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Fleet to be named

I would like to start by saying welcome to the start of a new dawn, just not the Red Dawn. The name Red Dawn was a name the founders came up with mainly because they didn’t know what to name the fleet. With the increase of active members joining the fleet leadership has decided that a restructure of the fleet is in order.

You may have noticed recent in game mails about picking a new fleet name, this is the first step in the restructure. We want a snappy fleet name something people will remember, this will help both gain new members and also are reputation.

The second step will be to set up Divisions within the fleet, each division will have 1 xo in charge of 3 section chiefs. For example we’ll say Lito is the Operations XO under him would be Public Relations Section Chief Krista, Recruitment Section Chief Squeeky and Personnel Section Chief Hesh…We will make it work out so everyone that wants to be in a division will be in one they like or want to be in.

Third will be the introduction of a reward system that we will call Fleet Support Points, they will be awarded for attending fleet meetings, meeting fleet goals (like finishing a star base project), attending fleet events(such as stf’s,pvp matches and mark grinding) contributions will also gain u FSP.

We are also in the works of creating or possible integration into a Klingon fleet. Thanks are in order to the entire fleet great job on filling projects, Here’s to the new year and the beginning what we all believe will be a great year for are fleet and Star Trek Online.



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