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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Bonethrasher Down
  Foreman Crusher Down
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Down
  Jarg and Sorno Down
  Karagga the Unyielding Down
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Nightmare Mode... Eternity Vault

Motet, Feb 23, 12 9:17 AM.
4/5 on Nightmare mode last night.. all bosses were 1 shotted. Great run everyone!!

Great run!

Motet, Feb 13, 12 9:36 AM.
Phenomenal run last night everyone.. smooth run finishing off Karaga on HM, even though we got stuck on the Ancient Pillars because it bugged out, we will finish it up tonight and down Soa on HM.
Grats to the new members and fresh 50s who ran last night you all did a great job!

First Week of Raiding

Mac228, Jan 17, 12 2:54 PM.
After 1 week of raiding we cleared 8 man Eternity Vault on normal, went 4/5 in Hard Mode Eternity Vault, and killed Bonethrasher on normal. Great job to all who attended! Great things to come!


Diviar, Jan 13, 12 12:04 PM.
Welcome to Pharon.  We are a Hard-core raiding guild with the goal of leading the server in PVE progression.  We are made up of a core group of friends who have gamed with each other for years.  We have a history of leadership roles in end-game guilds and are bringing our talents together to dominate Canderous Ordo.  

Welcome Kickoff

Diviar, Jan 9, 12 3:36 PM.
Welcome!  We are launching the future top rank'd PVE progression guild on the server!  Welcome to all viewing this page as potential members.   The guild is composed of players with the shared goal of end-game progression.  The officers are all members who have played previous MMO's and participated in a number of server firsts in prior games.  

If questions please feel free to contact Diviar in game.

thanks and welcome!

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