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Welcome to Invaders of the Pass!

Invaders of the Pass (IotP) is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on the Eldre'Thalas server. Our members are mature players and are typically working adults with lives and responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft. IotP exists to help members connect for quests and instance groups and to give members a place to socialize and have fun with other like-minded players.

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Jarinduva, Sep 4, 12 7:33 AM.
This past week most of us were hanging around rebuying our talents, relearning our rotations, cleaning out our banks and, if you had a Shaman, seriously thinking of deleting a character.

But Pumpkin, who I always assert is not playing the exact same game as the rest of us, was out there doing what he does best. No, not getting banned from the Official WoW Forums, although he is great at that.

In yet another demonstration of why he should always be given a Beta Key and unlimited access to the PTR, Pumpkin looked over the new Death Knight abilities and found a new spell called Control Undead, which is available to all specs and live. Hopping over to his Death Knight, Kuromi, he proceeded to start Breaking The Game. I'm proud to say that on my own Death Knight, Jaramarana, I helped.

Here we are in Tol Barad. Questing there is fun with First Lieutenant Connor helping -- he has a Shockwave! Kuromi let me have him when she was through. If Connor's not available -- because these mobs ARE those mobs, and WILL NOT RESPAWN as long as you control them -- Foreman Wellson or Captain P. Harris are happy to help out too. Well, not happy, but what are they going to do? You're the boss.

Here we are making Scourged Mammoth fight a magnataur for us. This is probably as close to using the spell as intended as we got, and it was still pretty funny.

Here I am with my new pal, Master Summoner Zarod. He knows one of my favorite attacks in WoW: Lich Slap.

I took him to meet Kuromi's new friend Doctor Razorgrin in Sholazar. Doc didn't have any good abilities, but he said some great stuff when you ordered him to attack things.

In the Temple City of En'kilah, we snagged High Priest Talet-Kha and High Priest Naferset. Unfortunately they bugged (ha ha) when we went up to the floating fortress. Locked and untargetable floating high above the city, they did not respawn because once again these ARE those mobs. We could only express a sincere "oopsie" and move on to Icecrown.

Here's a picture of Kuromi with his new minon, a Bone Guard.

I tried to take a screenshot of my own Bone Sentinel minion, but this was the best I could do. Sometimes on your screen all you can see is their foot.

Then Kuromi found you could Command a Frostbrood Matriarch.

I quickly figured out that since they're flying mobs, they'll follow like a flying pet will. (Sometimes the other mobs had a problem getting over terrain, although they were pretty good at it.)

Here I am in Dalaran, looking for someone to challenge to a duel. Turns out she will fit down into the sewer, but just barely.

I'll mention here that our guild does have a policy against griefing, so in particular if you want to abscond with quest mobs in Tol Barad pick ones that aren't up for a quest that day, and try not to get them stuck somewhere. But if you've got a Death Knight I encourage your to get out and try Control Undead today, because they're going to nerf the hell out of it in the very near future. They pretty much have to.

Three hours dungeon! Everyone!

Jarinduva, Aug 8, 12 3:19 AM.
Thursday the Invader Raiders headed back into Ulduar with a few friends and puggers for a night of 25-man Achievements. After three hours dungeon we walked out feeling the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) and got on our smokin' new Ironbound Proto-Drakes. Congratulations to all who went along!
No, literally smokin'!

Be sure to check the in-game Calendar for our upcoming raids and sign up! With our Dragon Soul clear taking only one short night, we're using the other night to run around like Nuts for mounts, pets, mogging gear, Achievements, and Great Justice. If you have some crazy thing you want to do before Mists of Panderia gets us all back to the new version of the usual grind, let an Officer know today because we're doing it baby!
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