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Game News
    Hello to all. The guild is not recruiting and has closed. Thank you for your interest. Due to guild membership and lack of interest we have closed down the guild. We put a lot of work into the story and the guild but the membership was not high enough to continue. If anyone decides that the idea is good and wants to take over the rest of the paid site and guild please PM Robbindahood here or on DDO. Good luck to all. 

…Some stories begin with Once Upon A Time. Others may begin with the hero or heroine in the jaws of danger. Unfortunately this is not one of those stories. The unforgiving streets of Stormreach tend to whittle away the glory of bed time stories and gives way to a somber reality.

     The Disciples of the Silver Dragon is a warrior faction that follows the old Dragon gods. Due to war and other directives they have since pulled out of Stormreach. Now after 20 long years of crusading the order feels it’s time to once again gain a foothold and reclaim past glories. A small contingent of men has been dispatched to perform this task. Beneath the flickering candle light a lone man puts quill to parchment.
     “Greetings Grand Master Theopolous, 

     I’m sure by now you know who writes this letter from the seal. I shall make this official. Lieutenant Du’luth, Paladin of the Silver Dragon is writing to confirm our arrival to Stormreach and give report. Many of the men are happy to be back on solid ground. The ride here was rough indeed. Other than the weather and high tides we are all well. I will be looking to secure a flying vessel once we stabilize the order here in Stormreach. We have been here for 2 weeks now and much has changed from what I remember when I was a lad. The landscape is much different and beliefs have changed.

     First. No longer are people looking to the Dragon gods for comfort. I have had time to speak too many in my time here. I believe that there is an inherent goodness to all that live here. They are much more comfortable kicking back and drinking ale with a stranger than I remember. I believe the evil that permeates the city has caused them to make friends quickly and be loyal to one another in these times of need. These are the basic traits of our order. I feel our beliefs are too strict for the population at large. I have decided to change the strictness but adhere to our beliefs in order to fill the ranks. I have since coined our new order as Disciples of the Silver Dragon. I hope this change meets your approval. 

     Second. I see many running to and fro armed for war! Upon first glance I saw no signs of any such thing. I decided to speak to one of the Paladins from the Silver Flame. I was informed that the city is in fact besieged but not in the way we are accustomed to. Monsters seek to destroy the city. Kobolds pour out of the sewers. I received a report that the guards found two men murdered by the fountain. They believe it was the work of Kobolds but refused to confirm it. I also have reports of Orcs in the hills and cultists in near-by Korthos. I have yet to confirm these rumors for myself but have doubt to believe they are false. This explains much. How do they know if a monster will jump out of the shadows? 
     I will try not to make many changes but you would not have sent me if you did not believe I can complete the task. My personal experience with the population makes me hopeful. I see the laid back personalities and eagerness to help one another as a boon. I believe that wi
th proper direction we can make an impact. I will report further once we make a base camp. 


     Lt. Arramere Du’luth.             
    24th Calvary Division              
    Paladin of the Disciples of the Silver Dragon

**Subject to change but this is over all Guild Ideas**
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Guild Airship!

jsmith2500, Oct 5, 12 10:06 AM.
We now have a guild Airship! Still figuring out how to add the amenities, but we have a ship! It's slightly used and a little small but it should get use through for a while!
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