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Current Standings
Member Characters DKP
LIVIN Dani@Livin, Darken Rahl@duck0war, Hazard1235, Killer@kravenskorner, Kraven@livin, Kravin@Livin, Livevil@livin, Livin@Livin, Muffy the buff slayer@LIVIN, Visa@Livin, ZigZags@Livin 00 0
Raye_Han Binary, Lara, Sasha, Trig 00 0
oiledmaster Blue Maxx, Meerkklar, Sseth, Tivian 00 0
solaldun Jo'Na 1001000 0
ask4spock KATARR, KURR, LUPITA, Sonak, VIXEN 1001000 0
mingus James Mingus, Jessie, Muskrat 00 0
Shaowman Evangeline, Shaowman 00 0
Katastropholy Bhurak `Stalker` Starkiller, James `Paladin` Taggart, Thrakkath 00 0
spartacusro S.Lion 00 0
Gary Leela, Praxx, Prictor, Trip 00 0
Wozzy Zaris 00 0
wilusa Blarf Nork, Elizabeth Murphy, Salaan Nator, Talas 00 0
tokiwaima Hikari@tokiwaima 00 0
FoySTO Lana Pruitt 00 0
lito_brigante Lito_Brigante, Lito_brigante 00 0
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Flight Support Point Prizes
Flight support points will be awarded to members who sign up for flights,preform well and complete Squad missions.

Per flight sign up=200fsp
Attendance bonus(5 flights in a row)=500fsp
Preformance bonus=100fsp
Squadron missions=1000fsp

FSP Rewards
Blue MkXI
Blue gear(def or shlds)=500fsp
Blue console=1500fsp
Blue weapon=2000fsp

Purple MkXI
Purple gear=1000fsp
Purple console=2500fsp
Purple weapon=5000fsp

bare in mind that not all consoles and weapons will be avalible but if possible can be procured.

Recent Loot
No recent drops were found from any raids.
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