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The Illuminati Has a New Address!

System, Jul 5, 12 10:49 AM.
The Illuminati has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Welcome our newest Luminary!

536914427_Inactive, Mar 20, 04 7:58 PM.
We welcome Ceylo as our newest Luminary!  Congratulations and welcome!

The new Trophy!

536914427_Inactive, Mar 14, 04 11:24 PM.
Thank you Mili for the addition to the Hall.  Ye can all see it by the fireplace!  Just don't let it stick you!

Congratulations to our newest Officers!

536914427_Inactive, Mar 4, 04 9:48 PM.

Congratulations to....

Pryxair - Cavalier
Milli -  Dignitary
Immrik - Lore Master

May God have mercy on your souls <grins>

Congratulations to Ezoc and Benezetta on their Wedding!

536914427_Inactive, Feb 26, 04 10:03 PM.
Congratulations!  May your life together be blessed!

<Thinks a mansion would look stunning on the corner lot>

The lands are torn by war and conflict, the realm of Albion itself is divided with politics and anger. The Sacred relics stand exposed, thrown between kingdoms like a child's toy between brothers. Families are destroyed, children die of hunger, men and women fall into madness from the battle rage that brews inside of them.

From somewhere in the dark of night, a voice calls, a single point of light, quiet and relentless..

"Bring back the unity of Albion, protect the sacred relics and all they stand for, through your actions prove your valor."

The voices of the Illuminati call, and slowly a group emerges to answers its bidding. A guild based on the virtues of Honor, Respect, Valor and Dedication to our fellow guild mates as well as those who battle under the banner of Albion.

We fight along side each other, aiding our guild mates as we grow, giving to the realm our blood and sweat, and standing united together as one. All members of the Illuminati have say in our policies and ways, we are all equal members of the same family.

Let our banner stand for the virtues we hold dear, let our actions show our worth, and our hearts show our valor. Above all else we are friends, we are family.

The Illuminati is a roleplay based guild in Albion, Percival. Our focus is community as well as realm defense and invasion. We believe in involvement and inclusion of all, often putting aside personal gain to aid those fighting under our banner.

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