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Welcome to The Wyld Hunt!
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Xtra, Dec 15, 10 3:41 PM.
Well a bunch of us are Beta Testing RIFT: Planes of Telara and we have been talking about reforming The Wyld Hunt over in that game when it releases.  I have created a new website for this game and it can be found at it is a work in progress, but we would love to have all of the hunters back in the family again.



Xtra, Nov 30, 10 9:53 AM.
So...An update on the Rift future home of The Wyld Hunt.  As I signed us up as a Guild I was given 5 Beta testing keys.  Yes, I took one, and I will probably had one off to Dub as well.  I know Tali and the old Huntmaster already have keys, so that leaves me with 3.  If anyone sees this and wants one, let me know and I will email, chat, send, one to you any way you wish.

Dave (X)

Xtra Xtra Read All About It!

Taliasin_DeArcana, Oct 2, 10 7:38 PM.
Corny :) but it got your attention. Yes, Rifts looks interesting. Only time will tell of course, or if/when betas go out for one/all of us.


Xtra, Oct 2, 10 10:13 AM.
I know it has been awhile for everyone and I know that some of you still check the website now and again for any updates.  Well here is a good one!

I have been watching the game Rift:Planes of Telara and it is the closest thing I have seen to DAoC since...well DAoC.  I'm really excited about this game and I am hoping that I can get all of you excited about this as well!  I have been in contact with a few people via IM and Facebook and have let them know some awesome news and I hope that you will want to participate as well.

Rift:Planes of Telara is having a Beta where they would like guilds to participate.  So I have thrown the hunt into the fray and am recruiting you all back to gaming!  Hopefully will be chosen (there is no guarantee) but if so, I haven't seen a better game in a while to bring the hunt back to its former glory.

All you would need to do if you are interested is go to the Rift:planes of Telara website and sign up for their forums.  I look forward to playing with you all again soon!  Linky -  and under community go to Forum.

Dave (X)

Still Alive!

Xtra, Jun 10, 10 10:35 PM.
Hello all!!  Long time no see/post.  Just wanted to drop a line and say hello and see what is going on.  Leanne and I are about to go to E3 in LA next week and I am gonna be checking out a few new mmorpgs while there.  Both and are going to have booths at the show and I am hoping to check them out.  If anyone is interested to email or anything send me a message here or at my email  Love to talk to you all again, I miss my cyber family, ESPECIALLY MY LITTLE SISTER!  Love ya MO!

Dave (X)
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