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guild upset
Sep 7, 14 5:45 PM
Garrosh 10 Man Down
Jun 27, 14 6:24 AM
Re: Facebook
Aug 1, 11 12:04 PM
Sep 27, 06 7:39 PM
New Wallpapers
Nov 3, 05 8:55 PM
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guild upset

lauren1981, Sep 7, 14 5:45 PM.
im sure you all want to know why raid team and officers left, 

sunday night i had an argument with undi, they were useing a guildys team speak, i said i dont like us taking from guildys, officers should suply things not guildys, 
i said what if he breaks a rule, id feel i cant kick him, because it would effect raids, 
undi said it was a bad quality in a gm, i took offence to that, he said im not thinking of guild if i wouldnt kick, 
im always thinking of guild so i got mad and said fuck you undi.

the argument continued between me and the other officers, undi had me on ignor and after the raid he left, 

then all the officers ganged up on me, kal said i was a dictator, 
glass said i picked on undi every raid, lies, i dont raid, ive been very ill for monthes so hardly listen in, and i loged off between 8.30 and 9 bucause of my health, 

he said i ignored him for 2 weeks after i thought he upset me, lies, i copyed and paisted a conversation id had with glass the day after to chloee, to prove it was a lie, 

i spent 2 hours on fb saying sorry to undi even though i dont think i did anything wrong but defend myself, he said he had no problem with me and would think about returning, 

next day i spent £50 on new mumble , 

i copyed and posted the chat with undi to glass, this is what it said

[01/09/2014 02:31:08] lauren marie: hi hun, can we have a chat ?
your upset, im upset so i think we need it,
i never wanted you to leave angels

If you likw
i dont know why we clash, maybe cus we both take things to heart , and both suffer with depression
what you said about the gm part hurt,  but im sure the fuck you hurt you too and im sorry sweety i was just so angry
i like you hun, you probaly dont like me, but i can be very delicate somtimes when i feel critised,
your very loved in the guild and shouldnt of left just cus we had a fight,
it happns people fight and get over it
maybe were too simular, i dont know
i care about you chris, there are times when we chat and your so sweet,
dont want you hurting cus wqe had a fight
not gonna talk to me ?

I don't dislike you. I generally have no issue with you, you just seem to want to have a go at me constantly over the smallest of things. I voiced my opinion you took it as an assault which happens quite often. I didn't leave because if one fight its because I feel we are constantly arguing. I can't seem to do right. And with more people getting involved it was just gonna blow up so I left so it would cool whatever was going to happen down.
 I was fighting rares and talking to others sorry took so long. Forgot what I was saying a few times too so might not make sense
i think its the way you fraise things babe, sounds like you insulting me, and i get hurt,
i am grateful to recon for letting us use his ts, all i was trying to say was it can be a tempory solution but it realy should be an officer esp as we do officer meetings
but i cant hear you, you cant hear me, to the consept gets lost in writeing
see u feel i pick on you and i feel you pick on me exept when were alone
i guess i just need to lighten up, but it so hard not to carry stress into the guild with so manything going wrong with my health
and i have bi polar pannic attacks and agriphobia on top of it all
but im sorry

We needed a server recon not only offered us use of it but paid extra just so we cam have room for you and sen etc to come talk during raids as it was only 10 man.
If he deserves a kick then he should get one no matter what they do or don't so for the guild. If they need kicked that get kicked. I dont pick on you never in a serious way atleast.
Some funny comments that can and have been taking out of context but never anything serious.
I like you dispite everything. It feels to me that you pick on me because you never wanted me as an officer really so it was your way of getting at me. But I cam understand the stress and illnesses etc which is why I always apologize when I feel I've done something wrong

i know u do , and im apoligising now, it not that i didnt want you as officer, i pick officers not the other officer so i could of just said no,
but they all wanted you . i told them my concerns that somthins the things you say hurt me, and i was afraid we would clash, the all said if that happns we will talk to him
so i made you officer, and when you did upset me they never said anything, so i felt let down by them not you
but im honest i told you that, didnt lie
you have a lot of friends in guild, so i want you back , its up to you if you want raider or officer, but i think we need to make a pack to be nicer to each other, i think the digs became a habbit and we need a new slate
what you think?
did i bore you to sleep?

Nah was stuffing my face with an Oreo icecream. I know you made it clear you never wNted me as one. I had little issue with it tbh but I've never intentionally upset you. But I'm not sure I'll need to think about it hun but it sounds like I'd have to just be quiet.

If I did go back
no you dont dinny, most of the time you make me giggle with your insults, its just i work hard as a gm, even ill i log every day, you havnt been in guild very long, but i throw christmas partys , last year glass and kal got a mount as a ty for leading, i paid most out of my own gold, guildys get presants, i do lotterys , raffels,
i try and make guild fun. i sort the guildys problems, sort bank sort promotions, i work hard, and any coment negative about me as gm will hurt
cus i do my best
i log and get them chatting in guild and raid
and it felt like you were calling me a bad gm
everyone always returns cus they love the guild so im doing somthing right
i think this fight between us has been brewing a long time,
but i never said i didnt want you as officer, believe me if i didnt want you , you wouldnt of got officer as officers are always my choice,
i just had some concerns

You told me outright several times you didn't want me as one the others pushed it. I never insulted your capability as a gm. Just pointed out a flaw but no point in going over it again.

i took it as an insult,
hun you should know me by now, if i dont want somthing it wont happn
if i said that it was clearly in jest,
i told them i want tammy, they said she dosnt realy get involved in g chat, i said but i like her, they all kept saying you would be great, i said i like undi but he insults me a lot so im worryed we will clash
they said you wont if he upsets u we will talk to him, i said i will think about it
i went away thought about it, your helpfull the guys love you so desided they are right, give you a go
only i can make that choice not them,
i listed to there advice but im the gm i pick my officers

And it turned out bad. N true your only one that can promote them but they should always have a say or opinion on things make it more open. Making me one was a bad idea but they usually know their stuff.

your a great officer , the problem is you come across as harsh when you insult me and i end up crying, and you take things i say as harsh when i dont have a nasty bone in my body, i would never hurt somone on purpose ,
your irish that already put you on the favorite list with me
could listen to you talk all night
i think we missunderstand each other a lot
what i should do , instead of getting all hurt and upset is say what do u mean by that
but i think omg he thinks im a bad gm and cry
look babe, somtimes you need to make allowences when i get upset over silly things, im fighting for my life , and dealing with so much right now, i cant always be all smiles, dosnt mean i dont like you, you know i care about you, im always concernd when your in pain,
tell you to go to bed, use hot water bottle, im not an orgar, im just a girl that not well and finding it hard to cope with rl stress and guild stress
dont take things i say to heart, cus they are certanly not said to hurt you

Only person I've ever had real issues with was plummy and Alana n even then I try try not to say much. Anything I've said to you has been a joke taken wrong or an opinion taken badly but yeah the asking would help a lot. And I understand that and appreciate the concern. I coulda handled tonight unroll you had Chloe come on saying I attacked you etc.

noone has any idea what my life is like, i havnt left my bedroom, in 8 years exept on rare ocasions when i have to, i dont get sunlight on my skin, or wind on my face, i dont live i excist, and now even my dignaty has been taking, with carers washing me and aplying cream, cus my kidneys are failing i have this stupid vasculitis that effects my joints and my spine so hard to bend
she was more upset with holy telling me if i dont like it log
and glass turned on me they all ganed up on me when you left,
she was so mad cus i was so upset at how they all stuck the boot in
she read whole thing i didnt tell her anything, just that im so upset my heart aches
they shouldnt of got involved, people fight then you get over it , move on but glass was cruel , and that upset her cus she loves me

Not much i can say to all that.

thats not your concern hun, between him and me,
chloee was just defending me, she read what you said as insulting too i didnt know she was logging till i saw her in officer
she gets a bit protective...
[01/09/2014 02:32:55] lauren marie: he will probaly come back now, as for the way you turned on me tonight and the things you said, thats gonna take a lot for me to get over as i was so close with you, and you stuck the boot in when i was down
[01/09/2014 02:33:37] lauren marie: and im so hurt cus i adore you and trusted you
[01/09/2014 02:33:46] lauren marie: goodnight glass
[01/09/2014 02:35:18] lauren marie: i did nothing wrong but still i groveld just for you

anyway next day i was told there was a guild meeting, 
i loged mumble, there were people there that hadnt loged for months, 
it wasnt a meeting at all, i was put on trail by the whole guild, found guilty and prosacuted

i asked the officers to give me a couple of days after the fight so i would have a carm head and fix things, they said no has to be done now,  

again glass told his lies, 

it ended up them telling me, hand over the guild to them , step down as gm or they all leave, 
i refused, i made angels, named her put my heart into her for 5 years, 

they left, took all the officers exept chloee and zaza as they are loyal, took socail guildys 
and still keep taker, 

i later found out there new guild has been going months, sen is gm, 

i loved them, would of done anything for them, 
every officer meeting i asked then, is there anything you are unhappy with ? is there anything you want to change, ? they always said no, 

when i was in hospital for 3 weeks they all text, we love you kirra, we miss you kirra, all lies, they set me up and betrayed me and angels


Garrosh 10 Man Down

Kalren79, Jun 27, 14 6:24 AM.
10man Garrosh is down, great work from the team last night.
We have now cleared all Flexi and 10 man (normal) content.

Re: Facebook

the-fogmeister, Aug 1, 11 12:04 PM.
For all you lazy heads out there who couldn't be bothered searching for Angels, here's the link to our Facebook page
Angels Embrace on Facebook


lauren1981, Sep 27, 06 7:39 PM.

New Wallpapers

GeKKeGeRRit, Nov 3, 05 8:55 PM.
i posted some nice wallpapers at ''images''

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