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We are renamed!
Aug 8, 05 9:12 PM
Thinning the Herd Follow-Up
Aug 8, 03 1:41 PM
Drakuels Memorial Poem
Jan 26, 03 7:15 AM
We are Founded!!
Jan 23, 03 10:11 AM
Hello anyone still out there? Decided to return to Dark age-ive missed it ALOT-damn it feels good to be back but  miss u guys ...good times...hope all is well-Mike 11/26/12

If anyone sees this, we are playing the new game Rift.  Aedraxis Server Guardian side.  Ordo ab Chao guild

hey guess what we are playing DAoC again.  Lost some of our names since they are merging everyone into 1 now...we are thinking of starting a guild called the Crimson Cursed Guardians of Val Sans Retour with Adamant Resolve. :) 
If your looking free check this out -  -mike(ranzar)

Yeah well now we decided to be cheap and play DDO for free :) Hey Rick how ya liking your new quarterback? funny thing is now we actually cheer for the same team! -Bill & Brenda

Hey guys! Good to hear from  you! Ive been playing WOW for awhile now! Hope all is well!!-Ranzar

Ysabella and Christan woke up from a long sleep. They had been dreaming of other lands Eberron, Azeroth, and a world of constant war between the empire and chaos. While the dream was nice and fun for a little while, they longed to wake and explore the land of their birth. They currently are walking alone, listening to the memories of friends long gone and hope that now that they have awaken some of their old friends will awaken with them.

Miss you guys, going to be fooling around on Nimue and possibly other servers depending on population for at least the next month.

You can find me on Facebook (Brenda Murray)

We are renamed!

Ranzar, Aug 8, 05 9:12 PM.
Welcome to the Crimson Tears! Formally the Lost Guardians of Nimue/Albion. It was decided on Aug 8, 2005, since we love our new home, to fully change the new page over! Hope you like it and we will continue to make news together!

Thinning the Herd Follow-Up

18763_Inactive, Aug 8, 03 1:41 PM.

Despite current rumors that the herds of Dartmoor had been hunted to extinction, the Lost Guardians set out to find them. Amazingly enough, the pony population was thriving. We immediately set out to bring down the numbers, but quickly realized that the ponies in themselves were harmless, the real problem was the granite giants that were tending them. After this realization we had a new target....the giants. We moved quickly slaying many of them, a few even had names...imagine, a giant with a name! There were a few mishaps as the giants called in reinforcements many times, poor Patrel and Rhyanne were no match for the giants. Luckily for them, Talhe was quite skilled in the arts of healing, and in no time at all they were out slaying giants again.

All guardians learned one very valuable lesson in Dartmoor, from our good friend Tyorin, that lesson.....Never go into battle naked! Poor Tyorin....let's hope it's a mistake that will never happen again. Many might wonder why Tyorin was must have been the battle for ultimate manliness between Tyorin and Keblen. There was much laughter filling the little band of guardians as Keblen traded his plate armor for a cloth robe, which was topped by Tyorin's nakedness.

Drakuels Memorial Poem

Deleted User, Jan 26, 03 7:15 AM.
Hail Friends, Drakuel asked me to post this for all to see..... Let us not stand at our friends graves and weep, For they are not there in deep sleep, They are a thousand winds that blow, They are the Diamond glints on the snow, They are the sunlight on ripened grain, They are the gentle Autumn rain, When you awaken in the mornings hush They are the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight, They are the stars that shine at night, Do not stand at thier graves and cry, For they are not there, They have not DIED! In God We Trust, Drakuel Valtuk Bless You Drakuel We Love you
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