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Forums : Applications > Application: Captain-Electric (Justice Supreme)
Captain-Electric (Member) 5/19/2012 12:17 AM EST : Application: Captain-Electric (Justice Supreme)
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Application for Justice Supreme
@Captain-Electric (Electric/Electric Blaster)

NAME: Captain-Electric (Elliot Warner)
IDENTITY: Secret (even from Justice Supreme, but willing to divulge identity to Neon Flash if required for security reasons)
The archetypal "man out of time", the Fantastic Captain-Electric is at once a patriot, scientist, technologist, and super genius. It is little-known that he is also a billionaire, having inherited his father's fortune in R&D. Despite his power to command the full force of electricity, he lives by an old-fashioned code, preferring to take on crime and corruption with inventive solutions.

He's been at it for some time. Twelve years ago near Dallas in Duncanville, Texas, at the age of 10, a science accident gave rise to both his and his arch nemesis's powers. His father (physicist Alan Warner of Parallel Power Systems) built an experimental micro-portal to a negative dimension that imploded, twisting him into a living conduit for negative energy: Dark-Eyes.

The boy Elliot, visiting that day on a school field trip, destined to become super powered, was exposed to positive energy discarded from the collapsing portal's event horizon. The event perfected his nervous and synaptic pathways with untold "Power Positive" and intelligence--cursing him with supreme optimism, making him incapable of any apathy, or even much fear.

Scott Hollowell, Elliot's childhood best friend, was there too. On that fateful day, he picked up the nearest weapon, and saved Elliot after his dad became corrupted by the malignant dark energies in mere seconds. That weapon turned out to be the Fusion Power Belt and Fusion Force Gauntlets, a non-lethal technology being developed by Parallel Power Systems. Gaining his first taste of heroism, Scott would become Captain-Electric's sidekick and would later go on to become Detective Marvel. Scott's fusion gear was unfinished however, and needed to draw its power from Captain-Electric's unstable power output--a service that kept Captain-Electric safe while he learned to harness his powers. The two were known as Electro-Boy and Blaster-Boy in those early days.

Soon a dark entity revealed itself to Dark-Eyes as the conqueror supreme of the newly discovered dimension, seizing on his corrupt mind from across the dimensional barrier to prepare our dimension next for its arrival. But before losing his grip on his humanity entirely, Dark-Eyes struck a deal with the entity--his unswerving service in return for the safety of those he once loved. 

So, one day, news stations from all over the country clamored to the edge of the crater where the entire town of Duncanville, Texas had vanished. Sealed into an idealistic, artificial 1950's-style pocket dimension of Alan Warner's imagining and his dark master's creation (the Retroverse), Captain-Electric (and 20,000 others) would not remember Primal Earth, or discover his way back, until young adulthood. Scott was out of town when this happened. His fusion gear lost power during this time and for many years after. He worked as a police officer in adulthood, and later a detective, until a new power source was discovered: Paragon City's war walls.

Meanwhile, after being rescued from his pocket dimensional prison by the demi-god Old Norseman, who detected the Retroverse hidden just outside Primal Earth's time stream, Captain-Electric also arrived in Paragon at 22 years old, on the trail of Dark-Eyes, the arch nemesis he hopes to see redeemed. 
Previous/Current Supergroup affiliations?
The Legionnaires and Union Supreme. Also considers himself a strong ally to the Golden Age Heroes, Longbow, Vindicators, Freedom Phalanx, Vanguard, and Portal Corp.
How did you hear about us?
Captain-Electric has been a close ally to Neon Flash and friends for over a year now. Their teams have accompanied one another on some of their biggest adventures, and Flash has even accompanied Captain-Electric on a trip back into the Retroverse to defeat a super villain who threatened the safety of those who still live there.

What are you looking for in a Super Group?
Captain-Electric joined with Union Supreme the night that Statesman died. He would like to continue his heroic service by following those teammates and other heroes who have proven time and time again that they're willing to do whatever it takes to protect Paragon City--and even the entire world--from its enemies.

Play times (include time zone)
Central. Often. 


Grave Shroud (SuperAdmin) 5/19/2012 10:13 AM EST : RE: Application: Captain-Electric (Justice Supreme)
GP User: Hypsochromia
JS/TS Officer || GM
Posts: 500


I would be delighted to speak with you.  I shall seek you in Paragon.

Argent Templar


Grave Shroud (SuperAdmin) 5/19/2012 6:46 PM EST : RE: Application: Captain-Electric (Justice Supreme)
GP User: Hypsochromia
JS/TS Officer || GM
Posts: 500

Interviewed and Accepted.


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