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 <Deftoned>is a Casual Raiding 10-man guild on the Twisting Nether realm (PvP) Realm. We pride ourselves with our ability and desire to progress through content while still holding World of Warcraft to be what it is – a game.  While we are serious about wanting to progress, we are able to maintain a lighthearted, Fun mature atmosphere in the guild. Our goal is progression, but the reason we raid is to enjoy the game and have fun.  Everyone’s voice is heard, and we value input from all of our members.

We are just starting out and are currently working through
Mogu'shan Vaults . Many of our members have experience with Raiding, and we look forward to Raiding on a regular pattern.  While we would prefer people with experience in current raid content, we are capable and willing to help those without such experience make a successful transition.

Currently Recruiting: 

See Recruitment Table

We are willing to look at each and every applicant interested in joining, regardless of their class, spec, or role, even if it is listed as low priority or not being recruited at all. We also except Socials  We need you, too! 


We understand that life comes before a video game. While we do not have a base attendance requirement, we ask you to be considerate and respectful of your fellow guild members.  Our roster is small to allow the most number of raiders to experience the content as possible.  This will require consistent attendance rates and communication when you do have a raid you are unable to make.  There will be no favoritism in filling the raid spots.  Everyone will take turns sitting out for raids, and when we are on farm content, we will actively move people in and out of the raid to ensure those who need loot off certain encounters have the chance to do so. 


Our loot is distributed on a very loose loot council and often resort to rolls to decide loot.  The officers are capable and willing to intervene, however, should a situation require it, such as when someone either is getting too much or too few loot opportunities or if an upgrade is substantially larger for one raider than the rest of the raid.  Given how tight knit our guild is, the raiders often police themselves, ensuring situations where officer input is required are few and far between.  

Guild Policies:

While we may not be a 20-hour per week raiding guild, blistering our way through heroics within the first week, we still do pride ourselves on being prepared and investing time and effort into making our raids as successful as they can be.  That means be properly gemmed, enchanted, reforged, and consumables in hand.  The guild and its members are willing and able to help, but we do require each member to take some personal responsibility to ensure they are raid ready for each and every raid. 


If our guild looks like it could be a good fit for you, we would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave a message here or talk to any of our officers in-game on the Twisting Nether Realm.  Our officers' names are below.  Thanks for your consideration!

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