseekin

Fezagorn, May 2, 08 8:53 PM.
We exacted some long overdue revenge this week taking out Severan the Direwind Caller and Pyre Lord Narseekin.  We also stopped by Avalanche to grab a few very nice loot items as well.

After we were done cleaning up here, we stopped by Daosheen for two attempts. Our next attempt should go very well :)

Good raid all!

SNCR 136 Owns Sanguimanus the Redfang

Fezagorn, Apr 20, 08 12:26 AM.
We killed Redfang tonight, finally!  This cleared Demi-Plane Tier 1 for us!

After clearing Tier 1, at 2:30am, we tried Devlin Rochester.  We got him down to 4% with 4 clerics, 1 warrior, and a bunch of DPS and Knights.  Everything was looking good up until 4%, but we will get him next time, no doubt.  One or two more people would have made the difference on this fight.

For those that were there from 8:30pm EST to 3:15am EST you earned a whopping 13 DKP!

SNCR 135 Owns The Fabled Xuzl, The Fabled Protector of Dresolisk and The Fabled Aerin`Dar

Fezagorn, Apr 12, 08 11:15 PM.
In yet another great raid, we managed to kill 3 more fabled, as well as the rest of the Sol Ro Minis, Aerin'Dar, Xanamech and Avalanche!  We got 1 SoF Tier 3 spell rune and a bunch of great DPS weapons!  DPS on NCG raids just went up!

We beat our record and spent 871 DKP!

SNCR 134 Owns The Fabled Arlyxir, The Fabled Jiva, The Fabled Grummus!

Fezagorn, Apr 5, 08 10:32 PM.
We pulled in 12 high quality loots this week!  We killed The Fabled Arlyxir, The Fabled Jiva, The Fabled Grummus and the Fabled Xanamech.

Not stopping there, we pulled in one more loot from Vule and 12 more Monocles of Blood!

Awesome work this week guys, looking forward to one more week of Fabled Stomping!

SNCR 133 Owns The Fabled Rizlona, The Fabled Terris Thule and The Fabled Xanamech Nezmirthafen

Fezagorn, Mar 29, 08 11:56 PM.
Tonight SNCR killed: The Fabled Rizlona, The Fabled Terris Thule and The Fabled Xanamech Nezmirthafen and Vishimtar.

We spent over 701 DKP tonight!

Rizlona was an epic fight for us.  Lasting well over 20 minutes, it was a near-win, where it came down to the ropes and we pulled through at the very end.  Amazing work everyone tonight.  That is definitely a fight to remember.
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SNCR Kills
Auliffe Chaoswind
Alpha Feran
Aneuk Nyrt Ymosa
Aneuk Rilst Uskst
Arch Magus Vangl
a trapped wraithguard event / Avalanche
a wounded kobold event / Chief Urgak
Bartol the Cragmaker
Battlemaster Rhorious
Blackened Dryad
Brynju Thunderclap
Cordagan Boulderfist
Council of the Nine
Corruption of Ro
Craftmaster Tieranu
Cragbeast Queen
Cynosure Kvanjji
Dark Disciple Master
Devlin Rochester
Discordling Dark Animist
Dvoin M`Sha
Eindride Icestorm
Elemental Essence of Air
Elite Sun Revenant
Emoush the Destroyer
Emperor Draygun
Erdna, the Sleeping Giant
Ghost, Guardian of Razorthorn
Girplan Devourer
Hatchet the Torturer
Herrian Warfrost
High Priest Nkosi Bakari
All Ikkinz raids
Iqthinxa Karnkvi (Zoo)
I.R.A. (Living Legacy)
Ixt Hsek Syat
Ixt Kial Ivesi
Ixt Quall Nalnn
Keldovan the Herrier
Kelekdrix, Herald of Trushar
King Gelaqua
Kod`taz Summoner Ring BiC Event
Krekk Brimblade
Kuanbyr Hailstorm
Jelvan Event
Jyrta, the Watchful Eye
Lightning Lord
Lirrah the Bridgkeeper
Manaetic Behemoth
Marshall Histent
Master Vule, the Silent Tear
Mastruq Commander Gorlakt
Matriarch Shyra
Mnat M`Sha
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Adaptation
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Corruption
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Endurance
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Foresight
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Hate
Muramite Proving Grounds: Mastery of Specialization

Murkglider Hivequeen
Murkglider School Leader
Netherbian Swarmfiend
Overlord Mata Muram
Pixxt Kretv Krakxt
Pixxt Xxeric Kex
Pixxt Riel Tavas
Polar Kraken
Porthio the Second Born
Primal Arachnid
Primal Insect
Primal Spider
Protector of Dresolik
Ptav M`Sha
Pyre Lord Narseekin
Pyrique Redwing
Remel the Black
Sanguimanus the Redfang
Sendaii, the Hive Queen
Severan the Direwind Caller
Sir Elmonious Falmont
Shade of Hsagra
Shogurei, Guardian of the Sands
Slave Driver Menlo
Snowtail, Guardian of Razorthorn
Spiritbinder Trenzar
Sverins Fireskin
Taskmaster Mirot
Tarn Icewind
Terish Fellclaw
The 7th Hammer
The Damn Girplan Guardian
The Fabled Aerin`Dar
The Fabled Arlyxir
The Fabled Gorenaire
The Fabled Grummus
The Fabled Jiva
The Fabled Protector of Dresolisk
The Fabled Rizlona
The Fabled Terris Thule

The Fabled Venril Sathir

The Fabled Xanamech Nezmirthafen
The Fabled Xuzl
The Keeper
The Keeper of the Altar
Tiorpat Tornwing
Tirranun the Ancient Protector
Tunat`Muram Cuu Vuaux
Valdoon Kel'Novar
Vertekin the Soothsayer
Vethson Marijakin
Vishimtar the Fallen
Vrex Barxt Qurat
Warden Hanvar
Wailing Sisters Event (DPoB)
Wintersting, the Black Oak
Withering Murkglider
Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw
Zomm the Seventh Born
Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik
Zun`Muram Mordl Delt
Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc
Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Zun`Muram Volklana
Zun`Muram Yihst Vor
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