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Old House Blackstone members

Eowynn Blackstone, Mar 22, 12 1:52 PM.
If you are an old House Blackstone member that hasn't played and still lurks here, send one of us your email through the mail system and we'll get you back in the game! Don't have to buy any Xpacs, you get a free level 80! It's that easy! Make sure you set up a account if you haven't already. Come have fun with us!

If you are a friend of the House, and have no way of contacting people in game, just send us a mail, and we'll get you a scroll.

This was the way the House was meant to be! Come on home!

House Blackstone Facebook Page, Feb 19, 12 11:02 PM.

The Golden Age of the House is here.

Eowynn Blackstone, Nov 16, 11 4:39 PM.
Throughout the years, the House has seen glory and defeat. In the very near future, the House will reach a landmark not seen since the Duke came to Stormwind. If you are a current member of the House, this news reaching your ears may be somewhat familiar to you. If not, the age of the House has come, and the newfound strength of the House will reach the eyes and ears of many.

Long live the Army of Blackstone, and the age of reclaiming Lordaeron once for all is upon us!

House Blackstone on the Move

Kendal Blackstone, Jul 14, 09 4:33 PM.
The House has been on the move lately with intentions of re-establishing ourselves in the Emerald Dream realm. More will come as we come closer to this goal.

Current Events

Kendal Blackstone, Jan 31, 08 2:54 AM.
There are still a lot of "Unassigned" persons within House Blackstone in regards to House services. We would like to encourage everyone to commit themselves to an aspect of the House. Be it the Sentinels, Scouts, Shields, or in a civic form such as a Bar Tender or Diplomat. For more information about these assignments, please check the forums. Unassigned individuals will not be considered for promotions or invitations to certain events.

There have been three events this week already (Tavern, a raid, and a wedding) and we hope that this trend continues to grow. Do you have an idea for a event? Then post it on the forums and gain support so that it becomes a reality!

With another holiday on the horizon, it is a good time to start thinking of a community event that we can host for Valentines! Romantic date night for couples? Another famous date auction? The possibilities are endless! 
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