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Few PoVs from Feb/March on hib

fazman52, Mar 14, 13 9:25 PM. (eld) (warden) (druid)

Characters / Roster

Nahteno, Sep 12, 12 8:07 PM.
I have Modified the default Column names for the characters page that I Added, I had alot of help from Motties guildportal help site. Now we can add in our details of our class to keep track of them, I really hope alot of you find this useful .


Nahteno / Dixxion

Guild Site update

Nahteno, Sep 4, 12 11:44 PM.
I have updated the whole website now with the a different colour theme, Hope you all like it.
I have also completed the move of all the temps to new locations if you see any in wrong spot
please let me know.

I am working on a character Page that will hold all our toons details like gimpchimp.
So I am currently teaching my self SQL.

I will also look at updating the Image of the Banner let me know ideas.



fazman52, Apr 7, 12 9:28 AM.
Breaking points:
2.0s ---> 392 dex, 344 dex, 337 dex
2.1s ---> 356 dex, 354 dex, 308 dex
2.2s ---> 374 dex, 368 dex, 320 dex
2.3s ---> 386 dex, 380 dex, 332 dex
2.4s ---> 392 dex, 350 dex, 307 dex
2.5s ---> 362 dex, 319 dex
2.6s ---> 374 dex, 332 dex
2.7s ---> 386 dex, 344 dex
2.8s ---> 392 dex, 356 dex, 320 dex
2.9s ---> 368 dex, 362 dex, 332 dex
3.0s ---> 374 dex, 338 dex
3.5s ---> 356 dex, 326 dex

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