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Guild Charter


Tau`ri is a World of Warcraft Raiding Guild.

Our goal is to maintain a relaxed, fun guild that will still allow its members to enjoy areas of endgame content often only accessible by joining a hardcore raiding guild. Regardless of how relaxed and fun we strive to be, there are a few rules that allow us to maintain some sort of order. The Rules are simple, and as with all rules are subject to occasional exceptions at the discretion of the Guild Master and Officers, which may also be consulted depending on the situation.

Tau`ri Officers do not hold themselves "Above All" the members, but rather are beholden to them. All Officers are responsible for both their specific duties as well as maintaining harmony within the guild, and Officers will be happy to address any issue from any member. This Charter is a Living Document and will evolve as the guild goes through the course of the game.

We will always strive to maintain Tau`ri as a Raiding Guild, with an eye towards a full clear of the World of Warcraft Endgame Content. Our primary focus is to assist our members in getting the most out of the the game that their lifestyle allows. This is, after all, a game. Tau`ri is and will always be a home for talented players with good attitudes who would like the opportunity to raid without the time commitment required of raiders in the Hardcore Raiding guilds.

We are a great group of people and are happy to welcome like minded players who prefer to focus on any aspect of the game. Tau`ri is an adult guild for mature players, and as such our minimum age for membership is 18

With that said....

  • All Members must always demonstrate regard and respect when dealing with other Members of Tau`ri, as well as any guilds we may ally with from time to time. In general, all Members are expected to carry themselves in a manner which brings Honor and not Shame to the guild in all circumstances, including their dealings with the server population in general. Don't flame, lie, cheat or steal and you should be fine.
  • All Members are encouraged to attend posted guild activities whenever possible. (Reading the Tau`ri website for information on a daily/weekly basis should allow most members to attend guild activities frequently.) There are always exceptions, and if you can't make it to an event there's no shame. There is a forum you can post on so we know who is available and who isn’t. The more we work together as a guild the more fun we have.
  • Seek out and support other Guild Members whenever possible. It is understood that there are times we prefer to pursue an interest on our own. Thus, to give a response such as, "now is not a good time for me" is acceptable.
  • If you will be offline more than 3 weeks but will be coming back, please let an officer know and/or post on the forums. Members will be moved to "inactive" status for inactivity after 3 months unless we know otherwise, no hard feelings. We need to maintain an active roster so we know if we need to recruit others players.


  • Be respectful when using trade/general/etc chat. It's just not necessary to be rude, and there are much more creative ways to amuse yourself. Carry yourself with Honor.
  • Trying to sell things to guild members for retail. We encourage trade between members as it keeps gold in the family. Most of us just give a lot of things away, and if we need to sell them we give below market pricing. If someone is going to pay market they might as well but it from players they don’t know.
  • Constantly asking for help without offering it. Remember to look for guild member your own level or those who may need the same quests as you before expecting help from level 50 players all the time. If you get help offer it to others on other things, keep the chain of assistance flowing.
  • Begging. Anywhere. Ever. We WILL hear about it.


  • Ninja Looting (this includes "Needing" on items you don't need. Once is a mistake, all the time is a policy).
  • Hacking of other peoples' accounts.
  • Using cheats and exploits to give you unfair advantages over other players.
  • Generally being an unpleasant asshole.

Tau`ri is a wonderful group of people who not only played WoW together, but hope to build and maintain lasting friendships/relationships with people of kindred spirits. We feel that we have common interests and goals and have a genuine regard for belonging to something special.

We look for persons of kindred spirit... that we can trust with life in battle. We seek out those who share a sense of humor as well as a sense of self discipline. We welcome those who have a respect and acceptance for differences in members. Strength and skills do not matter if one cannot be trusted. Being truthful and honest is valued more.

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